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Photography in Branding - Sylvia Baldock Portraits

It was great to work with Sylvia back in May! Sylvia is an inspiring coach, trainer, speaker, workshop leader and now published author who works with entrepreneurs and businesses to unlock their hidden potential.

She's in the process of rebranding so it was fantastic to explore how she is moving forward and create some new portraits to reflect that and engage with the people she is looking to connect with as her business grows.

Because of the different ways she works with her clients, it was important to capture her in a variety of outfits and settings that would work well for different audiences and marketing materials, and keep things fresh and interesting!

We worked at a gorgeous country hotel that she often uses for meetings, and discussed the message she wanted to communicate with the photographs throughout the session, considering the settings around the hotel and the outfit choices as we went.

It is always so much fun getting excited with my clients, as we delve into what brings them joy through their work... Getting into the energy of success, empowerment and joy, bringing out and capturing the passion and excitement they have for what they do!

I've been thrilled to take part in her Personal Presence workshops this year, and Sylvias insight and expertise has been so powerful to me in my business, in understanding my values, gaining confidence in my personal brand and ultimately attracting more ideal clients.

It's so valuable to keep learning and investing in yourself as an entrepreneur, to grow and have a better understanding of yourself and the work you do, so that you can serve the world and your clients at your best. Sylvia is a great example of this.

She is also the regional director of the Athena Network in Bucks, which is how I came to know her over three years ago. It was wonderful to finally get her infront of the lens!

It was a really fun shoot, made even better with a glass of champagne!

I was so pleased to receive this testimonial from Sylvia after she had seen her images.

"Becky Rui is an exceptional photographer who sees beyond the lens into the heart of her subject.

She asks all the right questions to get to the real purpose of the photo shoot and then sets the scene to get the desired effect.

Becky is incredibly professional and her infectious enthusiasm makes the whole experience a delight from start to finish.

I am absolutely thrilled with the results and highly recommend Becky to capture the absolute essence of her subject"

I can't wait to see how she uses her new images!

How do the photos you're using in your branding right now make you feel?

Are you in the process of rebranding, or looking to update the photographs you're currently using in your business? Send me a message at and let's speak!

Vicky Green Portraits

I was so thrilled to work with beautiful Vicky to create some new portraits for her business recently! As she works coaching a variety of clients, it was important to capture different sides of her that would be suitable for a different of marketing activities. I love what we created!

After a great conversation with Vicky where we explored her business and passions, the way she works with clients and how she's moving forward, we decided on locations that made sense with her brand - places she may work with clients or spend time herself. We discussed choosing the right outfit and look for each set of photos.

It's important to be clear on who you are in your brand, and how you want to position yourself through the photographs... To consider how you'd like to use the images afterwards, what you want your portraits to communicate, and who you're looking to connect with.

Portraits that are true to you help you to engage and attract your ideal clients, so spending the time planning a shoot that is totally in alignment with you and your brand is invaluable and exciting!

Vicky By Becky Rui-001.jpg

So much is reflected in photos through your personal presentation, the location of your session, and the energy you bring to the photograph. They tell a story about you and your brand, and it feels fantastic to have confidence in the way your photos represent you!

From shooting at a beautiful Mayfair Hotel to some of Sohos coolest hangouts, we captured a fab set of portraits for her to use!

Vicky By Becky Rui-007.jpg

Vicky is also a writer and liked the idea of having a portrait at a Soho pub where she sometimes writes. It was also a lovely place to wrap up a great shoot!

How are you feeling about the portraits you're currently using on your website and social media? Is now the right time to refresh your photos and start attracting more of your ideal clients?

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