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Charlotte Colliver - Personal Brand Shoot, Surrey - Holistic Wellbeing & DoTerra

It was such a pleasure to work with lovely Charlotte and capture a day-in-the-life shoot for her beautiful business last year! Charlotte was keen to raise her visibility and share the message at the core of her work and life in a bigger way, so we worked together to get clear on the kinds of photographs that would help to tell her story, illustrate her tips, and represent her authentically. It was so fun creating this fab variety for her new website and social media, and I’m sharing a few favourites below!

Just from talking with Charlotte you can FEEL her enthusiasm and passion for wellness and self care at the core of her work. It’s so inspiring and uplifting!

Part of her mission is about changing the way we heal ourselves and our families - moving away from only looking outward, and rather regaining the confidence to trust our bodies and intuition, working with high quality essential oils and developing our own natural medicine kits and supportive lifestyles.

Charlotte works with her clients to support their healthiest and happiest lives, through natural medicine, essential oils, pilates, movement, nutrition and coaching. I love how she works in such a holistic way, bringing in the perfect tools to support her clients.

It was amazing to hear how much of a difference these tools and practices have made to her own life, and so interesting to hear her personal stories - she is an incredible person who pushes her own boundaries to know herself, and expand in her knowledge and experience. You can check out her Instagram at @charlotte_colliver, and below are some of my favourite photos from our fab day!

Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-012.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-005.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-009.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-011.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-013.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-001.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-007.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-008.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-006.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-002.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-004.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-016.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-015.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-010.jpg
Personal Branding Photography Becky Rui DoTerra-014.jpg

Keen to bring the holistic approach you bring to your work to your website and marketing, and capture a ‘day in the life’ in your brand?

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Personal Branding Photography in Paris - Kendall Ritz

It was amazing to travel to Paris again this summer to work with beautiful Kendall Ritz!

Kendall travelled to Paris from her home in Pennsylvania for a fabulous business event and for our shoot! We had such a wonderful time creating new photographs for her business as we explored the city together, with her husband Barry.

Kendall works with women who are dealing with challenges around fertility. With her background as a physician, she incorporates a holistic approach to her work, and uses coaching as a tool to help her clients with the inner work alongside the medical piece.

Just being in her presence is so lovely. She has the most beautiful, nurturing, and warm energy, and I know the work she's here to do is absolutely transforming the lives of the women and couples she works with.

It was an honour to create these photographs with Kendall and Barry in Paris back in July!

Read on to hear how Kendall found her experience on the other side of the camera!

I received this beautiful testimonial from Kendall after she had recieved her images. Thank you Kendall!

"Working with Becky Rui for my very first professional photo-shoot was an all-over amazing experience.  Becky has such a warm and kind personality, I immediately felt at ease with her.

The information she sent me leading up to the shoot was extremely helpful in preparing, and I felt completely taken care of by her in picking the locations for the shoot (in Paris!!!) as well as her help in arranging an amazing hair and makeup artist for the day of the shoot.  I never could have done all of this without Becky's expertise and connections - she made it so easy for me to make some simple choices and the rest of it was basically all taken care of!

During the shoot itself, Becky was so supportive and made me feel totally at ease.  I felt like a celebrity - it was so much fun!

The images I received from the shoot were amazing, and I'm so excited to use them in basically giving my business and marketing a total makeover.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Becky for this gift of such a wonderful experience, with such fantastic results that will be of huge value to marketing my business for a long time to come. THANK YOU Becky!!!

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