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'If everybody likes you, you're doing something wrong'

In my experience and through conversations with clients, it seems most of the time the thing that holds us back from letting ourselves be seen in our businesses, is the fear of being judged and disliked when we do so.

...That unless we look a certain way or copy 'successful' people, we won't be noticed or taken seriously.

Part of being human is that we do make assumptions, we are discerning about what we see, we have preferences and instincts that guide us.

They are a total gift, they help us refine our experience of the world… what we let in, and what we let go of. No matter how much we intuitively see beyond appearances, this is a part of how we do life, how we navigate it.

Some of us vibe, some of us don't. So let it be okay, to not be for everyone.

You never have to pretend to be someone you’re not to impress others or win them over. People feel the fake, it’s not healthy or sustainable and it doesn't feel good at all.

You want what is best for yourself and for all.

If you can feel comfortable with who you are in your business, KNOW the value you provide, and use imagery and words that just feel like you, and really shine with your truth, then whoever truly resonates with that is likely going to be a great match, and whoever doesn’t? That’s cool too. That’s what you want!

We're not here for everyone, and we never could be.

This conversation reminds me of the quote... ‘If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong’. As a people pleaser I have always found it so interesting and profound.

It's nice to be likeable, and it's okay to keep yourself to yourself too... This isn't about forcing anything. But instead of letting fear of 'being yourself' block our flow and full expression, instead of getting drained trying to be liked by everyone, keep being brave enough to let your realness be the thing that sets you apart.

So... how can we continue doing that? Regularly check in with yourself about the way you're interacting with your community and clients. Journal it out, talk about it with your coach or accountability buddy! Here are some questions to ponder...

  • Am I simply being myself in my biz, or am I trying to cater to everybody

  • Do I feel like my website/marketing is a true representation of me and my services?

  • Do I feel in integrity with what I have been sharing lately?

  • Do I still feel aligned with my photography and copy, or does this need updating or tweaking?

  • Am I excited about, and proud of my content?

  • Do I feel like my true self when I'm working in/on my biz?

  • How would it feel to bring more of my whole self in to my business?

  • In what other ways can I start to bring more of my personality and voice to my marketing/biz/brand?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...

If you're alllllll about sharing your truth, but struggling around this visibility piece, let's talk. And if you're interested in exploring your next personal branding shoot, I have one space left towards the end of August and four spaces available in September! Email me to book in our call by clicking HERE.

With love and wishing you a beautiful rest of your week! xxx