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Would you ever step away from Instagram for your business?

Would you ever step away from Instagram/Facebook for your business?

I'm so interested to see that LUSH UK have announced they are ‘bidding farewell to some of their social channels’. This is a bold step for any company to take (one I’m sure we all consider from time to time!).

For Lush, a global company with hundreds of physical stores, a well known and loved brand (and importantly, one that was successful well before the social media age), this action will have different implications for their business than it would for solo-preneurs, less established, or digital brands.

Lush have always been advocates ‘against animal cruelty’, and have built their success, brand and community around strong ethical values (and the delightful/sometimes overpowering bath-bomb-waft that draws you in from down the street).

To see them step away from their huge social channels in the UK and use a hashtag instead, is a move that on the one hand seems counterintuitive (less people will find out about their products, positive ethical influence, education and inspiration), but at the same time feels quite fitting as leaders in the industry of ethical cosmetics and general self-care. (Because we all know how questionable and damaging the social media world can be for us when it comes to the lack of genuine human connection, comparisonitis, rampant consumerism, polarisation of views etc etc).

Lush’s move has the essence of ‘setting an example’ to other brands and to their customers; to move away from reliance on a brand, on social media, on paying to reach your followers and the tiresome struggle with algorithms, and to step back out into the physical world, as people running a company and their shops.

I know they won’t have any issues with their customers continuing to promote their products through their own personal social channels, so it’s not like Lush are going to disappear from the internet (and they will keep the local Lush store accounts), but to take away their UK IG ‘home’ feels like a step backwards when it comes to having a complete online presence and a space for your customers to engage and interact.

Yes, you can go into the physical stores, visit the online shop, the local IG accounts, but there won’t be a main hub for UK customers. I mean, just to be clear, I’m not personally worried about this as occasional customer who doesn't engage with their social anyway. I’m interested in this as a business and marketing decision and what we are seeing here. Perhaps this move is the brands genuine expression of integrity, and is not about reducing costs or keeping up with the demands that having a huge online platform presents.

My thoughts are… by taking away your online platform you also take away the community you created by establishing it in the first place. You take away the convenience that social provides for people to access your products and your brand story. Technology in general is only advancing and gaining deeper roots in our minds and cultures. By removing yourself from an online platform, you don’t solve the problems that exist within it or because of it.

If you really want to change the way people (your customers specifically) use social media to be healthier and more personal as a brand, then keep being honest, keep using it consciously and with kindness, allow space for real conversation and community, set up more in-person events for your customers/clients etc. If you don’t want to pay to appear in newsfeeds, don’t pay, and find other ways to genuinely connect and share. By simply disappearing, you don’t make the issues go away.

I am posting about this because I find it an interesting and thought provoking decision for a business of this kind to make and am curious about it, and what we can learn from it. I totally feel that the decisions any company makes are theirs to make, and no one can say what is right for another, I respect Lush’s decision.

Here’s their full post on Instagram:

What do you think about this move? Would you ever step away from your IG? Have you done it? What difference did it make?

Which version of you are your clients and followers getting?

Which photo of yourself are you currently using on Facebook, Instagram, on your website etc? And also, which photo of you is showing up when your mailing list subscribers get your welcome email? 😱 What about on your call scheduling system? On WhatsApp? Your Fb Page? Skype? Twitter? Email banner? LinkedIn (yeah I kinda forgot that was a thing for a minute too...)!


Are they all aligned and up to date? Or are people still getting that headshot you had done like, 5 years ago, before you moved away and cut your hair?? (...just me?)

When I get new pics I aim to update them across all the platforms and touch points I have with my clients and followers, so that the version of me they see is aligned across all of the places, and a true reflection of where I’m at.

It’s important because:

  1. It shows I’m active and present on my social/Skype/emails/site (which is vital to show if people want to get in touch but aren’t sure if you’re still using that profile)
  2. Shows I’m up to date on what I’m doing, growing & evolving over time - in my craft & physically
  3. Shows I actually care about how my biz is evolving over time, that I’m excited to share it! If I genuinely believe in my work and am excited to share from my heart, my ideal clients will feel it too. ❤️
  4. As you move up to the next level in your work, using photos that are current & high vibing REFLECTS that shift. When your imagery and branding is on point with this new step up, you’ll attract clients of a new calibre
  5. It’s interesting and fun for my peeps to see new pics and keeps it engaging for the right reasons
  6. Part of the message of my own biz is about keeping your life, work & personal brand fresh and true, so for me to role model that feels important. Do you share these values?

SO. Where’ve you forgotten to update your photos?

When will you make time to get them all aligned?

It’s super fast to swap the pics over to new ones & will help to create a much more congruent and consistent brand identity.

Let me know what you do! (Or how old the pics were that you had up!!)

P.S. Are all of your brand images just plain out of date? Message me at and let’s plan your new shoot to support you in reaching your dream clients. 2 spots left in June for U.K. (and maybe Paris???! Wanna join?).

A Beginners Guide to Personal Branding (an interview!)

Hey you! I hope you're having a great week so far.

Soooo... do you ever get in a bit of a spin about your personal brand? Like, how am I supposed to present myself? WTF this whole 'positioning' thing is all about? Maybe you're asking yourself questions like, how much of my real personality should I allow to come through in my business? How much is too much? Can I actually be myself in my work with clients and in my marketing, AND be seen as professional, dependable and a leader in my field?

Whether you've been running your business for years and years, or are new to this whole thang - whether you're networking online or in person - it's something many of us are constantly thinking about and reviewing, and honestly... it can get confusing sometimes. As we work with our clients, engage with different audiences and refine our message, our work evolves. Our interests and our lives naturally change.

The person we were in our photos taken three years ago is not necessarily who we are anymore (or maybe even in the photos you had done last year!). The person who made those classes, wrote that e-book, programs etc, has learnt and experienced a LOT more since then and has new insight to offer. The style of our work with our clients has become even more effective and streamlined. Our personal lives have obviously affected our businesses too.. maybe our families have grown, we moved city or country, changed our circle of friends, lifestyle habits, got married, whatever. How has your visible personal brand changed as you have?

We're being called to interact in a more and more authentic way as entrepreneurs... but what does that mean when we think about 'branding ourselves' and our true identity, as human beings, spiritual beings and business owners? Surely it's just about keeping it real?

I'd love to share some light on all of this with you today...

A Beginners Guide To Personal Branding

I was thrilled to be interviewed for my dear client and friend Rachel Millers amazing blog (All Things IC), where I...

  • Dove deep into my definition of personal branding through my seven years of shooting business portraits for entrepreneurs (and seen the whole way of using photography and concept of 'being visible' change a TONNE!)
  • Why your personal brand is an important biz piece to be aware of, whether you're running your own company or are currently part of an organisation
  • How you can improve the quality and consistency of your own personal brand, how to think about photography, what it's like to collaborate on a photo shoot with me, and lots more.

Check out the interview right here.

I hope you find this interview really helpful. Do forward this on to anyone you know who'd benefit from our advice and experience.

Here's a photo of beautiful Rachel from our shoot earlier this year. 

Here's a photo of beautiful Rachel from our shoot earlier this year. 

I'd absolutely love to know what you're feeling around the definition of personal branding - what it means to you, and the kinds of insights or challenges you have around this. Everything's better when we share and stay connected. If you'd like to talk further about your own positioning and photography for your business, email me at and let's find a time to talk!

I have a couple of spaces available for photo shoots before the end of the year. How would powerful new photography serve you as we get ready for 2018? What are you going to be launching? How will you be using social media? What will you need to have updated photos for?

Check out what my clients are saying here.

With love as always, and thanks for reading!

Becky xx

Wanna feel better about using Instagram for your business? Here are my tips!
Becky Rui iPhone

Today I wanted to share a few quick and easy to implement Instagram tips to help you bring more of YOUUU to your online presence, feel good about the way you're using social media, and grow your following and client base with souls who are on your vibe!

But before I get to that, I wanted to acknowledge the #metoo campaign we have all been a part of so far. Whether you have shared or not, we have likely all been victim of sexual harassment or assault at some point, on some level of that spectrum.

I get chills seeing the bravery of so many standing up to say; this is happening, and this is not okay. This whole campaign feels like it's breaking open a reality, a taboo on so many levels, that I feel I need to give space to process and get my head around the scale of (personally and culturally).

While it has been heartbreaking to read the hundreds of #metoo posts of my friends, I know that shining a light on the problem as we are doing starts to help all women feel less alone, ashamed, afraid, it helps perpetrators to realise the damage they are doing and change their behaviour, and wakes up those who never even knew how harmful their words of actions were, to interact in a more considerate and healthier way.

I'm sending big love to you at this time, whatever this campaign has brought up for you and wherever you're at right now xxx

One Girl Band Becky Rui Lola Had Cat Gatto Shelley

Earlier this month I was delighted to share at the One Girl Band Expertise session alongside branding experts Cat and Shelley. As I prepare for a talk, it's always inspiring for me to get into the shoes of my clients, feel into what I've learned and can pass on.

Heres a few tips and experiments you can do to feel better about using Instagram in your business!

1. Take a look at your Instagram profile right now. The first posts you see should represent you, the work you do and your ideal client.

Ask yourself... What do the first shots you see on your profile say about you and your work? Who do they speak to? Do they light you up, inspire your message, and make you feel proud of the way you're interacting? If not, go back to the core of what you do, who it is for, who it is NOT for. (Here are some past posts that might help with this). When I look at my profile I see photos from my shootsselfies with clients, places and things that inspire me, so it feels like an accurate representation of me, my personal life and my brand.  What can you share about that will be of value to your followers, share your personality and interests, educate them about what you do and promote the opportunity to work with you in a way that feels good?

2. Your Instagram page is an opportunity for your audience to meet you. Can they see YOU?

I personally feel when I'm investing in a service that is based on the skill-set and personality of the seller, I want to get a good sense of who they are before I work with them. I love seeing photos of that person that help me read their energy and see what they're like. If that's important to you too, it's probably important for your clients. How many images that clearly show your face can we see on your profile? Are you letting your followers in? One idea that I've been experimenting with is making sure that there’s at least one clear photo of my face within every six photos I post, so that when you first come to my profile you can see me straight away and know if we're a good match. Can your people see you?


3. Share your THING. How much of your personal touch or the service/product/value you offer is coming through in your imagery?

For my biz, personal connection is basically priority #1, that’s what my brand is all about, and that is pretty much what I sell! For that reason, I make sure theres an image of a human face in almost every other post I share, so that when you come to my page, you feel like you’re engaging with HUMANS. You're meeting me, my friends or clients and get a clear idea of the kind of the work I create. It feels really PEOPLE based as opposed to anything else.

What do you offer and how can you get it across? For example if you're a creative, you could play with sharing more photos of the art you create (behind the scenes shots, finished products, your work in-use). Or as a coach, you could share more images and ideas about the results you help your clients to get or shots that inspire a certain feeling. Or if you use a lot of physical tools with clients, share some of those and how it works so that your followers get a better understanding of your approach.

You can take these kinds of shots easily on your phone, or if you'd like an even more beautified and editorial look to your feed (like the ones I've taken in this email), let's talk about your personal brand, how you use imagery and we'll create something amazing together!

Remember that you're followers and prospects are following you because they want to hear from you, they are interested in what you offer and what you have to say. Feel in to what you're posting before you share, be sure that it's aligned with your values and is true to you.

I feel that it's a privilege to get to enter into peoples lives in this way and share, whether on Instagram, on a mailing list or wherever - so honour your clients and followers time and energy by honouring yours. You don't have to show up for the sake of posting regularly, that's just spammy, right?! It's okay to take it one step at a time, checking in as you go, and remembering that it's safe for you to be yourself in your business.

Message me to book in our call by emailing - I have two spaces left for November shoots if this calls to you.

I hope these tips are helpful! I'd love to hear how you get on experimenting with how you use photography on Instagram! You can tag me at @beckyruiphoto. Big hugs! Becky xxx

Five powerful questions to ask yourself before your next shoot

I love going with the flow and living intuitively, and also find that starting my morning with clear intentions for the day helps me to have the best time, stay on track with my desires and get the most out of my experience!

It's the same with anything - when you have clarity on your desires, you know what you're going for and have more awareness about how close you are in relation what you want.


When it comes to marketing and the photos we're using in our businesses, it's an investment that helps us to position ourselves at our best, share our message in a beautiful way, attract our ideal clients and up level our brand - when it's created from a place of real alignment.

Gorgeous imagery will absolutely help you to expand, grow, create more positive impact in the world through connection... But only if you use it in a way that is engaging, has a clear purpose or call to action alongside what you share.

So here are a few things that I would encourage you to ask yourself ahead of your next shoot to help you start exploring it for yourself, and have the best shoot evaaaa!

Think about your last set of photographs and ask yourself...

  1. Which shots from the last shoot made the biggest impact?
  2. Which handful of photos did you find yourself using again and again?? (....and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again)
  3. Which photographs created the most engagement and connection with your peeps and felt most in integrity for you? Which posts that involved photography converted followers into clients? Check back on your posts and see what was popular.
  4. What kind of images would it have been useful to have more of? What kinds of photos have you been missing in your content? (perhaps more variety of outfits, locations, more head-shots, more photos you can use for Facebook ads, different props to include, different people to come along and get involved in the photos)
  5. What other stories do you want to tell? What different kinds of compositions would be useful for next time? (think Facebook ads, email marketing, blog posts, headers/website banners, headshots...)

When you have the answers to these questions, you can start thinking about your business plans for the next 6-12 months and what you'll need from your photographer this time around. You'll be clearer about what you'll want to come away with this time, what worked best from before, and get the MOST out of your next shoot.

If you're considering refreshing your personal branding photography, apply for a call here and let's explore this together!

I have two spaces left for October photo shoots!

Wishing you a beautiful, intentional week! Big love! Becky xx

'If everybody likes you, you're doing something wrong'

In my experience and through conversations with clients, it seems most of the time the thing that holds us back from letting ourselves be seen in our businesses, is the fear of being judged and disliked when we do so.

...That unless we look a certain way or copy 'successful' people, we won't be noticed or taken seriously.

Part of being human is that we do make assumptions, we are discerning about what we see, we have preferences and instincts that guide us.

They are a total gift, they help us refine our experience of the world… what we let in, and what we let go of. No matter how much we intuitively see beyond appearances, this is a part of how we do life, how we navigate it.

Some of us vibe, some of us don't. So let it be okay, to not be for everyone.

You never have to pretend to be someone you’re not to impress others or win them over. People feel the fake, it’s not healthy or sustainable and it doesn't feel good at all.

You want what is best for yourself and for all.

If you can feel comfortable with who you are in your business, KNOW the value you provide, and use imagery and words that just feel like you, and really shine with your truth, then whoever truly resonates with that is likely going to be a great match, and whoever doesn’t? That’s cool too. That’s what you want!

We're not here for everyone, and we never could be.

This conversation reminds me of the quote... ‘If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong’. As a people pleaser I have always found it so interesting and profound.

It's nice to be likeable, and it's okay to keep yourself to yourself too... This isn't about forcing anything. But instead of letting fear of 'being yourself' block our flow and full expression, instead of getting drained trying to be liked by everyone, keep being brave enough to let your realness be the thing that sets you apart.

So... how can we continue doing that? Regularly check in with yourself about the way you're interacting with your community and clients. Journal it out, talk about it with your coach or accountability buddy! Here are some questions to ponder...

  • Am I simply being myself in my biz, or am I trying to cater to everybody

  • Do I feel like my website/marketing is a true representation of me and my services?

  • Do I feel in integrity with what I have been sharing lately?

  • Do I still feel aligned with my photography and copy, or does this need updating or tweaking?

  • Am I excited about, and proud of my content?

  • Do I feel like my true self when I'm working in/on my biz?

  • How would it feel to bring more of my whole self in to my business?

  • In what other ways can I start to bring more of my personality and voice to my marketing/biz/brand?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...

If you're alllllll about sharing your truth, but struggling around this visibility piece, let's talk. And if you're interested in exploring your next personal branding shoot, I have one space left towards the end of August and four spaces available in September! Email me to book in our call by clicking HERE.

With love and wishing you a beautiful rest of your week! xxx