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Personal Branding Photography in Paris - Kendall Ritz

It was amazing to travel to Paris again this summer to work with beautiful Kendall Ritz!

Kendall travelled to Paris from her home in Pennsylvania for a fabulous business event and for our shoot! We had such a wonderful time creating new photographs for her business as we explored the city together, with her husband Barry.

Kendall works with women who are dealing with challenges around fertility. With her background as a physician, she incorporates a holistic approach to her work, and uses coaching as a tool to help her clients with the inner work alongside the medical piece.

Just being in her presence is so lovely. She has the most beautiful, nurturing, and warm energy, and I know the work she's here to do is absolutely transforming the lives of the women and couples she works with.

It was an honour to create these photographs with Kendall and Barry in Paris back in July!

Read on to hear how Kendall found her experience on the other side of the camera!

I received this beautiful testimonial from Kendall after she had recieved her images. Thank you Kendall!

"Working with Becky Rui for my very first professional photo-shoot was an all-over amazing experience.  Becky has such a warm and kind personality, I immediately felt at ease with her.

The information she sent me leading up to the shoot was extremely helpful in preparing, and I felt completely taken care of by her in picking the locations for the shoot (in Paris!!!) as well as her help in arranging an amazing hair and makeup artist for the day of the shoot.  I never could have done all of this without Becky's expertise and connections - she made it so easy for me to make some simple choices and the rest of it was basically all taken care of!

During the shoot itself, Becky was so supportive and made me feel totally at ease.  I felt like a celebrity - it was so much fun!

The images I received from the shoot were amazing, and I'm so excited to use them in basically giving my business and marketing a total makeover.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Becky for this gift of such a wonderful experience, with such fantastic results that will be of huge value to marketing my business for a long time to come. THANK YOU Becky!!!

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Anna on Film - Personal Work

It's my beautiful sister Anna's 21st Birthday today! Happy birthday Anna!

I have had these photos for a few months and thought it would be nice to share.

When I usually try to take a photo of Anna, she pulls a face and it can be hard to get a nice normal shot of what she actually looks like, so I was really happy with these! I don't mind face pulling, because it's what she feels like doing, and it's her! But it is nice to have a few straight ones.

I loved that she let me capture these, because they tell a story to me about this time in her life, the people she'd just met, the experiences she'd had and it was, and still is, a time of big transformation.

I am so privileged and grateful to have my beautiful Anna in our world, she is such a kind, sweet, compassionate soul, and SO much fun, crazy girl! xx

This one afternoon she was out writing, and I drove over to come and hang out with her.

She had not long returned from her trip to India where she'd been working on an eco-farm in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. She had had the most incredible time, and read aloud to me from her journal...

Descriptions of wild monkeys, sacred mountain-top temples, new friends, leopards in the forest, so many children on the street, the mountain people and the most incredible views seemed a million miles from sitting here, that grey day.


All images on Kodak Gold 200 dev/scanned by UK Film Lab.

Patrick & Elliot Love Shoot

It was such an honour to work with amazing couple Patrick and Elliot back in the summer.  Such fun and lovely guys, we shot around locations local to their home in East London.

It's always important to me to get to know my clients before our shoot, and a privelage to hear all about their love story.

Spending that time together first also really helps my clients to get into an open place, feel comfortable with me and the camera, so that the portraits we create together are natural, unfiltered and real.  Aah, what a joy!!

I'd love to share Patricks thoughts on the shoot after our time together - his words are so touching and his message is pefect:

It's ironic that as a model agent who encourages others to jump in front of the camera and look great, I have never been comfortable doing the same. I rarely even take selfies and stand at the back when it comes to group pictures.

My boyfriend on the other hand loves a picture. So it was a bit of a tough decision when We decided to be shot by Becky. We had only ever met once and now We were to display our personal relationship story and emotions for her to capture. 

I was nervous that morning, and more so because I wanted to do my best and ensure the images were great. Becky was really warm and friendly on arrival and straight away wiped away my worries because we spent the first part of the shoot chatting about various things.

Her skill of getting my boyfriend and I to talk about how we first met and rediscover why we have been together for 13 years was so great. We got caught up in the love and adventure and most of all the comfort of working with someone who cared about us just as much as we cared for each other.

The toughest challenge was subtle public display of affection when shooting outside as people walked by, as a gay couple this will always be a scary thing but Becky kept it natural and was always full of encouragement. 

In the end we were so relaxed we didn't want the shoot to end. It was such a cool experience and we would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Becky 

If you know that you'd love to have some photographs like this with your partner, but feel unsure about the experience, know that what we'll create together is a safe space for you to relax and be yourself, and it's always so much fun! You'll come away with special photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

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You're here to make a difference in the world, and your people need to find you

Its such a joy to get to work with my clients regularly over the years, as they grow and expand in their business and personal development.

It's proved to be so valuable to keep their photography up to date as their brand develops, and ensure that they're keeping it in alignment and put out an authentic representation over time.

I've just had this feedback from one of my awesome clients at the end of her email as she books in her next shoot.

"I still continue to receive many compliments on the pictures you have taken and frequently am told this is the reason clients have chosen me over other consultants, so all in all, I think one of the best business investments I have made to date!".

Yay! It totally lights me up to hear this. Booking your photo shoot is an investment in yourself, your business and the work you're here to do.

You're here to make a difference in the world, and your people need to find you.

How do the photographs you're using in your business make YOU feel when you see them, and when you share on social media? How are they serving you? Are they engaging with your ideal clients?

If you know that it's time to step up, up-level your visibility and get your photography in tune with your brand and how you're moving forward, get in touch with me at and let's explore that!

Fleur & Miguel Love Shoot

It was such a joy to work with gorgeous couple Fleur and Miguel back in June! Two of the nicest people you could meet, I loved capturing some special moments with them at one of my favourite settings local to us in Buckinghamshire.

I went to college with Fleur, so it was great to reconnect and hear about whats happened in her world since that time, to meet lovely Miguel and hear about their love story so far!

The weather was a bit crazy on the day of our shoot, and after waiting a little while for some torrential rain to pass we headed into this beautiful location and the sun came out for us! Yay!

I'm thrilled with what we created together, hope you enjoy the images! Thanks Fleur and Miguel!

All images captured on 35mm Portra 400 processed by the UK Film Lab.

When was the last time you had your portraits taken with your sweet? What would photos like this mean to you? Get in touch with me at and lets plan your Love Shoot!

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