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Testimonial to Becky Rui - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in Miami

I was so thrilled to recieve this beautiful video testimonial from one of my inspiring clients Anna Chainska last week!

Anna is a Success Coach for women, and it was so fantastic to work together on her personal branding photography in MIAMI back in December. I am so looking forward to sharing the photographs we created together soon!

It really fills my heart to hear these words. Thank you Anna for letting me in to capture your spirit and for sharing this video!

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Video Testimonial to Becky Rui - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in London

Feeling unsure about being in front of the camera, but know it's time to step up, be visible and embrace your personal branding photo shoot?

Check out this beautiful video testimonial from Rosie, creator of inspired health and lifestyle brand Living Rosy.

It is so touching to hear these kind words as Rosie shares her photo shoot experience!

It was so wonderful to work together to create her new photography this year, and I am LOVING seeing how she's using her photographs! Check out her beautiful work here:

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Patrick & Elliot Love Shoot

It was such an honour to work with amazing couple Patrick and Elliot back in the summer.  Such fun and lovely guys, we shot around locations local to their home in East London.

It's always important to me to get to know my clients before our shoot, and a privelage to hear all about their love story.

Spending that time together first also really helps my clients to get into an open place, feel comfortable with me and the camera, so that the portraits we create together are natural, unfiltered and real.  Aah, what a joy!!

I'd love to share Patricks thoughts on the shoot after our time together - his words are so touching and his message is pefect:

It's ironic that as a model agent who encourages others to jump in front of the camera and look great, I have never been comfortable doing the same. I rarely even take selfies and stand at the back when it comes to group pictures.

My boyfriend on the other hand loves a picture. So it was a bit of a tough decision when We decided to be shot by Becky. We had only ever met once and now We were to display our personal relationship story and emotions for her to capture. 

I was nervous that morning, and more so because I wanted to do my best and ensure the images were great. Becky was really warm and friendly on arrival and straight away wiped away my worries because we spent the first part of the shoot chatting about various things.

Her skill of getting my boyfriend and I to talk about how we first met and rediscover why we have been together for 13 years was so great. We got caught up in the love and adventure and most of all the comfort of working with someone who cared about us just as much as we cared for each other.

The toughest challenge was subtle public display of affection when shooting outside as people walked by, as a gay couple this will always be a scary thing but Becky kept it natural and was always full of encouragement. 

In the end we were so relaxed we didn't want the shoot to end. It was such a cool experience and we would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Becky 

If you know that you'd love to have some photographs like this with your partner, but feel unsure about the experience, know that what we'll create together is a safe space for you to relax and be yourself, and it's always so much fun! You'll come away with special photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

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Kind words from a special client

I was so touched to recieve this testimonial from one of my family shoot clients. Thank you Hannah!

I wanted some nice photos of me and my mum for her birthday, so I began searching for local photographers. When I emailed Becky, she suggested that we speak to get a feel for what I wanted. That really made the difference - when we spoke she was genuinely interested in what we wanted to achieve.

On the day, we went to the location for the shoot. She made us both feel really relaxed, we walked along until the light was right and she found nice spots to shoot. We never felt rushed or under pressure and got along well, even having a coffee in the cafe with her afterwards!

The resulting photos were exactly what we wanted and they made excellent family Christmas presents! All in all we had a fun day and some photos that will be treasured for years. Many thanks Becky


See more photos from their shoot here, and view and order prints here.