You exceeded my expectations with every part of the process Becky. Thank you for everything, you are a true visionary and you can listen and interpret with your heart which gives you a skill of understanding your clients on another level.

Jo Chrobak

You are rocking it, you've never felt more connected to your purpose and vision. As you've moved through this entrepreneurial journey, you deeply feel the importance of showing up as yourself online, and of the part that photography plays in your brand.

You probably used to be the one taking the photos and never thought you’d be on the other side, let alone enjoying being seen! But this adventure has taught you a lot of things you didn't know about yourself so far. You’re not scared anymore - you’re ready for this. You have wobbles sometimes, I know. But you’re becoming, every day, more and more of the person you know you came here to be.

It’s time. You know that what you do matters, you feel the epic shifts your work is making in the world, and you’re not afraid to shine anymore.

You’re looking for a photographer that will not only create gorgeous new shots for your website, social media and marketing, but someone that will listen to you, guide you around your personal brand and design a photo-shoot that is just right for you; telling your story visually, raising awareness of your brand, connecting with your peeps and helping you to grow your business with JOY.

As soon as I met Becky I felt my prayer had been answered, she was able to take all my visions and bring it into fruition. The whole experience from start to finish was so enjoyable, the shoot itself was relaxed and this helped me connect with myself and what I was representing in these images. She helped guide me back to what lights my heart on fire and how to be in my inner stillness transmitting a confidence.

Annabelle Nicoll

I work with entrepreneurs to explore their personal brand, get clear on their message, values, ideal clients and what they love to do. We look at your plans for marketing your business, what kinds of photographs you're going to need, what your peeps most engage with. Together we design a photo-shoot that’s in alignment with that, creating striking and beautiful images for your website, social media, Facebook ads, sales pages, email marketing and more.

I LOVE the process - from our initial conversation, the exploring, coaching, getting to know you, dreaming up our shoot together, the day itself, and seeing how you use your new photos! The whole journey is a special and connected one, and each step of the way can be transformational. This is about opening up to what's possible for you. Feeling in to your truth. Trusting that you are safe to show up as yourself.

Integrity, authenticity, transparency. Love.

I could not be happier with the outcome! The pictures are absolutely fantastic and I am still smiling looking at them!

They make me feel confident; I now can not wait for the launch of my new website and becoming visible on social media to show myself and my brand to the world - and instead of dreading it! Massive shift to where I was before.

Aniko Britten

Bringing your whole self to your business is exciting, liberating and soul-feeding. It's really the most fun way and, I believe, the only sustainable way. As a business owner myself, I GET how much it matters to let your values flow through the work you do, and to be seen as who you really are. I also get how scary that can feel.

My job is to help my clients give themselves permission to bring realness to their brand through, our high vibe conversations/coaching and the most fun photo-shoots. You're safe to be yourself and know that your vulnerability naturally lights up the way for others to step into their truth too. Ego, dropped. True, joyful, self shining through!

Head over to the personal branding photography gallery here to see what my clients and I are creating, full shoots on the blog here, and my personal learnings and inspiration around branding and business here.

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About me

I always knew I wanted to be a photographer and was hardly ever without a camera in my hand growing up! As I've followed my dream it's taken me all over the world capturing engaging personal branding photography with entrepreneurs, and the love stories of many couples and families. I'm currently based in colourful Brighton, but you'll often find me on the road, shooting as I go!

Being a photographer to me means so much more than just making pictures. Let me tell your story.

When I’m not working with clients or on my business, I love heading down to the beach with my partner and a picnic, walking in nature, and mooching around Brighton with a book and a coffee-shop-stop somewhere lovely. Antique shops have a very special place in my heart!

I get down to Pembrokeshire and Devon where my family live every month or so for some quality time with them - I’m lucky to be close with them, and have the excuse to head West frequently!

I really enjoy reading and am so happy I got into fiction over the last couple of years (my favourites so far are A Little Life, The Highest Tide and Call Me By Your Name - pretty intense, but so deep, beautiful and poetic), but also love books on personal development, human nature, relationships, spirituality (The Power Of Now!!!) and poetry. I love long drives and train journeys, sometimes with a great podcast or while listening to a good album all the way through!  I have a daily journal practice which I find super powerful and have been writing since I was about 12 almost every day! I also started playing guitar and singing last year, make digital and physical art, and also love to make photographs outside of business - you can see my personal website here.

Photography is truly magical to me.

I continually invest in myself and see this as an essential part of my growth and development.  I’ve been thrilled to go on business workshops and attend personal development events with inspiring leaders in photography, business and spirituality around the UK and in destinations such as Hawaii, the mountains of Pennsylvania, and even on a cruise across the South Pacific Ocean (an Abraham Hicks one!). I invest in coaching to support me and keep me accountable to my dreams and purpose, and am excited to be doing my training as a coach this summer 2019.


If you’re curious to find out more about working together, fancy joining me for a coffee in Brighton next time you’re in town, or are ready to book in your shoot, email me, or click here to apply for a call!

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You can also find me from time to time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I’ve taken a step back from regular posting to review my relationship with social media, but it’s still a hub for conversations with my friends and clients so I’m on there most days at some point! See you there xx

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