Little note from Sydney + travel rampage!

Hello from sunny Sydney! Hope I’m not making you too jel with all the pics I’m sharing on Instagram! ;)

Gotta say, a part of me is slightly missing the crisp, dazzlingly frosty mornings of an English winter, but I’m also loving how sun soaked and sandy my life is right now. Seriously, sand EVERYWHERE.

I’ve had a beautiful time here so far, meeting up with friends and making new ones, enjoying the change of scene, the beach, shops, cafes and lifestyle.

I have honestly found myself laughing out-loud and sighing with joy at the reality of being here - my heart bursting with gratitude. I'M HERE. I made it happen! Right now I’m typing from the balcony of my third Airbnb apartment in North Bondi and I can see and hear the sea!!!! Yay!

Like you, travel has always inspired me, and while I’ve been thrilled to take many short trips to different destinations for work or holidays, I have wanted to experience destinations for longer, to really settle in and feel it out.  It's only now that I've given myself permission to do that.

When I finally acknowledged the flower of my true desire, and allowed it to blossom, it dawned on me that there would never be a ‘right’ time to follow that curiosity, and if anything I could totally imagine my future self saying ‘I wish I’d done it sooner! Why did she hold herself back?’.

So here I am. For the excitement of it. It does feel good.

Sunrise vibes on Bondi Beach, from a 6am meditation with one of my amazing Airbnb hosts!

Sunrise vibes on Bondi Beach, from a 6am meditation with one of my amazing Airbnb hosts!

Having said that, I’ve noticed a few ups and downs since I arrived. Honestly, there is an old voice that has niggled from time to time with unhelpful thoughts like ‘yeah, but who do you think you are to be here in Sydney? You should be working harder!’.  I've always had a strong work ethic that has been more of a hindrance than a help a lot of the time, and I think when you're on an adventure that breaks the flow of normal life it can really challenge the beliefs you've made about how life is 'supposed' to be lived (for YOU, anyway), and how business is 'supposed' to be done.  But I know that we all have a choice, as the creators of our own realities, so breathing in some love and letting go of those limiting thoughts is really important.

One of the things that has helped me to realign is to read a rampage (an Abraham-Hicks term) I wrote a few months ago. It came to me one morning in November as was doing my daily journaling.  It was soon after I’d returned from the Abe cruise and I was opening up... Connecting with myself in a way, deeper than ever before. I was starting to envision my dream life with real possibility, and bravely choosing to own that desire.

As I wrote, this rampage started to flow. The reality of travel and expansion and living-life-on-my-own-terms was alive. I read this rampage out loud with a huuuge smile on my face most days leading up to my trip, to get into alignment with my dream, to rise above the negative self talk. I thought I'd share it with you here! Hope this inspires you too!

TRAVEL feels so good and so fun and
SO expansive to me,
That when I get in the energy of it
and feel so in the vortex about it
and so believing in its coming to me,
Ways are shown to me.
And I know that
The laws of the Universe are guiding and supporting me
in whatever I am thinking and feeling about.
And wonderful occurrences surprise and delight me along the way
as I realise on my path of least resistance,
with more and more clarity,
that Life is supposed to be fun,
and that Life feels good when I stay in alignment with what I desire,
and that things are always working out for me, and that
Everything I desire and
Everything I get excited about is manifesting in ways that are perfect, beautiful and quite frankly epic!
I remember that when I stop wondering ‘how’ it’s going to happen
and when I cease to muddle up my vibration with trying to plan everything
(and trying to control everything)
The Universe is effortlessly providing for me in a steady flow
that mirrors my inner state of being.
All I have to do is relax and enjoy the unfolding.
I feel excited when I think about traveling.
I feel excited when I imagine myself in new places,
meeting new people, breathing new air, in awe of new views, walking new ground, making new friends, exploring new streets, swimming in new waters, photographing the beauty that is all around.
I feel excited when I imagine myself working with new clients in beautiful new destinations around the world,
I feel excited about the idea of making money as I travel, knowing that I will naturally take inspired action and make connections as I go, with ease, that will lead to
The manifestation of photo shoots with ideal clients in the most perfect timing.
Trusting in the powers of this beautiful Universe and
Feeling so deeply grateful for my being here.


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Look at me in my fancy new sun hat!!

Look at me in my fancy new sun hat!!

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Beaming love and light and wishing you a wonderful rest of your week.