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Living Rosy - Personal Branding Photography in London

It is so exciting to follow the work of my clients and to see how they and their business grows and evolves! It's amazing to work together again and again along their journey, exploring their message, how they are moving forward, who their ideal clients are now, the story they want to tell...

It was wonderful to shoot with stunning Rosie of Living Rosy this Spring following last years fab Autumn shoot!

Rosie is on a mission to help women free themselves from corporate lives that are no longer serving them, help them find what it is that truly lights them up and create their own business. She gets it, she has been there!

Rosies lifestyle business has gone from strength to strength as she reaches out and holds a space for her clients to design their dream entrepreneurial life.

We used some of her favourite locations around where she's based in London to create this fab variety of shots, which really show her professional yet personal vibe, as she seems so effortlessly to blend freedom living into her business.

You can check out Rosies site here and follow Rosie on Instagram here!

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Video Testimonial to Becky Rui - Personal Branding Photo Shoot in London

Feeling unsure about being in front of the camera, but know it's time to step up, be visible and embrace your personal branding photo shoot?

Check out this beautiful video testimonial from Rosie, creator of inspired health and lifestyle brand Living Rosy.

It is so touching to hear these kind words as Rosie shares her photo shoot experience!

It was so wonderful to work together to create her new photography this year, and I am LOVING seeing how she's using her photographs! Check out her beautiful work here:

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How to Use Your New Photos to Make an Impact!

It is always exciting for me to see how my clients choose to use their personal branding photography after our time together.

We take time before the day of your session to really explore your business, your ideal clients, how you're moving forward, how you're marketing yourself etc, so that we can plan a shoot and a set of images that lets your spirit shine, and perfectly matches our vision.

After the day of the shoot I can't wait to see how the new images are used!

I photographed wonderful Rosie Paterson of Living Rosy back in September, who works with women in the corporate world to realign with a healthy lifestyle.

We had a lot of fun shooting around Mayfair and Hyde Park, I'm looking forward to sharing more about this shoot soon!

I was thrilled to see her re-vamped website and feel the impact of the photos we created together online. I love the big, bold, colourful header on her site, and how she's incorporated her photos into different areas of the site, to connect with her viewers and give a very personal feel.

The truth is that when you provide a service thats personal, people want to see who you are and what you're like, not be wondering about the person hiding behind a logo.

By being visible, you get to share your beautiful work with the world and help the people you are here to serve to find you.

Using gorgeous, authentic images that stand out will really help your ideal clients to connect with you.

Living Rosie Website-2.jpg

Take a look at Rosies lovely site here for more examples of how she's used photography in her brand!

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