What are the main benefits your clients get from working with you? + your next shoot in Paris!

Hey lovely!  I hope you're having the best start to your week!

Paris Destination Photographer International Eiffel Tower

There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you today! I am going to be back in PARIS in early-mid September and have availability for shoots from Friday 2nd Sept.

What would photographs taken of you in Paris mean to you? If this feels like the perfect location for your next shoot, you can book in your clarity call here to explore your brand and what we can co-create in the city of love!, or email me now at becky@beckyrui.com.

And today I wanted to ask you… What are the main benefits your clients get from working with you?

Recently I was asked this, and it made me wonder whether I’m sharing the benefits enough.

It's a powerful question I often ask my clients during personal branding clarity conversations, so it was great to be asked myself! It's so important to be clear on the benefits your clients get from working with you, especially when it comes to promoting your offers and understanding your personal brand.

When we’re so in the flow of our businesses, the benefits of our work can feel obvious to us and our clients, but unless we’re talking about them, how can we be sure that our potential clients really know what they are?

I’d love to invite you to ask yourself this question right now and take literally just two minutes to list out the benefits your clients get from working with you, and see what comes out.

Think about...

  • What your clients experience from the moment they consider contacting you
  • The journey through signing up to work with you and investing in themselves
  • What you do together and the way they make shifts... Especially the things they didn't even think about when they signed up to work with you!
  • The way it can change their world, the results they get
  • The ripple effect of their transformation
  • What comes up again and again in your testimonials?
  • What are your clients telling their friends about their experience with you?
  • What are they sharing just between the two of you?

It’s so good to remind ourselves of these and return to the knowing of the power and beauty of what YOU are uniquely gifted to do, and how you serve.

Make sure that your prospects know about these benefits too… You could post them on a blog, send them out to your mailing list, tweet each one throughout the week or create a space for them on your website! Rave about your awesome work!

Here is my list of the benefits of working with me, and of personal branding photography!

  • I create a calm and exciting space for my clients to be TRULY seen, to pause and explore their real work in the world and find clarity on how they really want to show up. Transformation begins before the shoot day is even here! My clients can relax and know that they are taken care of and working with a photographer who really knows them and cares deeply, and is crafting a bespoke photography experience for them.
  • I help my clients go beyond their fear of being visible by working consciously on the day of our shoot, connecting throughout the session with their values, message, ideal clients, energy and light.
  • Beautiful new photographs create huge engagement with your followers and clients when you share them - your peeps will be so excited to see the new shots on your website, social media, ads, blog posts, email marketing - for sure there will be liking and sharing and commenting… And that engagement can spread all over social media and reach so many people! Seeing you shine inspires others.
  • My clients have an extensive portfolio of photos - ready when they are! All totally unique and personalised photographs that they can dip into any time and add to blog posts, Instagram shares, Facebook ads etc.
  • High quality, authentic and beautiful images position my clients as the experts they are.
  • The professional look and feel of the images positions my clients as a teacher and business owner that is investing in themselves, and promotes that it is okay to invest and honour yourself in that way, as you encourage them to.
  • Confidence. Having photographs that you really LOVE, that feel so true to you can help you to feel more confident about how you come across online - that’s one of the most awesome things about it - energetically when you love the photos you’re using it can give you more confidence to show up, connect and engage because you feel in alignment with the way you’re represented online.

What are the main benefits of working with you?? I'd love to know!

And again if you’re keen to book your shoot in Paris next month or in other destinations, send me a message now at becky@beckyrui.com or book in your clarity call right here.

With love and wishing you a magical week!

Becky xx