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Personal Branding Photography in Hertfordshire - Charlotte Hazeldine

It was so much fun to work with Charlotte Hazeldine in the Spring to create her new personal and professional branding photographs!

I first met Charlotte at an Athena Networking event in Hertfordshire and it was lovely getting to know her in the months that followed. Charlotte is also a photographer specialising in industrial and commercial photography across the UK - it is always an honour to work with a fellow photographer.

Our shoot was super fun, as alongside lifestyle shots of her in her favourite places, we wanted to capture her at-work giving a real feel for the types of places she shoots at which included metal-works, museums and more. I don't think there has ever been so much variety in one shoot as there was on this one! You'll see what I mean when you take a look at the photos below.

You can take a look at her website here or find her on Instagram here.

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Natural Family Portraits in Buckinghamshire

It was so wonderful to spend some time with this lovely family back in early February to capture some fun and natural portraits!

The woodland session took place on a wintery morning in one of the families favourite locations in Buckinghamshire.

It's always so precious to capture the special connection between siblings... These twin boys are so sweet with each other, and so much fun!

I love allowing portrait sessions to be really personal to a family in this way... Setting up the shoot in one of their favourite places, having fun with each other as if I'm almost not there! and for these boys - totally embracing the puddles! It makes it so real and even more enjoyable.

When was the last time you updated your family portraits?

If you'd love to have a relaxed photography session in one of your families favourite locations, send me a message at and let's explore that!

Behind the scenes on my Paris shoot!

It was so great to head back to shoot in Paris earlier this week... I love this beautiful city and it is always such an honour to get to travel to meet my clients at their dream locations!

I had such a fun day shooting with my beautiful client around some stunning settings (we are spoilt for choice in Paris!) and I'm so excited about the photographs we created!

Behind the scenes shot from my amazing shoot in   Paris   this week with beautiful client Kendall. Doesn't she look amazing! Hair and makeup by the lovely and talented  Allison Depriestre !

Behind the scenes shot from my amazing shoot in Paris this week with beautiful client Kendall. Doesn't she look amazing! Hair and makeup by the lovely and talented Allison Depriestre!

Heres a quick video I made after our time together.

Where would your dream photo shoot be? Where do you plan to travel this year? How would portraits of you taken in that location serve you?

I would love to join you there. Email me at and let's explore the possibilites!

Vicky Green Portraits

I was so thrilled to work with beautiful Vicky to create some new portraits for her business recently! As she works coaching a variety of clients, it was important to capture different sides of her that would be suitable for a different of marketing activities. I love what we created!

After a great conversation with Vicky where we explored her business and passions, the way she works with clients and how she's moving forward, we decided on locations that made sense with her brand - places she may work with clients or spend time herself. We discussed choosing the right outfit and look for each set of photos.

It's important to be clear on who you are in your brand, and how you want to position yourself through the photographs... To consider how you'd like to use the images afterwards, what you want your portraits to communicate, and who you're looking to connect with.

Portraits that are true to you help you to engage and attract your ideal clients, so spending the time planning a shoot that is totally in alignment with you and your brand is invaluable and exciting!

Vicky By Becky Rui-001.jpg

So much is reflected in photos through your personal presentation, the location of your session, and the energy you bring to the photograph. They tell a story about you and your brand, and it feels fantastic to have confidence in the way your photos represent you!

From shooting at a beautiful Mayfair Hotel to some of Sohos coolest hangouts, we captured a fab set of portraits for her to use!

Vicky By Becky Rui-007.jpg

Vicky is also a writer and liked the idea of having a portrait at a Soho pub where she sometimes writes. It was also a lovely place to wrap up a great shoot!

How are you feeling about the portraits you're currently using on your website and social media? Is now the right time to refresh your photos and start attracting more of your ideal clients?

Do get in touch with me at and let's speak to explore what would best serve you in your business!

Minesh Bhindi Portraits

It is so exciting to work with clients who are constantly up-leveling, leading the way in their work, making a difference in the world and bringing their clients up with them. I always enjoy working with Minesh from Gold for Life, because as with the vision he has for his exciting business and future, he also has for his portrait sessions. It's great to share ideas with clients about what kinds of images make sense with their brand and create something together that is really unique and perfect for them.

Minesh is a Gold & Silver Investment coach, helps others to change their wealth perception, holds a space for his clients to step up, and most importantly is making a difference in the world through this work and with the Earn to Give movement and ethos.

On this shoot in London back in February 2013, we wanted to capture head-shots at his offices and also some more relaxed portraits that reflect his lifestyle. We shot portraits with his new Bentley and at some of Minesh's exclusive members only hangouts, including Searcys Club at the top of the Gherkin - with a great sunset and a glass of champagne!

Having up to date portraits that not only reflect you but also your lifestyle and personality, help you spread your message and connect with potential clients. By investing in yourself and your business, you inspire your clients to see the worth in what you have to offer as you walk your talk!

Here are some of my favourites from our last session.


How would lifestyle business portraits enhance your business and branding? If you've been considering booking a session, email me at and let's have a chat!

Jessi & Nancy

I had the pleasure of capturing these beautiful sisters last month! I loved shooting in the woodland... the beautiful colours and tones that surround you and the serenity of it makes it a wonderful environment for a relaxed portrait session.