Lets be playful about our 2016 desires + meet me in Sydney?

Happy New Year.

Alongside getting back to biz this week I’ve been doing lots of clearing.  Its a GOOD feeling, to de-clutter.  I love the feel of energy shifting in my space.

My intention is to be traveling more throughout 2016 and I wanted to leave for Sydney this Sunday (OMG so soon!) knowing that I’d let go of a lot of stuff I don’t need anymore.

One of the most interesting things about going through stuff is finding notes and papers from when I first started my business four and a half years ago.  It is interesting to observe my processes back then.

I see from pages of old notebooks how much of the time I was in my head, trying to figure things out logically.  Back then I felt like I should be doing better than I was, and I got stuck working out how I was going to 'make it happen' and become more successful.

I remember feeling guilty for not achieving more. Trying. ‘Should-ing’. ‘How-ing’. It felt more like I was pushing my business rather than inviting it in.

I had really high expectations for myself and my work that sabotaged me at those young and vulnerable stages.  I was so in my head about what to do next, a lot of the time.

It is obviously important and exciting to get clear on our desires, map out our plans and look at our next steps (and this is a great time of year for it), but unless this is coming from an inspired, positive place, it doesn’t always serve us in the way we hoped, the way we'd been promised it would.

I found that when my to-do list was so extensive and rigid, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t move forward very productively at all. And then when I felt stuck, I was beating up on myself for not being further ahead, procrastination-planning and generally going around in circles.  Thinking back to that feels icky.

It was interesting to find all these notes, because I operate from SUCH a different place now.

Becky Rui

I know now that feeling good is what I was always striving for.  I had thought that by being more successful in my business I would be happier.  But no matter how much business success I could or couldn’t achieve, joy was a vibration already within me, within us all, available and ready to be tuned into.  I was ‘wasting’ my time, energy and potential worrying and getting freaked out about the details of everything, because all along I could have been feeling more relaxed and playful about it all.

I know it doesn’t make sense to most of the world, to relax about our goals, some people think it sounds lazy or deluded (maybe people have accused you of this too, ha!?), but in my experience it’s a massively more powerful, creative and active place to be. And feels a whole lot lighter!

This is also a Virgo talking here peeps, this is an allowing practice I remind myself of daily.

When you’re truly allowing yourself to feel good, inspiration occurs that just wouldn’t have been born out of any pressured, fearful, pushing place you were in before.  This INSPIRED action will likely be so much more fun and effective than anything you’d have forced to happen before, and will open up more and more opportunities that seem quite magical.

If joy is our real desire, then I believe we can get into a more playful place about everything else, especially ‘how’ we’ll get to wherever we want to be/do/have/achieve.  The nudge to take the best action will be there in the best timing when we are in the best place for it.  We just have to tune in to ourselves and how we're really feeling about things as we make our decisions.

There are lots of things you can do to get into that good place to start off with, some of those for me are journaling - particularly about what I appreciate and what I am grateful for (write for as long as you can + feel it!), meditate on a really good feeling for 20 minutes, practice yoga - again even if only for a few minutes or just to stretch. Dance! Get outside and admire nature, whether you stand outside your door and watch the clouds for 30 seconds or go for a long, nourishing walk.  Everything is a sign, so follow what feels really good to you.

I wanted to share this message with you today, just in case all the GOAL SETTING that most of us do in Jan is getting you caught up anywhere, bringing up any unwanted feelings, and as a little loving reminder (to you, and myself!) to remember that joy is already within… To know your own desires, FEEL good about them and let go of the HOW.  Big love to you!

As I mentioned, I’m going to be heading to Australia on Sunday!!! - I am excited most about running my biz as I travel, exploring new places, having fun doing photo-shoots, enjoying really good almond chai lattes, making friends, floating in the sea, creatively writing and drawing, feeling warm in the sunshine, checking out cute shops and businesses, ahhh… Wanna come too!?

I have availability for photo-shoots while I’m down under, so if you fancy next shoot (where it’s Summer right now!) or have clients, friends or family interested in working together, do get in touch by at becky@beckyrui.com.  I have availability when I'm back in the UK again from 11th March 2016.

FIVE spaces are left for Sydney photo shoots.  Is one of them yours?

With love, smiles, and a happy dance for your most joyful year so far!


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