Minesh Bhindi Portraits

It is so exciting to work with clients who are constantly up-leveling, leading the way in their work, making a difference in the world and bringing their clients up with them. I always enjoy working with Minesh from Gold for Life, because as with the vision he has for his exciting business and future, he also has for his portrait sessions. It's great to share ideas with clients about what kinds of images make sense with their brand and create something together that is really unique and perfect for them.

Minesh is a Gold & Silver Investment coach, helps others to change their wealth perception, holds a space for his clients to step up, and most importantly is making a difference in the world through this work and with the Earn to Give movement and ethos.

On this shoot in London back in February 2013, we wanted to capture head-shots at his offices and also some more relaxed portraits that reflect his lifestyle. We shot portraits with his new Bentley and at some of Minesh's exclusive members only hangouts, including Searcys Club at the top of the Gherkin - with a great sunset and a glass of champagne!

Having up to date portraits that not only reflect you but also your lifestyle and personality, help you spread your message and connect with potential clients. By investing in yourself and your business, you inspire your clients to see the worth in what you have to offer as you walk your talk!

Here are some of my favourites from our last session.


How would lifestyle business portraits enhance your business and branding? If you've been considering booking a session, email me at becky@beckyrui.com and let's have a chat!