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Charlene Salmon - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in London

Winter is back on it's way, so I wanted to share some photos from a shoot I had the pleasure of doing this time last year with business coach for aspiring women entrepreneurs & coaches, Charlene!

With the chill in the air at this time of year, my clients and I are often basing our sessions inside, and I love what a contrasting feel these kinds of photos can have to the outdoor ones. They're equally lovely, and bring a different vibe to your branding photography portfolio.

This time of year feels perfect to me for getting cosy and enjoying my favourite indoor spaces - I know I'm not missing out on a hot day in the sun or long balmy evenings out... (oh, Summer!). Afternoons are dark early, and by 4pm I feel like happily wrapping up for the day and chilling with an inspired book, my journal and a spicy cup of tea!

It's like time is expanding right now because evenings are so much longer! It's SUCH a good time to look at what's really been going on in our lives, review our businesses and start dreaming up what's next.

Having photos taken at this time of year with all these feelings can really vibe some of that introspectiveness, self awareness and self love that this season brings - and this could be perfect if you're working with clients to help them go within. It can bring a cosy feeling to your shots, a sense of safety and security being indoors, a feeling of peace. You can also bring lots of props and personal details to indoor photos - like favourite ornaments and artwork in your home, lots of pieces that pop with personality! And you can rock the layers, soft cosy jumpers and winter wardrobe!

  • What difference would indoor shots make to your branding? Would you want a cosy and chilled look alongside a high end feel as we captured with Charlene?
  • What indoor locations would feel the most exciting for your winter branding shoot?
  • Where do you take your clients or work on your own business from?
  • What do you love to get up to when it's cold outside?
  • How could these stories bring an interesting new feel to your branding, and flow with your message?

What I love about these photos with Charlene is how they are focused on how she lovingly supports her clients (with coaching, writing and her podcast) and show her outside of business too, all within indoor locations. Charlene has such determination, really holds a vision of her clients in their success, and has a kind and warm hearted spirit which shines through these photos! - what a gorgeous day we had!

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Emma Tynan - Personal Branding Photography in North London

Crystals, dancing, juice, essential oils, woodland, PUGS! How much better could a photo shoot EVEN get?

I loved working with Mindset Coach Emma Tynan last year to create story-telling photographs for her website, social media, emails and more... It was so much fun and I love what we made!

Check out Emmas website here where you can download her awesome 13 min free training Allow Yourself to Receive Money Effortlessly. It's really beautiful.

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