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I'm on a Podcast! - Adulting With Ebonie

I had so much fun on Ebonie Allard’s amazing podcast @adultingwithebonie, of which I am a huge fan! Podcasts are one of my go-to’s when I’m working on photos from my computer, road tripping or cooking, and are one of my favourite ways to receive information, get to know about people, learn, and be entertained!

Each week, Ebonie and her guest discuss what it means to be a kickass and kind adult in our modern world, share personal stories and ideas about how to navigate that and explore the most fascinating and important topics such as sovereignty, creativity, privilege, intimacy, love and more. In this episode we talk about:

✔️ Age. And the ways it is and isn’t important
✔️ How taking risks adds value to our lives
✔️ The fluidity of identity
✔️ How our environment affects our sense of self
✔️ Where to start with creating an environment that works for you

Plus, we talk about learning to trust and take great leaps of faith in order to grow and evolve our identities out of their comfort zones.

I’ve known Ebonie for a few years and love our friendship and our creative brand photo shoots, and it was a real honour to collaborate on her podcast!

Listen to the episode on iTunes or any of your fav podcast providers. Link to the show is in Ebonie’s bio and at

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Awesome things from 2016 + end of year Love to you!

You know that feeling of giddy excitement when you see or hear something that resonates so deeply with you and is so perfect, you almost feel that your work here is done!?! And at the same time it gets you so fired up, you go straight into your work with more love, passion and dedication than ever before?!

There have been some seriously awesome books and podcast episodes that have touched me this year in so many ways, and it's been so nice reflecting on what really stuck with me and added to my life. There's also gorgeous music that was new to me this year I so enjoyed listening to while painting and working! I wanted to share the best bits with you here and pass it on... This is such a gorgeous time of year for revisiting podcast episodes, dipping back into favourite reads and music.


I hope 2016 has been full of magic and wonder for you in your life and business... What have been the highlights for you?

Sometimes we can take for granted the achievements we have made, opportunities we said YES to and created for others... Times we were kind to ourselves when it would have been easy to get down on ourselves, when we went deeper into truth instead of denial, when we chose to show up and embrace our fullness instead of hiding or playing small. I'm going to my heart (and through my diary!) to look back on my own year and celebrate all of those successes.

I'm grateful to say this year has seen me massively stepping up in my business, traveling joyfully in Australia for two months, flying out to destinations such as Paris, Florence, Miami, Philly, Cyprus and around the UK for shoots with amazing, brave, soulful clients(!), moving to London (and now down to Brighton), embracing more expansion through investing in my own coaching and a personal branding shoot, and attracting the most amazing romantic relationship, which has certainly brought an incredible new level of self-discovery and beauty to my world!!

I hope it's been an amazing year for you too... And if we've worked together this year, I trust your photography is serving you delightfully and continuing to enrich your experience of your business and the kinds of clients that are flowing to you!!

Here's my list of recommendations from 2016...

 1.  Podcast: How to Ride the Wave of Transformation That's Occurring in 2016 by Samantha Nolan Smith

This podcast episode made me cry on the train in such a good way! Samantha shares such a powerful and beautiful message about reclaiming our divine feminine power, rising above victimhood as women... the age of the Feminine is here, the world has evolved. it is our time now to really be seen and honour our gifts and inner wisdom... I have listened to this episode many times because I found it so much shifted me into my greatness, it is moving and powerful and I highly recommend. Listen to it here (and all of Samanthas other amazing episodes!!). (17 mins)

2. Book: Pussy by Mama Gena.

This book also radiates with feminine power! I found Regenas personal story and learnings fascinating and beautiful. It helped me to relate to the world as a powerful woman (as we all are) and look at the beliefs I have around what it is to be a female in this world, lovingly challenge ideas I have blindly accepted about what that means... Like the episode mentioned above, this book really got me tapping in to divine femininity in myself and all, and my personal learnings through reflecting on everything echoes throughout my life and work. So so powerful and beautiful. ALSO made me cry on the train!...

3.  Podcast: Testing The “Impossible”: 17 Questions That Changed My Life

I listened to this in the car the other day on my way into London and OMG, it was so funny, so insightful, so inspiring and thought provoking... I love Tim Ferriss's work and this was an awesome compilation of very powerful questions to ponder and journal on. I highly recommend listening to the episode, and the questions can be found here too! I'm so looking forward to reading his new book Tools of Titans which just came in the post! Even though it's the biggest book I now have on my shelf!! (52 mins)

 4. Music: Positive Force by Delicate Steve

I have listened to this album hundreds of times - it's so good!! Loved putting this on while I was painting and drawing, processing photos, writing (no words in this music to distract me!), dancing, road tripping... So good. It's not new but I only found it through Spotify this Summer, and so glad I did.

5. Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell
I was a little slow to pick this one up, and it was the most incredible book that I started the year with with while away in Australia. It gave me goosebumps with every page I turned, and inspired so much connection in me. I believe that the new depths I went to as I soaked in Rebeccas channelled words enhanced the way I saw the world this year, I found even deeper connection to myself, divinity + purpose. So much serendipity was occurring all around as I read this too, in the places I was being called to go, the people I was meeting, timing working out in perfection! (hello 11:11, 22:22!) I'm excited to read her new book Rise Sister Rise!

6. Podcast: "You Have a Screaming, Not a Calling." Featuring Sarah Jones

I love Elizabeth Gilberts work and message, and so enjoyed reading Big Magic last year. When I heard that she was doing another series of her podcast Magic Lessons I couldn't wait to check it out. She interviews and coaches a guest who's experiencing blocks around their creative work in each episode, and has a friend join in to share their advice too. In this episode she has the HILARIOUS Sarah Jones on the line, and the transformation she facilitated was awesome to feel unraveling. I particularly loved this episode for its huge humour and compassion. (75 mins of WORTH IT)

7. Music: At Ease by Dharma Moon (Various Artists)

Such a beautiful selection of calming and devotional music, so gorgeous. Love this for starting the day, writing with, practicing yoga or just creating a cosy and peaceful atmosphere in my home or in the car!

I'm sure you'll really enjoy these...

What were your favourite tools and resources of 2016? I would love to know what you'd recommend!

I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the most beautiful, joyful and sparkly time over Christmas and New Years, and that you take some time to celebrate all you have been, all you have felt, all you have achieved this year <3

And if you're thinking about starting 2017 with beautiful new photography for your website, emails, Instagramming, Facebook ads, sales pages, book launch, or just for your gorgeous self, I have ONE SPACE LEFT for a January shoot.

If this calls to you, email me at or book in a call here and we'll get joyfully clear on your personal brand, the kinds of photographs that will best serve you in your business this year, and make magic together!

With so much love and hugs!!

Becky xx

Join me in America next month! + my favourite journaling questions

Hellooo! I hope you’re having the best week so far.

I am so excited to be heading to Philadelphia mid-July to photograph a beautiful soul (!) with other US destination possibilities popping up too. If you’d like to explore shooting together while I’m in the US (maybe you’re based there or would like to fly out and join me!?) or catch up in person - please reach out!

I’d like to gratefully invite you to consider who you know in the US that may be interested in this opportunity while I’m in the country! You can connect us at! Thank you so much.

I also wanna talk about what we find in our quiet and solitude, and the power of morning journaling and intention setting.

The last few weeks and months have been very full for me, but journaling never stops.  Sometimes self-care can feel like a lot to fit in when there's lots 'to do', but I know when I’m committed to my personal practices I feel more rooted in my light and truth throughout the day and this alignment echoes through all of my interactions. Do you feel the same? What are your non-negotiable personal practices?

Coming back to a series of questions each morning that I curated for myself over the years is really helpful.

Sometimes I mix and match them, only ask a few, or change the words to suit me that day to find clarity and live more intentionally. I have another amazing set of questions for evening reflection too which I’ll share soon! Here are some of my favorites.

Morning Journal Questions

  1. How am I feeling today (in my mind, body & spirit)? Starting off with noticing how I’m really feeling in the morning helps me to bring awareness to where I'm at, feel into what IS good, and what I can do to be better that day if I'm not feeling my best. I find myself being kind or more realistic about what I’m able to achieve rather than overwhelming myself with action to take!
  2. What am I in appreciation of/grateful for/thankful for? I write out at least 3+ things and expand on each one - and really feel into my appreciation! It can be anything from the bed you had to sleep in last night, an aspect of your health, a dear friend, the clients you're attracting, your car, the plumbing system in your house, the money you DO have, an experience you had this week, the food in your fridge, where you are in the world... When we train ourselves to look for amazing things we cant help but notice all the good stuff there actually is all around, and manifest more joy and wonder in the world! You create positive momentum when you truly feel gratitude and joy and it's such an amazing way to start the day.
  3. What needs to happen for it to feel like the best day possible? Maybe it would feel good to get that 'thing' ticked off your list you've been totally putting off (but really wanna do!). Maybe it's to go for a walk in nature, practice yoga, meditate. Maybe it's to reach out to someone you love. Maybe it's giving yourself permission to allow joy to flow through your actions today and resist mindlessly ploughing through the tasks of your day.
  4. What one action would bring me the most joy, relief, pleasure today?
  5. How will I honour my mind, body, spirit, creativity today?
  6. What loving action could I do for another? (a loved one, a client, a stranger, a neighbor, the person serving you at the store...)
  7. What are my intentions for today? For this one I usually round up the above pieces along with any thing else I'd like to set myself for the day!

I then find myself with clear intentions which I leave open on my table and return to. I'd recommend taking your time to ponder these and enjoy the practice of feeling it out - at least 20-30 minutes or more if you can! If you aren't able to for whatever reason, I feel even considering them in your head is better than starting the day without checking in.

I’ve heard of a great Abraham-Hicks technique called the Placemat Process where you write out the things you WILL do today (simple, reasonable and short list of the things you’re going to do), and on the other side write out ‘things the Universe will do today’ and write everything else that you’d like to have happen, for these things to be resolved. A non-action path to resolution where there is no resistance to achieving these because there is no desperation or attachment. Have you tried it? I’m going to start doing it!

Let me know if you find these questions useful or how you get on with your journal practice? What tools or ideas do you find most useful? I'd love to know!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!


Becky x

P.S. I have a few spaces left for shoots in August so email me now if you'd like to explore your personal brand, or book in your clarity call here, and we'll dream up the photographs we can create together!

About that big dream of yours...

I've been back from my Australia adventure for a few weeks now, and it has been so good to return to beautiful shoots, catch up with my dear friends, family and clients in REAL LIFE, and have a wardrobe again!!!

My time away was so inspiring... An opportunity to enjoy, live by my wits, listen in to my inner guidance, away from my 'everyday', everyone I know, the routines, everything! I am so grateful for that, and to have been able to live that dream.

The personal space helped me to become really aware of my beliefs, what was true for me when I am apart from it all. It was so insightful and a great part of the adventure!

I have some big goals and dreams in my heart as a result of this trip and what unfolded... And one lovely big goal in particular! I will share more on that soon!

This week during a morning meditation, I received this 'download', and quickly grabbed my journal and scribbled down the words as they flowed through me.  I thought I'd share them with you here because it felt so pure...

Find the spot where you’re not in fear around your goal.
Find the angle where there there is no resistance around your goal.
Always find a way to feel good about the intention you are holding, where it feels like the natural next step, and it will simply be in the flow of what is coming to you.
It is actually not about the destination or the completion of the goal, its about your journey of expansion as you move towards the desire and realise how everything aligns for you.
It’s about opening yourself to the process of allowing what is naturally next for you, because it feels so good.
Do what you need to do to feel good and inspired about your intention, and then allow!


It feels so light when instead of thinking (or worrying) about how you're going to 'make it happen', you can open up to just allowing... Be available to listen to your inner guidance, trusting, and taking the INSPIRED action as a result!

Do what you need to do to feel really good about your dream, and meet it there.

I have just two spaces left for April photo shoots now, so if you're ready to stand out in your business, let's jump on a call to explore you and your brand and how I can serve you with your radiant new photographs!

This is the perfect time of year for capturing the vibrancy of Spring, your expansion and opening up to shine like all the flowers and trees...

Click here to book in your call with me now or email me at

With so much love,

Becky x

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Thoughts from Bondi Beach + an invitation to inspiration!

As I’m sitting here working from my North Bondi apartment, the balcony doors wide open before me, I can hear waves crashing below, laughter, occasional screams and WOOOO!’s coming from the beach. People are definitely having fun out there.

I can also hear a helicopter circling the coastline, checking that all is safe and well in the water, along with lifeguards on megaphones that direct the surfers and swimmers, guiding them to safety.

Last weekend I went in the sea here for the first time and actually got totally smashed by the waves! It was a bit scary as I don’t go in the sea that much and was so unprepared for how powerful the ocean can be... Even though I was absolutely fine, I felt grateful to know that if I had needed help it would have been there!

It got me thinking about how much protection there is at Bondi beach to keep people safe. The coast guards are constantly overseeing things, directing and making sure everyone is alright.

In life and business we have an overseer - I believe that is our inner guidance... Source, ‘God', the Universe = our deep connection to our truth. That is what keeps US safe and on our own life path of alignment and joy. It's what we can always return to when we get out of our depth and fearful. And sometimes we do find ourselves in a vibration that keeps us feeling stuck, caught up in the waves of possibility or overwhelm.

When things feel this way, stop what you're doing. Nothing you put into motion from that space is going to feel right when you're not connected to your true self and people feel that in the vibration of what you do. Do you really want to put that out into the world? Make your next steps about serving yourself. There is nothing that needs to happen more than you getting back into alignment with yourself. Nothing more pressing. So do what feels good. You know what to do... What feels light and easy and kind? Have a nap. Take a walk, move your body. Admire nature. Meditate on Love. Write three pages of things that you appreciate, and let yourself really feel into it!

The rips and tides of life and business are always there, but when we navigate them with clarity and purpose, amazing things happen!

Sometimes, I crave that same life-guard-like guidance from someone so that I can enjoy my paddle or swim in the ocean of business, trusting that I have the support to explore with safety. It’s why I continually invest in my own development and coaching.

Having guidance and support can really help. That's why I would love to invite you to a conversation.

I work with my clients before their shoot to explore their business, their message, ideal clients, values, their love for what they do to gain clarity on how we would like to illustrate that through their photography and marketing.

These calls are conscious, powerful, and sacred, and often my clients find themselves connecting back with their true desires and intentions for their work in the world, inspired to refine their offering or make a new one, make positive shifts, and feel more excited than ever to move forward and shine their light in the world. It’s so frigging exciting when that happens!!!

You don't NEED anything from anyone, or from me. The next steps are already within you. You DO know what you want to do next. But how fun it is to explore with someone who will get as excited as you do about your plans, who holds the space with you and the vision of your success!

This conversation is a chilled out space for YOU.
For you to listen within, and be heard.
For you to dream and be dreamed.
A space that is free of judgement, expectation and pressure - just a space to play, feel and breathe truth back into what you do.

Let’s explore where you’re at right now, your desires, and look at how you’re moving forward.

I can happily share with you how I may support you from there if you are eager to know more, however there is absolutely no obligation to book a shoot with me, obvs.

I’d love to connect with you at a deeper level and get to know you better!

I have opened up some spaces to speak next week - my time zone is a little funky for my UK peeps (with me being here in Sydney and all) but the following times are currently available:

Monday 8th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT
Tuesday 9th Feb @ 9am or 8:30pm GMT
Wednesday 10th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT

Send me an email at with the time you'd like to speak and we’ll book in our Skype call!

And just to let you know - I have three spaces left for personal branding photo shoots when I'm back to the UK in March - so if you are also interested in shooting together get in touch asap to secure your spot!

Trusting you're having a beautiful week so far.

With sun kissed smiles and sandy feet,


Little note from Sydney + travel rampage!

Hello from sunny Sydney! Hope I’m not making you too jel with all the pics I’m sharing on Instagram! ;)

Gotta say, a part of me is slightly missing the crisp, dazzlingly frosty mornings of an English winter, but I’m also loving how sun soaked and sandy my life is right now. Seriously, sand EVERYWHERE.

I’ve had a beautiful time here so far, meeting up with friends and making new ones, enjoying the change of scene, the beach, shops, cafes and lifestyle.

I have honestly found myself laughing out-loud and sighing with joy at the reality of being here - my heart bursting with gratitude. I'M HERE. I made it happen! Right now I’m typing from the balcony of my third Airbnb apartment in North Bondi and I can see and hear the sea!!!! Yay!

Like you, travel has always inspired me, and while I’ve been thrilled to take many short trips to different destinations for work or holidays, I have wanted to experience destinations for longer, to really settle in and feel it out.  It's only now that I've given myself permission to do that.

When I finally acknowledged the flower of my true desire, and allowed it to blossom, it dawned on me that there would never be a ‘right’ time to follow that curiosity, and if anything I could totally imagine my future self saying ‘I wish I’d done it sooner! Why did she hold herself back?’.

So here I am. For the excitement of it. It does feel good.

 Sunrise vibes on Bondi Beach, from a 6am meditation with one of my amazing Airbnb hosts!

Sunrise vibes on Bondi Beach, from a 6am meditation with one of my amazing Airbnb hosts!

Having said that, I’ve noticed a few ups and downs since I arrived. Honestly, there is an old voice that has niggled from time to time with unhelpful thoughts like ‘yeah, but who do you think you are to be here in Sydney? You should be working harder!’.  I've always had a strong work ethic that has been more of a hindrance than a help a lot of the time, and I think when you're on an adventure that breaks the flow of normal life it can really challenge the beliefs you've made about how life is 'supposed' to be lived (for YOU, anyway), and how business is 'supposed' to be done.  But I know that we all have a choice, as the creators of our own realities, so breathing in some love and letting go of those limiting thoughts is really important.

One of the things that has helped me to realign is to read a rampage (an Abraham-Hicks term) I wrote a few months ago. It came to me one morning in November as was doing my daily journaling.  It was soon after I’d returned from the Abe cruise and I was opening up... Connecting with myself in a way, deeper than ever before. I was starting to envision my dream life with real possibility, and bravely choosing to own that desire.

As I wrote, this rampage started to flow. The reality of travel and expansion and living-life-on-my-own-terms was alive. I read this rampage out loud with a huuuge smile on my face most days leading up to my trip, to get into alignment with my dream, to rise above the negative self talk. I thought I'd share it with you here! Hope this inspires you too!

TRAVEL feels so good and so fun and
SO expansive to me,
That when I get in the energy of it
and feel so in the vortex about it
and so believing in its coming to me,
Ways are shown to me.
And I know that
The laws of the Universe are guiding and supporting me
in whatever I am thinking and feeling about.
And wonderful occurrences surprise and delight me along the way
as I realise on my path of least resistance,
with more and more clarity,
that Life is supposed to be fun,
and that Life feels good when I stay in alignment with what I desire,
and that things are always working out for me, and that
Everything I desire and
Everything I get excited about is manifesting in ways that are perfect, beautiful and quite frankly epic!
I remember that when I stop wondering ‘how’ it’s going to happen
and when I cease to muddle up my vibration with trying to plan everything
(and trying to control everything)
The Universe is effortlessly providing for me in a steady flow
that mirrors my inner state of being.
All I have to do is relax and enjoy the unfolding.
I feel excited when I think about traveling.
I feel excited when I imagine myself in new places,
meeting new people, breathing new air, in awe of new views, walking new ground, making new friends, exploring new streets, swimming in new waters, photographing the beauty that is all around.
I feel excited when I imagine myself working with new clients in beautiful new destinations around the world,
I feel excited about the idea of making money as I travel, knowing that I will naturally take inspired action and make connections as I go, with ease, that will lead to
The manifestation of photo shoots with ideal clients in the most perfect timing.
Trusting in the powers of this beautiful Universe and
Feeling so deeply grateful for my being here.


Have you written or been inspired lately by anything that simply felt channeled around your own desires? I would LOVE to see it! Comment below or email me at!

I have some availability left for photo-shoots here in Sydney through to the 3rd March - so who do you know here that would benefit from a conversation with me about their personal branding and photography? I would be delighted for you to connect us. Send me an email at! Or why not join me over here!?

 Look at me in my fancy new sun hat!!

Look at me in my fancy new sun hat!!

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Beaming love and light and wishing you a wonderful rest of your week.