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Testimonial to Becky Rui - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in Miami

I was so thrilled to recieve this beautiful video testimonial from one of my inspiring clients Anna Chainska last week!

Anna is a Success Coach for women, and it was so fantastic to work together on her personal branding photography in MIAMI back in December. I am so looking forward to sharing the photographs we created together soon!

It really fills my heart to hear these words. Thank you Anna for letting me in to capture your spirit and for sharing this video!

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Miami Vibes!

Wow - I just got back from an awesome week in sunny Miami!

I was thrilled to shoot a couple of gorgeous personal branding stories with inspiring entrepreneurial women on South Beach + surrounding beautiful hotels, meet some amazing new people, indulge in delicious healthful food, and take time out to just 'be'... Meditating, journalling, reading and of course soaking up the sun.

My mum was in Miami too for an event she was attending, and it was special for us to spend some time together here. It was so much fun, and feels like we have been away for ages!

I have to say, being based in the UK it was pretty weird to hear Christmas music in the shops and on the radio, thinking OMG it's Christmas next week, while enjoying hot weather and palm trees!

I made a quick video at South Beach before I left on Tuesday!

I'm so looking forward to working on the photos from this time, and am so grateful to have the freedom to travel in my business...

Here are a few iPhone snaps! You can check out more on my Instagram feed here!

Looking forward to sharing with you soon!

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Video Testimonial to Becky Rui - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in London

Feeling unsure about being in front of the camera, but know it's time to step up, be visible and embrace your personal branding photo shoot?

Check out this beautiful video testimonial from Rosie, creator of inspired health and lifestyle brand Living Rosy.

It is so touching to hear these kind words as Rosie shares her photo shoot experience!

It was so wonderful to work together to create her new photography this year, and I am LOVING seeing how she's using her photographs! Check out her beautiful work here:

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Destination Photographer - Shooting in Lanzarote

It's been amazing to spend a few days in Lanzarote and so wonderful to do two photo shoots there with two very inspiring entrepreneurial ladies!

Although Lanzarote is usually thought of as a holiday destination, they have both left their lives in the UK within the last couple of years and relocated here, continuing to run their successful businesses from the beautiful island. It was inspiring to hear about that journey, and great to remember that you can run your business from anywhere in the world!

It is always a privilege to work with women who are passionate about making a difference in the world and changing lives, and helping them to engage with their people through new photography is such an honour.

I also loved getting out to shoot some personal work while I was there, and can't wait to send off my film to the lab! For now, heres a few phone pics!

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Why Family Photographs are so Special

It was so great to celebrate my cousins 30th birthday at the weekend with lots of family. We were lucky to have so much sunshine that afternoon and sat in the garden together catching up and enjoying amazing food!

Of course, I was pleased to take a few photos to capture my cousins birthday, our afternoon,  and some special group photos. Like most people, my family don't love having photos taken, but I believe in what I'm capturing and know how important it will be to us all one day even if they don't appear to appreciate it right in that moment!!

Later on, when the rain started to come, we moved inside. As so often happens on these occasions - family albums came out, and everyone started pouring over beautiful old photographs as memories flooded back.

Photos of our past really bring us together. I mean, how much do we LOVE looking at old photos of our childhood holidays, the hilarious hairstyles and fashion trends that we thought were fantastic at the time! The group photos of family members who are no longer with us.

I'm sure we can all connect to that moment where you come across a few old photos and get sucked into the memories for literally hours!

I care that we realise that those moments are happening NOW too. This moment in time, right now, is also worth documenting.

Even if things feel so normal at the moment, it's exactly the reason why you'll love to look back on it. To remember life as it was, and things the way they used to be... The people who were there...

If you'd like to have a conversation about updating your family portraits, do get in touch with me and let's make it happen! I'd be honoured to make sure that your time is recorded. Email me today at, I'd love to hear from you!

Behind the scenes on my Paris shoot!

It was so great to head back to shoot in Paris earlier this week... I love this beautiful city and it is always such an honour to get to travel to meet my clients at their dream locations!

I had such a fun day shooting with my beautiful client around some stunning settings (we are spoilt for choice in Paris!) and I'm so excited about the photographs we created!

Behind the scenes shot from my amazing shoot in   Paris   this week with beautiful client Kendall. Doesn't she look amazing! Hair and makeup by the lovely and talented  Allison Depriestre !

Behind the scenes shot from my amazing shoot in Paris this week with beautiful client Kendall. Doesn't she look amazing! Hair and makeup by the lovely and talented Allison Depriestre!

Heres a quick video I made after our time together.

Where would your dream photo shoot be? Where do you plan to travel this year? How would portraits of you taken in that location serve you?

I would love to join you there. Email me at and let's explore the possibilites!