I'm on a Podcast! - Adulting With Ebonie

I had so much fun on Ebonie Allard’s amazing podcast @adultingwithebonie, of which I am a huge fan! Podcasts are one of my go-to’s when I’m working on photos from my computer, road tripping or cooking, and are one of my favourite ways to receive information, get to know about people, learn, and be entertained!

Each week, Ebonie and her guest discuss what it means to be a kickass and kind adult in our modern world, share personal stories and ideas about how to navigate that and explore the most fascinating and important topics such as sovereignty, creativity, privilege, intimacy, love and more. In this episode we talk about:

✔️ Age. And the ways it is and isn’t important
✔️ How taking risks adds value to our lives
✔️ The fluidity of identity
✔️ How our environment affects our sense of self
✔️ Where to start with creating an environment that works for you

Plus, we talk about learning to trust and take great leaps of faith in order to grow and evolve our identities out of their comfort zones.

I’ve known Ebonie for a few years and love our friendship and our creative brand photo shoots, and it was a real honour to collaborate on her podcast!

Listen to the episode on iTunes or any of your fav podcast providers. Link to the show is in Ebonie’s bio and at www.adultingwithebonie.com.

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