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Hi! I'm Becky.

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say...

You don't like having your photo taken. In fact, you have confessed that you would rather pay your dentist a visit than have a photo shoot.

But! You’re in business, you’re an entrepreneur. You actually coach people around this kind of stuff!  You know that photography plays a massive part in the way you come across online. You recognise it in yourself, because you love and appreciate beautiful photography too. And you know that it's time for you to be truly visible for you to do your great work in the world.

You’re looking for a photographer that will not only create gorgeous new shots for your business, but someone that will listen to you, guide you around your personal brand and design a photo-shoot that is just right for you; telling your story visually, raising awareness of your brand, connecting with your peeps and helping you to grow your business with joy.

I work with entrepreneurs to explore their personal brand, get clear on their message, values, ideal clients and what they love to do. Together we design a photo-shoot that’s in alignment with that, creating striking and beautiful images for your website, social media, Facebook ads, sales pages, email marketing and more.

I LOVE the process - from our initial conversation, the exploring, coaching, and getting to know my clients, dreaming up our shoot together, the day itself, and seeing how my clients use their new photos! The whole journey is a special and connected one, and each step of the way can be quite transformational. This is about opening up to what's possible for you. Feeling in to your truth. Trusting that you are safe to show up as yourself. Knowing that now is your time.

Integrity, authenticity, transparency, love.

Bringing your whole self to your business is exciting, liberating and soul-feeding.

It's really the most fun way, and the only sustainable way.

As a woman in business myself, I get how important it is to bring your values to the work you do, and to be seen as yourself.  I also get how scary that can feel.

My job is to help my clients give themselves permission to bring their truth to their brand through their photographs, to be vulnerable, and naturally light up the way for others to step into their truth too.

Ego, dropped. True, joyful, self shining through!

Head over to the personal branding photography gallery here to see what my clients and I are creating, full shoots on the blog here, and my personal learnings and inspiration around branding and business here.

Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer London UK

About Me

I'm excited about personal development, reading inspiring books, being in nature, the buzz of city life, exploring new towns, countries and continents. I love long drives and train journeys, listening to a good album all the way through.

I love food, vegan food! I enjoy checking out quirky independent cafes and businesses - and antique shops have a very special place in my heart.  I enjoy daily practices of journaling, yoga, walking and meditation and am also so into podcasts right now! I love to paint and draw, play guitar, write poetry. I also love to make photographs outside of business. Photography is magic to me, and capturing all the life and beauty that surrounds us feels like a service to myself!

I continually invest in myself and see this as a very necessary part of my growth and evolution.  I’ve been thrilled to go on biz workshops and personal development events with inspiring leaders in photography, business and spirituality around the UK and in destinations such as Hawaii, the mountains of Pennsylvania, and even across the South Pacific Ocean on a cruise (yes it was awesome!), and invest in coaching to support me in committing to myself, my dreams and my purpose.

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