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Read this if you've got a fear of being visible in your business!

One of the greatest hurdles I see my new clients face is...

...actually not the fear of being photographed.  It’s not deciding what to wear for their photos, or where they want to have their shoot.  It’s not even making the investment in themselves.
The biggest hurdle I see my new clients face, is the fear of being visible.  Being seen for who they really are in their business.

They’re doing amazing work in the world, serving their people at a high level and are deeply passionate about their calling and their business.  These are inspiring leaders...

Yet so often when it comes to putting their face out there and telling their story through photography, the fear of being judged is often the biggest challenge to overcome.
This block is something we can totally release, as we embrace our truly personal brand and share our authentic selves in a way that opens us up to deeper connection with ourselves and our audience.

Below I'm sharing some things to remember and steps to take to help move past the fear of being visible and get comfortable sharing your real self!

1. Firstly, remember WHY you’re in business.
When you reached the turning point in your life and took that brave step to start your own business, you knew it was time to step up.  You knew you had a gift to share with the world. You knew you were here to be your best self, to inspire others and naturally make the world a better place. You knew that the work you're here to do was bigger than you, and that is was time to get out of your own way and share it!
2. People want to know WHO they’re investing in.
Photographs evoke an emotional response in us when we see them. You get a sense of who someone is when you see a photograph of them... Their personality and energy, and perhaps this is the piece that can scare us the most. It is brave to be visible, yet it is so important for making a genuine connection with our audience and getting them interested and involved in what you've got to offer.
3. Your clients need to be able to FIND YOU to work with you.
How are people going to find you if you’re not showing up? Literally.  How did you find your own coach or the business resources you use?  Didn't the way they came across in their branding shots have a big part to play in your first impressions and the feeling you got about them?  Their content and photos and branding had to be out there for you to know about them and invest in them. People want what you’ve got, so let them in. Let them see you!
4. Being seen for who you are is REFRESHING for everyone.

Don’t you love seeing entrepreneurs get real? Being in their truth? Isn’t that SO much more appealing than seeing people trying to 'fit in', or being someone they're not?
Isn’t it a relief to know that you can be 100% yourself, AND attract clients and connections that are a perfect match for you?

When I’m investing in a service online, I want to connect with the person I’m working with. I want to see who they are, and authentic photographs help us to do that.

When you're in alignment with yourself and sharing your truth, it means that the people that aren't a great match with you will fall away, and the ones that resonate with you, the clients you REALLY want to be working with will be drawn to connect with you.
5. Ultimately, people are more concerned about what they’re doing and how they are showing up than what you’re doing.

Play with this. Don't take it so seriously. Your photographs are not going to define you for the rest of your life. Chances are you're going to learn a lot from each shoot you do, each set of images you receive, each marketing campaign you do, taking the next step and the next step and finding what feels right as you and your business evolve.

When you do YOU really well, you unconsciously give others permission to be themselves too. It's seriously inspiring.

After you've shared your real self in your photos a few times, it becomes so much more comfortable and the obvious way to go!

We love to see other people are real, so give yourself permission to do the same.

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Personal Branding Photography in Hertfordshire - Charlotte Hazeldine

It was so much fun to work with Charlotte Hazeldine in the Spring to create her new personal and professional branding photographs!

I first met Charlotte at an Athena Networking event in Hertfordshire and it was lovely getting to know her in the months that followed. Charlotte is also a photographer specialising in industrial and commercial photography across the UK - it is always an honour to work with a fellow photographer.

Our shoot was super fun, as alongside lifestyle shots of her in her favourite places, we wanted to capture her at-work giving a real feel for the types of places she shoots at which included metal-works, museums and more. I don't think there has ever been so much variety in one shoot as there was on this one! You'll see what I mean when you take a look at the photos below.

You can take a look at her website here or find her on Instagram here.

Ready to book your own personal branding shoot? I've only got 8 spaces left between now and the end of 2015, so do email me at and we'll find a time to speak!