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Updates + When is the best time of year for my next shoot and brand photos?

It's been a little while since I last wrote much of a personal note on here, and since I stepped away from much personal sharing on social media, I tend to write more with my mailing list. You can subscribe by scrolling to the very bottom of my site or by signing up on the homepage!

Life and business has been full this year with photo shoots around the UK and in Paris, I've also been training to become a coach alongside my photography work!! (coaching is an element I've brought into my shoots since the beginning, but I wanted to train in a fuller way and become accredited), some beautiful adventures including a road trip to the Scottish Highlands with my partner, camping with girlfriends, and visiting my sister who now lives in an actual castle!!

I have also moved house! Still in Brighton, and am enjoying settling in to our new place. Well... it's actually the very same beautiful flat I rented when I first moved to Brighton!! When we were looking at places, it became available on the exact week we were looking to move, so it's very exciting and a quite surreal to be ‘home'!! I absolutely love it here and the serendipity makes me happy :)

From my winter shoot with Louise Goss of The Homeworker Magazine

From my winter shoot with Louise Goss of The Homeworker Magazine

So, with the changing of the seasons as we move into the Autumn and Winter, and as a result of some conversations I've had recently with clients, I'm writing to…

  • help you identify the season of your brand and the best time of year to book your next shoot

  • demystify concerns about picking the 'right' time of year for your shoot, as we go into the Autumn and Winter

  • and share some of the benefits of having your photos taken in the Autumn or Winter!

If you’re keen to refresh and up level your website and social media with engaging new photography before the end of 2019, I have ONE SPOT LEFT in November and THREE SPACES in December, so email me if you’d like to secure your spot, and let’s explore your next shoot.

If you already know you want to book a photo-shoot for the new year or in the Spring, message me now to secure your date and take me up on the offer of a payment plan at no extra cost (spread your investment over the months).

I hope you find this post useful! I'd love to know what it brings up for you, so do let me know what you think.

With love,

Becky xx

So… What time of year is best for you shoot?

From my shoot with Midlife Coach, Hope Eaton

From my shoot with Midlife Coach, Hope Eaton

As we come towards the end of the year, the idea of shooting in the winter can bring up fears that your brand photos will be dull, dark and colourless - which is NOT what we want for engaging with your audience through your photos! But, the idea that winter photo shoots are going to be this way is simply is not the case. There are infinite, awesome possibilities for autumn/winter shoots and I want to share some ideas with you on how to make the most of having your session at this time of year.

All images in this post were taken during the months of November through to March to show what is possible during the colder months!

1. Your brand photography does not have to look seasonal, and can embody different energies no matter what time of year they’re shot...

We’ve all seen photos that are very seasonal being used all year round, and it can make a brand look out of date. I feel this is most true with very wintery photos as they just don’t resonate during the summer, while summer photos still make sense, are aspirational and appealing in colder months, especially with the rise of the digital nomad and working with people in the southern hemisphere.

To get the most out of your personal brand shoot, be photographed in a variety of outfits so they'll make sense all year round. You don’t want ALL the images to be in wooly jumpers, or ALL in off the shoulder summer dresses - mix it up.

The seasons will actually only be communicated in your photos:

  • if they are outdoors/around deciduous trees (or people with wooly hats on in the background!)

  • through your choice of clothing

  • through props or decorations that are seasonal (e.g. Christmas lights, a lit fire, etc).

If you need lifestyle images that are ‘cosy’ but your shoot is in the summer, have images taken of you in warmer clothes in a beautiful interior space (and no one has to know it’s hot outside)!

If you want images with the spirit of summer but your shoot is in the winter, we can shoot images with your happy house plants behind you, or vibrant flowers in vases, bringing colour through in artwork or props, and have you wearing lighter clothing.

From my winter shoot with Annabelle Nicoll of The Garden of Alchemy

From my winter shoot with Annabelle Nicoll of The Garden of Alchemy

2. Consider which qualities of the seasons most align with your brand

The seasons each have energies and colour palettes - probably very clear to you already. If it is really important to have images taken outdoors in nature (e.g. in a park, forest, garden, rural landscape), where the seasons may be obvious, I would encourage you to think about what time of year is going to most make sense for your message so that you can plan ahead for this.

In my mind, the seasons have the following associations…

  • Spring = new life, transformation, change, light, fertility, launching, embarking. The colours associated are light greens, white, yellow, pink.

  • Summer = abundance, growth and blooming, building on what is, richness, ease, fullness, and the colours are literally any bright colours, especially bright greens, pink, turquoise, yellow.

  • Autumn = letting go, coming home, harvest, reflecting, celebrating the efforts of the year, gratitude. The colours are oranges, peachy tones, reds, browns and deeper greens.

  • Winter = letting go, slowing down, stillness, calm. Because this time of year is often slower in terms of nature, it can also represent a time associated with reflection and catch up, self care and taking care of one another, cosiness, warmth. The colours are more monochromatic with blue of sky, red of berries and greens of evergreen nature.

From my shoot with entrepreneur and coach, Jude Hough

From my shoot with entrepreneur and coach, Jude Hough

Which season best represents your brand? Is it a bit of all of them? Having clarity on the season your business most aligns with helps you to choose and plan ahead for the time of year that may be best for your next big shoot if you want outdoor photos.

However, some businesses bring in all of the phases of the year and cycles of nature, which makes them not particularly tied to any season. For these brands, images taken outdoors at any time of year will completely make sense with the aspects of their work and message.

3. You can have shoots at more than one time of the year to represent the seasons and keep your imagery fresh and interesting

If the seasons and being photographed outdoors is really important to your messaging, book two or multiple shoots throughout the year to show evolution and keep it fresh and interesting for your audience! Booking in advance also gives you the option to save up for the shoot, or spread the payments with your photographer.

It also communicates to your audience that you are regularly investing in yourself and your business, honouring the energy and development of your brand and message, and care about their experience of what you offer.

The winter can naturally be a time of year for slowing down, reflecting on what’s gone well, and for working on our plans, services and products for the coming year. At this time of year we may have fewer things to fit in than normal, launches etc, and can dedicate more time and energy to planning and getting the most out of your shoot, without compromising your time during the fuller months - and be ready to start the New Year with beautiful new shots, or shine with your new photos in the Spring!

4. But what about the light in the winter!!!??

While I tend to always to pretty much always use natural light, I bring additional lighting options so that no matter the light on the day of your shoot, we can get you and the light looking stunning in your images! Soft light is beautiful and sunshine is beautiful. (in the case of actual bad weather on an outdoor shoot - we'd reschedule)

With the days being shorter in the winter, we are more easily able to get the sunrise or sunset on your shoot, as well as daylight, so it can be a great time of year for your shoot if you desire to capture these too.

From my shoot with Vee Czajkowska

From my shoot with Vee Czajkowska

From my shoot with coach, Kate Gerry

From my shoot with coach, Kate Gerry

How have you found this info? Has it got you thinking about the best time for your next shoot?

If you are keen to take me up on one of the last spots of 2019, or if you'd like to book in for the Spring and take me up on the payment plan option, email me here and let's find a time to speak!

I hope this has been a helpful post, and if you have any questions at all, just let me know or comment below!

An invitation to getting better photos for your business! (Sign up)

The photography you use across your social media and on your website is the first introduction your potential clients and followers will have with you when they initially connect. That first impression says sooo much about you and really counts when it comes to the way your business and offerings are perceived!


It’s like the poster for the movie, the cover of the book… your photos are supposed to tell your audience about you and give a glimpse of what working together could be like.

While in your videos and written content you have the opportunity to go deeper in words or in movement, your photos are that first piece that grabs their attention.

(You still flick through to look at all the photos before you read a book or article too, don’t you!?)

This means you have the power to put a representation of yourself that is true, feels good, and connects with your peeps!

Join the email series - An invitation…

There are loads of factors that contribute to the narrative of your branding photos, and with my seven years of experience as a branding photographer, I'm sharing a series of emails full of tips and resources on important topics such as...

  • Why your energy is the most important thing about your brand photography

  • How to 'pose', and what your body language is communicating

  • How to choose outfits, colours and accessories based on your unique business

  • How to find the perfect locations, choose props, makeup and more.

In this series I’ll be going through the factors that make for YOUR best photos, breaking them down and clarifying what’s important to think about and what’s really, really not, as you continue along this journey of business and truth.

Sign up below to get the emails - starting next week! It’s an honour to share with you.

This series is really for anyone who’s using photos in their website or social media and uses online platforms to attract clients, whether using professional photography or the power of the selfie.

5 Reasons I've Booked My Own Photoshoot for 2018

Helloooo! I hope you had a great first month of 2018. Since my last update some exciting things have been going on that I wanted to share with you!

The launch meeting of The Space Brighton!

The launch meeting of The Space Brighton!

  1. I’m now coaching + mentoring creative entrepreneurs - something I've wanted to do for a long time - I was waiting for the 'right time' to offer this and after a flurry of inquiries, I decided to go for it! I'm LOVING supporting others on their journey and have received some amazing feedback from my new clients as they get clear on their next steps. If you're interested in coaching with me, send me a message and let's speak!
  2. Fab personal branding shoots are coming up in the UK and beyond (including Italy in February with amazing Grace Kelly!) woohoo!
  3. I launched an in-person monthly membership group for creatives in Brighton with my dear friend JudeThe Space! It was absolutely beautiful for us to bring people together, deliver meditations, trainings on mindset, meaningful conversations about the creative & business life, and set intentions for the month ahead. Excited for our next meeting on 15th Feb! There are a couple of spaces if you'd like to join us. (Yay come to Brighton!). I'm feeling so grateful for all of these exciting things to be unfolding.

Another thing I'm excited about is my own upcoming photo shoot!

Below I'm sharing my top five reasons that booking a photoshoot is transformational not only for your branding and marketing, but for your mindset, your vision and confidence. I hope you find these points useful and thought provoking! Let me know what you think...

I have one space left for a photo shoot in February and three places in March, so if you're taking your business to the next level in 2018 and need vibrant new photographs to help get your message out there, email me here :)

With love as always,

Becky xx

5 Reasons I've Booked My Own Photoshoot for 2018

Photography has a magical way of evoking emotion, creating connection and bringing us together... you know that from looking at the portraits in galleries, or from the way photos have drawn you to buy from people online (or turned you away!).

I use photography all across my website as a way to infuse it with my personality, on social media, and in my emails to my list, it works really well. I found it interesting that my 'top nine' from 2017 (the most 'liked' images) included 4/9 photos of me... It goes to show how much people engage with the PERSON behind the business and the message. How are you showing up in yours?

When you offer a service that is personal, it's important that your clients and followers can connect with you from the start. Updating my shots is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, as a lot has shifted since my last shoot: I moved cities, there were big changes in my business and personal life, and, like, my hair has grown loads!

Having a new photoshoot is of course a considerable investment, and sometimes sending money into our businesses can feel scary, especially when there are so many different ways that we could invest it for different types of returns. How do you know whether your photo shoot is really going to pay off? Below are my top five reasons that I believe in the power and investment in personal branding photography, and what I benefit from, every time I do a shoot. I had no idea how transformational it really was until I did it!

1. I get soooo much clarity on my personal brand, my message, my offerings and my next steps. To make sure we co-create photos that will resonate with my business and to get the most out of the shoot, I take myself through the process that I coach my clients through; a series of deep and thoughtful questions. It takes me to the core of my business as I evaluate my brand, values, ideal clients, direction, plans for my marketing and more. This is a space I looove to hold for my clients, and is a transformational part of the process before the shoot day is even here. It's been amazing to do this for myself.

2. I feel renewed energy in my biz, commitment to my mission and my peeps When we take a scary exciting leap in the direction of our GROWTH, we show ourselves that we believe in ourselves and feel fired up about our power to make a bigger positive impact in the world. (Sometimes making a sizeable investment in yourself that challenges you to SEE and honour yourself will do that!).

3. I understand how my clients feel, create better content and a better photoshoot experience. Knowing what having a shoot is like from my clients perspective helps me to give the best advice, support and content to my clients and followers from my personal experience. It also demonstrates my genuine care and helps to create a deeper personal connection. What difference has investing in the type of work that you offer made to you and your clients experience?

4. I feel way more confident to share online! When the photographs I'm using feel like me, I am more likely to show up, I feel more at ease and happy about how I come across. When we're using shots that are really out of date or out of alignment, it feels draining to share them. Sometimes this actually stops us from showing up at all which means the world doesn't get to hear the message you are here to share, and obviously this is very damaging for your business.

5. I quickly create more engagement with my clients and followers. Because... A) I have brand new valuable content to share (see point 3!)
B) I share more because I have new photos and it's fun to update everything!
C) Google ranks your website higher in search results the more recently updated it was with visual content - therefore updating your website with new images will help boost its ranking.
D) I have maintained a personal relationship with my clients who genuinely care and are interested in how I've evolved since my last photos, and are excited to see the new shots!

I'm going back to this blog post below as I prepare for my shoot: Five powerful questions to ask yourself before your next shoot

If updating your photographs is something you know you want to do to start this year, email me by replying to this message.

Let's catch up and explore the kinds of photographs that will best serve you in sharing your message, connecting with your ideal clients, and making the world a better place.

I've got one space left for a February session three spaces available for March... (omg yay Springtime!!

Speak soon and big hugs,

Becky xx

Wanna feel better about using Instagram for your business? Here are my tips!
Becky Rui iPhone

Today I wanted to share a few quick and easy to implement Instagram tips to help you bring more of YOUUU to your online presence, feel good about the way you're using social media, and grow your following and client base with souls who are on your vibe!

But before I get to that, I wanted to acknowledge the #metoo campaign we have all been a part of so far. Whether you have shared or not, we have likely all been victim of sexual harassment or assault at some point, on some level of that spectrum.

I get chills seeing the bravery of so many standing up to say; this is happening, and this is not okay. This whole campaign feels like it's breaking open a reality, a taboo on so many levels, that I feel I need to give space to process and get my head around the scale of (personally and culturally).

While it has been heartbreaking to read the hundreds of #metoo posts of my friends, I know that shining a light on the problem as we are doing starts to help all women feel less alone, ashamed, afraid, it helps perpetrators to realise the damage they are doing and change their behaviour, and wakes up those who never even knew how harmful their words of actions were, to interact in a more considerate and healthier way.

I'm sending big love to you at this time, whatever this campaign has brought up for you and wherever you're at right now xxx

One Girl Band Becky Rui Lola Had Cat Gatto Shelley

Earlier this month I was delighted to share at the One Girl Band Expertise session alongside branding experts Cat and Shelley. As I prepare for a talk, it's always inspiring for me to get into the shoes of my clients, feel into what I've learned and can pass on.

Heres a few tips and experiments you can do to feel better about using Instagram in your business!

1. Take a look at your Instagram profile right now. The first posts you see should represent you, the work you do and your ideal client.

Ask yourself... What do the first shots you see on your profile say about you and your work? Who do they speak to? Do they light you up, inspire your message, and make you feel proud of the way you're interacting? If not, go back to the core of what you do, who it is for, who it is NOT for. (Here are some past posts that might help with this). When I look at my profile I see photos from my shootsselfies with clients, places and things that inspire me, so it feels like an accurate representation of me, my personal life and my brand.  What can you share about that will be of value to your followers, share your personality and interests, educate them about what you do and promote the opportunity to work with you in a way that feels good?

2. Your Instagram page is an opportunity for your audience to meet you. Can they see YOU?

I personally feel when I'm investing in a service that is based on the skill-set and personality of the seller, I want to get a good sense of who they are before I work with them. I love seeing photos of that person that help me read their energy and see what they're like. If that's important to you too, it's probably important for your clients. How many images that clearly show your face can we see on your profile? Are you letting your followers in? One idea that I've been experimenting with is making sure that there’s at least one clear photo of my face within every six photos I post, so that when you first come to my profile you can see me straight away and know if we're a good match. Can your people see you?


3. Share your THING. How much of your personal touch or the service/product/value you offer is coming through in your imagery?

For my biz, personal connection is basically priority #1, that’s what my brand is all about, and that is pretty much what I sell! For that reason, I make sure theres an image of a human face in almost every other post I share, so that when you come to my page, you feel like you’re engaging with HUMANS. You're meeting me, my friends or clients and get a clear idea of the kind of the work I create. It feels really PEOPLE based as opposed to anything else.

What do you offer and how can you get it across? For example if you're a creative, you could play with sharing more photos of the art you create (behind the scenes shots, finished products, your work in-use). Or as a coach, you could share more images and ideas about the results you help your clients to get or shots that inspire a certain feeling. Or if you use a lot of physical tools with clients, share some of those and how it works so that your followers get a better understanding of your approach.

You can take these kinds of shots easily on your phone, or if you'd like an even more beautified and editorial look to your feed (like the ones I've taken in this email), let's talk about your personal brand, how you use imagery and we'll create something amazing together!

Remember that you're followers and prospects are following you because they want to hear from you, they are interested in what you offer and what you have to say. Feel in to what you're posting before you share, be sure that it's aligned with your values and is true to you.

I feel that it's a privilege to get to enter into peoples lives in this way and share, whether on Instagram, on a mailing list or wherever - so honour your clients and followers time and energy by honouring yours. You don't have to show up for the sake of posting regularly, that's just spammy, right?! It's okay to take it one step at a time, checking in as you go, and remembering that it's safe for you to be yourself in your business.

Message me to book in our call by emailing - I have two spaces left for November shoots if this calls to you.

I hope these tips are helpful! I'd love to hear how you get on experimenting with how you use photography on Instagram! You can tag me at @beckyruiphoto. Big hugs! Becky xxx

What are the main benefits your clients get from working with you? + your next shoot in Paris!

Hey lovely!  I hope you're having the best start to your week!

Paris Destination Photographer International Eiffel Tower

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you today! I am going to be back in PARIS in early-mid September and have availability for shoots from Friday 2nd Sept.

What would photographs taken of you in Paris mean to you? If this feels like the perfect location for your next shoot, you can book in your clarity call here to explore your brand and what we can co-create in the city of love!, or email me now at

And today I wanted to ask you… What are the main benefits your clients get from working with you?

Recently I was asked this, and it made me wonder whether I’m sharing the benefits enough.

It's a powerful question I often ask my clients during personal branding clarity conversations, so it was great to be asked myself! It's so important to be clear on the benefits your clients get from working with you, especially when it comes to promoting your offers and understanding your personal brand.

When we’re so in the flow of our businesses, the benefits of our work can feel obvious to us and our clients, but unless we’re talking about them, how can we be sure that our potential clients really know what they are?

I’d love to invite you to ask yourself this question right now and take literally just two minutes to list out the benefits your clients get from working with you, and see what comes out.

Think about...

  • What your clients experience from the moment they consider contacting you
  • The journey through signing up to work with you and investing in themselves
  • What you do together and the way they make shifts... Especially the things they didn't even think about when they signed up to work with you!
  • The way it can change their world, the results they get
  • The ripple effect of their transformation
  • What comes up again and again in your testimonials?
  • What are your clients telling their friends about their experience with you?
  • What are they sharing just between the two of you?

It’s so good to remind ourselves of these and return to the knowing of the power and beauty of what YOU are uniquely gifted to do, and how you serve.

Make sure that your prospects know about these benefits too… You could post them on a blog, send them out to your mailing list, tweet each one throughout the week or create a space for them on your website! Rave about your awesome work!

Here is my list of the benefits of working with me, and of personal branding photography!

  • I create a calm and exciting space for my clients to be TRULY seen, to pause and explore their real work in the world and find clarity on how they really want to show up. Transformation begins before the shoot day is even here! My clients can relax and know that they are taken care of and working with a photographer who really knows them and cares deeply, and is crafting a bespoke photography experience for them.
  • I help my clients go beyond their fear of being visible by working consciously on the day of our shoot, connecting throughout the session with their values, message, ideal clients, energy and light.
  • Beautiful new photographs create huge engagement with your followers and clients when you share them - your peeps will be so excited to see the new shots on your website, social media, ads, blog posts, email marketing - for sure there will be liking and sharing and commenting… And that engagement can spread all over social media and reach so many people! Seeing you shine inspires others.
  • My clients have an extensive portfolio of photos - ready when they are! All totally unique and personalised photographs that they can dip into any time and add to blog posts, Instagram shares, Facebook ads etc.
  • High quality, authentic and beautiful images position my clients as the experts they are.
  • The professional look and feel of the images positions my clients as a teacher and business owner that is investing in themselves, and promotes that it is okay to invest and honour yourself in that way, as you encourage them to.
  • Confidence. Having photographs that you really LOVE, that feel so true to you can help you to feel more confident about how you come across online - that’s one of the most awesome things about it - energetically when you love the photos you’re using it can give you more confidence to show up, connect and engage because you feel in alignment with the way you’re represented online.

What are the main benefits of working with you?? I'd love to know!

And again if you’re keen to book your shoot in Paris next month or in other destinations, send me a message now at or book in your clarity call right here.

With love and wishing you a magical week!

Becky xx

Join me in America next month! + my favourite journaling questions

Hellooo! I hope you’re having the best week so far.

I am so excited to be heading to Philadelphia mid-July to photograph a beautiful soul (!) with other US destination possibilities popping up too. If you’d like to explore shooting together while I’m in the US (maybe you’re based there or would like to fly out and join me!?) or catch up in person - please reach out!

I’d like to gratefully invite you to consider who you know in the US that may be interested in this opportunity while I’m in the country! You can connect us at! Thank you so much.

I also wanna talk about what we find in our quiet and solitude, and the power of morning journaling and intention setting.

The last few weeks and months have been very full for me, but journaling never stops.  Sometimes self-care can feel like a lot to fit in when there's lots 'to do', but I know when I’m committed to my personal practices I feel more rooted in my light and truth throughout the day and this alignment echoes through all of my interactions. Do you feel the same? What are your non-negotiable personal practices?

Coming back to a series of questions each morning that I curated for myself over the years is really helpful.

Sometimes I mix and match them, only ask a few, or change the words to suit me that day to find clarity and live more intentionally. I have another amazing set of questions for evening reflection too which I’ll share soon! Here are some of my favorites.

Morning Journal Questions

  1. How am I feeling today (in my mind, body & spirit)? Starting off with noticing how I’m really feeling in the morning helps me to bring awareness to where I'm at, feel into what IS good, and what I can do to be better that day if I'm not feeling my best. I find myself being kind or more realistic about what I’m able to achieve rather than overwhelming myself with action to take!
  2. What am I in appreciation of/grateful for/thankful for? I write out at least 3+ things and expand on each one - and really feel into my appreciation! It can be anything from the bed you had to sleep in last night, an aspect of your health, a dear friend, the clients you're attracting, your car, the plumbing system in your house, the money you DO have, an experience you had this week, the food in your fridge, where you are in the world... When we train ourselves to look for amazing things we cant help but notice all the good stuff there actually is all around, and manifest more joy and wonder in the world! You create positive momentum when you truly feel gratitude and joy and it's such an amazing way to start the day.
  3. What needs to happen for it to feel like the best day possible? Maybe it would feel good to get that 'thing' ticked off your list you've been totally putting off (but really wanna do!). Maybe it's to go for a walk in nature, practice yoga, meditate. Maybe it's to reach out to someone you love. Maybe it's giving yourself permission to allow joy to flow through your actions today and resist mindlessly ploughing through the tasks of your day.
  4. What one action would bring me the most joy, relief, pleasure today?
  5. How will I honour my mind, body, spirit, creativity today?
  6. What loving action could I do for another? (a loved one, a client, a stranger, a neighbor, the person serving you at the store...)
  7. What are my intentions for today? For this one I usually round up the above pieces along with any thing else I'd like to set myself for the day!

I then find myself with clear intentions which I leave open on my table and return to. I'd recommend taking your time to ponder these and enjoy the practice of feeling it out - at least 20-30 minutes or more if you can! If you aren't able to for whatever reason, I feel even considering them in your head is better than starting the day without checking in.

I’ve heard of a great Abraham-Hicks technique called the Placemat Process where you write out the things you WILL do today (simple, reasonable and short list of the things you’re going to do), and on the other side write out ‘things the Universe will do today’ and write everything else that you’d like to have happen, for these things to be resolved. A non-action path to resolution where there is no resistance to achieving these because there is no desperation or attachment. Have you tried it? I’m going to start doing it!

Let me know if you find these questions useful or how you get on with your journal practice? What tools or ideas do you find most useful? I'd love to know!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!


Becky x

P.S. I have a few spaces left for shoots in August so email me now if you'd like to explore your personal brand, or book in your clarity call here, and we'll dream up the photographs we can create together!