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Paying it Forward

When I was at school, I had a deep feeling that I wanted to make change. I was blessed with learnings about the law of attraction and knew that the power of our conscious and unconscious intention, our beliefs, would totally shape our lives. But when I looked around, I didn't see this way of living or teaching available to the other students.

I felt angry that while there were kind and inspiring teachers, this message wasn't really being shared; life is meant to be joyful.

I knew I wanted to share this message with other young people like me but I didn't know how, other than through what seemed like random one-to-one conversations.

Last week it felt like I had been gifted with the first big step in that direction. I had been invited to speak at the Aylesbury Vale Young Enterprise awards to around 100 students that had taken part in the Young Enterprise scheme.

I was SO IMPRESSED by what these young people have all achieved so far in their small businesses, the learnings they've all made, the way they had innovated through challenges and worked as a team, and then how confidently they presented their work.  I loved seeing them awarded for their achievements as well.

I was honoured to bring some of this inspired way of thought and feeling to them during my talk, share my journey and some of the biggest learnings I've made through having my own business. I am excited to imagine where these inspiring young people may take their fantastic experience next! So much gratitude.