Miami Vibes!

Wow - I just got back from an awesome week in sunny Miami!

I was thrilled to shoot a couple of gorgeous personal branding stories with inspiring entrepreneurial women on South Beach + surrounding beautiful hotels, meet some amazing new people, indulge in delicious healthful food, and take time out to just 'be'... Meditating, journalling, reading and of course soaking up the sun.

My mum was in Miami too for an event she was attending, and it was special for us to spend some time together here. It was so much fun, and feels like we have been away for ages!

I have to say, being based in the UK it was pretty weird to hear Christmas music in the shops and on the radio, thinking OMG it's Christmas next week, while enjoying hot weather and palm trees!

I made a quick video at South Beach before I left on Tuesday!

I'm so looking forward to working on the photos from this time, and am so grateful to have the freedom to travel in my business...

Here are a few iPhone snaps! You can check out more on my Instagram feed here!

Looking forward to sharing with you soon!

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