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Listen in: Authentic branding on the NursePreneur Podcast with me!

Hey hey! I hope you're having a lovely week so far. I'm just back from a few days visiting some of my family in west Wales which was super lovely :) I don't have ANY phone pics to show for the long weekend - it's so unusual for me, but I think it's good for me to leave my phone in my bag sometimes and let go of capturing everything, all the time ya know!

Today I'm sharing a fab podcast episode with you I was thrilled to do with one of my dear clients, Catie Harris.

Catie and I worked together on her personal branding photography about three years ago in Philadelphia (see the blog post here) - it was such a wonderful time we had together and I've so enjoyed following her journey since!

I was excited to be interviewed for her show aimed at NursePreneurs and anyone starting their own business - it's filled with interesting biz stories, tips, inspo and practical tools to help her listeners recognise and hone their skills, market their services and live a life and business in harmony with their true values. I have personally found the episodes fascinating and useful and highly recommend listening! Catie asked amazing questions to bring my learning's and experiences through to help her audience.

In our 25 minute conversation we covered some of my personal and business journey, plus...

Catie Harris.jpg
  • How to craft an authentic personal brand that resonates with your ideal clients

  • Ways to use photography, and the hidden benefits of having a photo shoot

  • Catie's experience of starting her business, developing a personal brand, and reflections on her shoot with me

  • Ways I help my clients to get confident and comfortable in front of the camera

  • Tips on finding the right photographer for your brand

  • The power of video in your business

  • The transformative process of a personal branding shoot, the revelations and up-levels that can come from it

Click here to listen!

I hope you enjoy the interview and find it useful, it was so lovely to have this conversation. Would love to know what you think!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you and your audience, Catie.

If you have a podcast and feel your listeners would benefit from hearing from me, or know someone who does, I'd be delighted to do this with you. Just reply to this message and we can take it from there!

P.S. I still have one space available for a shoot THIS MONTH (April), so if you've been wondering about a Spring brand session, message me now and we can speak to plan your best ever shoot and get you all set up!

Have a beautiful rest of your day! Becky xx

Éadaoin Curtin - Personal Branding Shoot - Dublin, Ireland

Oh my gosh, I had THE BEST time shooting with the amazing Éadaoin last summer. Éadaoin is a kindred spirit and was so much fun to spend time with… it was such a pleasure to capture her in and around Dublin, Ireland where she’s based, in her many creative zones and favourite places.

I love getting to capture ‘a day in the life’ of my clients, creating both planned portraits, story-telling images, and unexpected moments, as we flow through the day, and this was one of those shoots. That creative freedom is one of the things I most love about this work… having a strong vision for our session, maintaining clear intentions for the outcome of the images whilst at the same time staying open to creativity and the serendipities!

As a fellow personal brand photographer and artist, Éadaoin was preparing to increase her visibility and share her message in a bigger way.

She was looking to come away from our day with a library of personalised images that she could update her website with, use in Instagram posts, email marketing and more. It was important for her also to experience what it was like to be on the other side of the camera, and go through the journey her own clients go through.

It was so awesome chatting with her and planning the shoot in the lead up to our day, and it was beautiful how aligned we are in our values and approach to our work in branding - we had such a good understanding. She is passionate about women empowerment, visibility and voices, and her fascinating journey has led her to be so beautifully positioned to do this work. You can find out more about her interesting journey on her About page here.

It’s so important to walk your talk, to invest in yourself and also to try being on the ‘receiving end’ of the service you offer to from time to time, because…

  • firstly (obvs!) it provides you with the benefits of whatever that service is.

  • it gives you a truer, deeper understanding of where your clients are at when they come to you, and the challenges they may be facing when they work with you.

  • it provides you with the tools of real experience to support your clients more fully, as you come from a broader perspective.

This is what Eadaoin bravely did for herself, and I think it’s an important journey to take, and example to set.

If you’re investing in yourself, doing the work, and showing that you believe in the service you offer, you inspire others to believe in themselves too, and to understand the value of your offerings.

On our day we documented different aspects of her life, showing her as if on a photo-shoot, getting creative at home, being in nature, and spending time with her lovely partner in the STUNNING Dun Laoghaire.

I traveled over one week in August last year to create these with her and it was an absolute dream visit... loved exploring the area and having some adventures on my own while in Ireland too! Thank you for having me come over to photograph you dear Éadaoin.

You can check out her website here at Firechild Photography and Instagram here at @firechildphotography.

Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-003.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-005.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-006.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-013.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-012.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-008.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-015.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-009.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-010.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-001.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-004.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-016.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-018.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-019.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Dublin Becky Rui-017.jpg

Are you a photographer who’s finally ready to be seen on the other side of the camera?

Are you committed to walking your talk and journeying into the kind of experience you normally provide?

Is it time to allow your unique creative energy to shine, and give your prospects a taste of what working with you is like?

Email me at and let’s plan your best shoot, lovely!

Joyce Oladipo - Enchant Life - Personal Branding Shoot London

It was sooo hard to narrow down the many favourites I had from this shoot with sexuality coach and erotic influencer Joyce of Enchant Life this summer… going through the shots again filled my heart with appreciation to remember our amazing session and all our inspired conversations around it. It was so divine!! So fun and so playful.

Joyce works with women internationally who are wanting to reconnect with their sexual power and pleasure as their birthright. They are feeling stuck, blocked or numb and are struggling to reach that place of connection on their own. Joyce’s work is also about breaking the taboo around female pleasure and sex, and inspire her clients and women around the world to step into their confidence.

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-013.jpg

Our intention was to create radiant and engaging images for her new brand that felt empowered, feminine and enchanting, tying in some of the rich colours and textures associated with her branding that she shared with me before our day.

With the business name and theme of enchantment in mind, we explored ideas for perfect locations… She was flying over from Luxemborg to London for the session and I envisioned…

  • luxury hotel spaces for the themes of quality, worth and high vibration,

  • the beautiful gardens we are blessed with in our capital city to symbolise pleasure as a birthright, as a part of our nature, as flowers bloom with ease and without self consciousness,

  • vibrant London city settings to show her love of travel and connection with the world,

  • and boudoir images to bring the sensual, self-love aspect of her work to the session.

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-004.jpg

We wanted to get the essence of love, connection, orgasmic life and fun coming through, and a sense of intimacy and harmony.

Over our day in London we captured so many stories relevant to her life and brand for her soon to launch website, social media, and adverts. From the boudoir shots, business portraits, dreamy garden shots and city vibe photos and image including props relevant to this work - we certainly created a lot that will be great for many of her posts online. You can check out her instagram here and Facebook page here.

Here are some of my favourite images from our day, and I’m going to share the boudoir images separately, as they were so intimate and beautiful I felt they deserved a post all to themselves!

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-010.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-021.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-012.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-020.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-001-4.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-024.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-015.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-011.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-016.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-022.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-005.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-027.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-026.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-014.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-017.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-006.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-009.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-008.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-023.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-007.jpg

Ready for your personal brand shoot or want to find out more about the process? Email me at and let’s find a time to catch up!

Bunmi Aboaba - The Sober Advantage - Personal Branding Shoot in Santorini

It was so exciting to shoot with clients Bunmi, Venessa and Ellie in Santorini earlier in 2017! I loved our time together at our beautiful villa, talking business and branding, visibility, challenges and triumphs, dreams and desires! When we come together and open up, we're reminded that we're not alone on this journey, we're reminded of our greatness and inspire new ideas and direction for all - in personal life and in our work. It's so powerful to come together with other women entrepreneurs in this space.

We shot over a couple of days in amazing locations - spoilt for choice with settings around the island, our villa, it's mountainous landscapes, the ocean backdrops and the amazing town Oia which we went to at sunset! So beautiful... and the light!!! Honestly, heavenly. What a special time it was...

If you're bringing your clients on destination retreats around the world or hosting your own mastermind events in the UK, I'd be thrilled to join you there to hold a space for you to connect with your message, your mission, your great work in the world, and create empowered branding portraits with you. These high vibe spaces are amazing for photo shoots, and the resulting photographs are infused with this magnetic energy!

So here are some of my fave shots with Bunmi. Her company, The Sober Advantage works with people who are suffering from addiction and relapse. She helps them with their new routine, supporting them as much as they require with day to day life as they reintegrate to work, social life and family. The Sober Advantage helps people to ground their sobriety in real life situations which otherwise may lead them to compulsive and impulsive behaviours that do not serve them. This can come in the form of companionship, ongoing coaching support or facilitating interventions.

At the time of our shoot, Bunmi was working predominantly with crystal healing, and with her company Crystal and Rox creating yoga wear with special pockets and spaces to hold crystals! We focussed a lot of our shoot on working with these magical stones.

However as Bunmis entrepreneurial journey has evolved, one of the things that pleases me is that the images have still been perfect for her new venture. Even though it was not what we were shooting specifically for at the time it shows me that because our intention is to capture the spirit of a person, in their truth, feeling their best, the images continue to be in alignment with their work even as their business changes!

When we're running a business that is in line with our souls work, the person you're being called to show up as is your true self. You're showing up authentically... and even though we evolve over time and require new, refreshed images to capture and document our expansion to keep your branding on point - the TRUE core of who you are and your values are not going to radically change. I'm all about creating portraits that capture your essence and personality so that your images continue to be a great representation of you.

Check out Bunmis website for more information about her incredible work here.

You can also check out my shoot in Santorini with Ellie on the blog here.

Ready to update your personal branding photography for 2018? Email me at or apply for your complimentary clarity call here. I'm excited to learn more about you and explore the kinds of images that will take your business to the next level

There are four spaces available for personal branding photography sessions before the end of the 2017 so do get in touch now if this calls to you.

Ebonie P Allard - Personal Branding Shoot Bristol

My conversations with Ebonie leading up to her shoot (and during all of our time together!) were so inspiring and exciting... Ebonie is the Entrepreneur Enabler. The Misfit Maven. She helps her clients to return to their inner clarity, confidence, courage and sense of calm - reminding themselves of who they really are and living in accordance with their own guidance and powerful uniqueness.

She's a coach, author, creator of incredible tools and products to help her peeps reconnect with their truth. She's super real, down to earth and totally magic!

On her shoot we not only wanted to show her in her new home, working, chilling, doing her thing - but also show her inner world. We co-created a fantastical scene on the beach near where she lives which really revealed Ebonies amazing sense of play, beauty and wonder shine out, she was a total Goddess!

These photos really stand out online and in her marketing because they're sooo unique and personal, and they totally break the mold of what a personal branding shoot can be. She's all about that.

Check out her website here, get involved with her awesome Facebook group here and you can buy her brilliant and inspirational book here. The flower crown was made by the gorgeous Katie Kearns.

Feeling inspired to let your inner world out? Apply for your clarity call here and let's start dreeeamin' it up! Big hugs!

Jessica Lorimer - Personal Branding Photo Shoot

Working with gorgeous Jess was all KINDS of fun - from these photos you'll see what a high vibe spirit she is, and an absolute genius in the work she does!!

Jess, The Sales Alchemist helps service based online business owners to generate more income by honing in on their skills and value, create seamless and simple sales funnels and get featured in industry publications - infusing fun, personality and authenticity into everything she does. I could really FEEL the heart and soul that she brings to her work, and it was a real pleasure and inspiration to capture.

As Jess uses a lot of social media to keep in touch with her community, our main focus for the images was creating a great variety of shots that she can use to promote her offers online and when being featured by online magazines. We wanted to show her truth and capture a mixture of emotions and messages - super fun to shoot. She does a Facebook Live stream EVERY DAY for her peeps, and we did one during her session too! (keeping it real guys!)

You can find out more about Jess at her site here:!

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