About that big dream of yours...

I've been back from my Australia adventure for a few weeks now, and it has been so good to return to beautiful shoots, catch up with my dear friends, family and clients in REAL LIFE, and have a wardrobe again!!!

My time away was so inspiring... An opportunity to enjoy, live by my wits, listen in to my inner guidance, away from my 'everyday', everyone I know, the routines, everything! I am so grateful for that, and to have been able to live that dream.

The personal space helped me to become really aware of my beliefs, what was true for me when I am apart from it all. It was so insightful and a great part of the adventure!

I have some big goals and dreams in my heart as a result of this trip and what unfolded... And one lovely big goal in particular! I will share more on that soon!

This week during a morning meditation, I received this 'download', and quickly grabbed my journal and scribbled down the words as they flowed through me.  I thought I'd share them with you here because it felt so pure...

Find the spot where you’re not in fear around your goal.
Find the angle where there there is no resistance around your goal.
Always find a way to feel good about the intention you are holding, where it feels like the natural next step, and it will simply be in the flow of what is coming to you.
It is actually not about the destination or the completion of the goal, its about your journey of expansion as you move towards the desire and realise how everything aligns for you.
It’s about opening yourself to the process of allowing what is naturally next for you, because it feels so good.
Do what you need to do to feel good and inspired about your intention, and then allow!


It feels so light when instead of thinking (or worrying) about how you're going to 'make it happen', you can open up to just allowing... Be available to listen to your inner guidance, trusting, and taking the INSPIRED action as a result!

Do what you need to do to feel really good about your dream, and meet it there.

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With so much love,

Becky x

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