Thoughts from Bondi Beach + an invitation to inspiration!

As I’m sitting here working from my North Bondi apartment, the balcony doors wide open before me, I can hear waves crashing below, laughter, occasional screams and WOOOO!’s coming from the beach. People are definitely having fun out there.

I can also hear a helicopter circling the coastline, checking that all is safe and well in the water, along with lifeguards on megaphones that direct the surfers and swimmers, guiding them to safety.

Last weekend I went in the sea here for the first time and actually got totally smashed by the waves! It was a bit scary as I don’t go in the sea that much and was so unprepared for how powerful the ocean can be... Even though I was absolutely fine, I felt grateful to know that if I had needed help it would have been there!

It got me thinking about how much protection there is at Bondi beach to keep people safe. The coast guards are constantly overseeing things, directing and making sure everyone is alright.

In life and business we have an overseer - I believe that is our inner guidance... Source, ‘God', the Universe = our deep connection to our truth. That is what keeps US safe and on our own life path of alignment and joy. It's what we can always return to when we get out of our depth and fearful. And sometimes we do find ourselves in a vibration that keeps us feeling stuck, caught up in the waves of possibility or overwhelm.

When things feel this way, stop what you're doing. Nothing you put into motion from that space is going to feel right when you're not connected to your true self and people feel that in the vibration of what you do. Do you really want to put that out into the world? Make your next steps about serving yourself. There is nothing that needs to happen more than you getting back into alignment with yourself. Nothing more pressing. So do what feels good. You know what to do... What feels light and easy and kind? Have a nap. Take a walk, move your body. Admire nature. Meditate on Love. Write three pages of things that you appreciate, and let yourself really feel into it!

The rips and tides of life and business are always there, but when we navigate them with clarity and purpose, amazing things happen!

Sometimes, I crave that same life-guard-like guidance from someone so that I can enjoy my paddle or swim in the ocean of business, trusting that I have the support to explore with safety. It’s why I continually invest in my own development and coaching.

Having guidance and support can really help. That's why I would love to invite you to a conversation.

I work with my clients before their shoot to explore their business, their message, ideal clients, values, their love for what they do to gain clarity on how we would like to illustrate that through their photography and marketing.

These calls are conscious, powerful, and sacred, and often my clients find themselves connecting back with their true desires and intentions for their work in the world, inspired to refine their offering or make a new one, make positive shifts, and feel more excited than ever to move forward and shine their light in the world. It’s so frigging exciting when that happens!!!

You don't NEED anything from anyone, or from me. The next steps are already within you. You DO know what you want to do next. But how fun it is to explore with someone who will get as excited as you do about your plans, who holds the space with you and the vision of your success!

This conversation is a chilled out space for YOU.
For you to listen within, and be heard.
For you to dream and be dreamed.
A space that is free of judgement, expectation and pressure - just a space to play, feel and breathe truth back into what you do.

Let’s explore where you’re at right now, your desires, and look at how you’re moving forward.

I can happily share with you how I may support you from there if you are eager to know more, however there is absolutely no obligation to book a shoot with me, obvs.

I’d love to connect with you at a deeper level and get to know you better!

I have opened up some spaces to speak next week - my time zone is a little funky for my UK peeps (with me being here in Sydney and all) but the following times are currently available:

Monday 8th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT
Tuesday 9th Feb @ 9am or 8:30pm GMT
Wednesday 10th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT

Send me an email at with the time you'd like to speak and we’ll book in our Skype call!

And just to let you know - I have three spaces left for personal branding photo shoots when I'm back to the UK in March - so if you are also interested in shooting together get in touch asap to secure your spot!

Trusting you're having a beautiful week so far.

With sun kissed smiles and sandy feet,