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'If everybody likes you, you're doing something wrong'

becky rui

In my experience and through conversations with clients, it seems most of the time the thing that holds us back from letting ourselves be seen in our businesses, is the fear of being judged and disliked when we do so.

...That unless we look a certain way or copy 'successful' people, we won't be noticed or taken seriously.

Part of being human is that we do make assumptions, we are discerning about what we see, we have preferences and instincts that guide us.

They are a total gift, they help us refine our experience of the world… what we let in, and what we let go of. No matter how much we intuitively see beyond appearances, this is a part of how we do life, how we navigate it.

Some of us vibe, some of us don't. So let it be okay, to not be for everyone.

You never have to pretend to be someone you’re not to impress others or win them over. People feel the fake, it’s not healthy or sustainable and it doesn't feel good at all.

You want what is best for yourself and for all.

If you can feel comfortable with who you are in your business, KNOW the value you provide, and use imagery and words that just feel like you, and really shine with your truth, then whoever truly resonates with that is likely going to be a great match, and whoever doesn’t? That’s cool too. That’s what you want!

We're not here for everyone, and we never could be.

This conversation reminds me of the quote... ‘If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong’. As a people pleaser I have always found it so interesting and profound.

It's nice to be likeable, and it's okay to keep yourself to yourself too... This isn't about forcing anything. But instead of letting fear of 'being yourself' block our flow and full expression, instead of getting drained trying to be liked by everyone, keep being brave enough to let your realness be the thing that sets you apart.

So... how can we continue doing that? Regularly check in with yourself about the way you're interacting with your community and clients. Journal it out, talk about it with your coach or accountability buddy! Here are some questions to ponder...

  • Am I simply being myself in my biz, or am I trying to cater to everybody

  • Do I feel like my website/marketing is a true representation of me and my services?

  • Do I feel in integrity with what I have been sharing lately?

  • Do I still feel aligned with my photography and copy, or does this need updating or tweaking?

  • Am I excited about, and proud of my content?

  • Do I feel like my true self when I'm working in/on my biz?

  • How would it feel to bring more of my whole self in to my business?

  • In what other ways can I start to bring more of my personality and voice to my marketing/biz/brand?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this...

If you're alllllll about sharing your truth, but struggling around this visibility piece, let's talk. And if you're interested in exploring your next personal branding shoot, I have one space left towards the end of August and four spaces available in September! Email me to book in our call by clicking HERE.

With love and wishing you a beautiful rest of your week! xxx

Join us at Earth Spirit Festival!

becky rui

My incredible sister Anna is hosting a retreat in France next month! Find all the details here.

Anna has always been a huge teacher for me... Always going for her truth, standing strong for what she believes in while being one of the most playful, fun and compassionate people I know.

I'm so proud of her for creating this event. She's really excited to be bringing together creative, likeminded people who are ready to let their hair down, reconnect with themselves, unite their mind-body-spirit connection, PLAY and maybe learn something new about themselves and their potential.

"Gift yourself the opportunity to do something different. To take the time you deserve to reconnect with your passions, have fun, relax, clarify your goals, practice mindfulness, celebrate, feel energised, rediscover yourself and make friends!"

When: 16th August - 21st August 2017
Where: Juvigné, North-West France (at a rustic French Manor House built in 1839!)
Investment: From £397 (including meals)
Activities and workshops during the retreat: Fitness Classes, Yoga & Acroyoga, Creativity Workshops, Nature Walks, Group Discussions, Pool Parties, Reggae Parties, Meditation, Games and Free Play

To find out more or request a booking form, contact Anna directly, by email here. Excited to see you there!

Activating Potential Frequency Painting by Teal Swan.

Activating Potential Frequency Painting by Teal Swan.

Ebonie P Allard - Personal Branding Shoot Bristol

becky rui

My conversations with Ebonie leading up to her shoot (and during all of our time together!) were so inspiring and exciting... Ebonie is the Entrepreneur Enabler. The Misfit Maven. She helps her clients to return to their inner clarity, confidence, courage and sense of calm - reminding themselves of who they really are and living in accordance with their own guidance and powerful uniqueness.

She's a coach, author, creator of incredible tools and products to help her peeps reconnect with their truth. She's super real, down to earth and totally magic!

On her shoot we not only wanted to show her in her new home, working, chilling, doing her thing - but also show her inner world. We co-created a fantastical scene on the beach near where she lives which really revealed Ebonies amazing sense of play, beauty and wonder shine out, she was a total Goddess!

These photos really stand out online and in her marketing because they're sooo unique and personal, and they totally break the mold of what a personal branding shoot can be. She's all about that.

Check out her website here, get involved with her awesome Facebook group here and you can buy her brilliant and inspirational book here. The flower crown was made by the gorgeous Katie Kearns.

Feeling inspired to let your inner world out? Apply for your clarity call here and let's start dreeeamin' it up! Big hugs!

Ellie Burscough - Personal Branding Shoot in Greece

becky rui

In January I flew out to Santorini to photograph three incredible women - this is the awesome Ellie Burscough. Ellie is based in Australia and was taking out a few months to travel Europe with her family, running her business as she went and soaking up the beauty and culture of so many amazing destinations! THE DREAM!

It was fascinating to learn about Ellies life and journey through her business, as a personal trainer, mama and competitive powerlifter(!). She coaches her clients around their mindset and strategy to share real value with the world and generate an incredible income. She helps her clients to leverage their unique gifts and offer, and helps them build what they do around their lifestyle and personal goals as she does. I really enjoyed seeing the way she kept in touch with her peeps during our days together, she's an example of a woman in business truly walking her talk - such a pleasure to capture!

On this shoot we wanted to show a mixture of things - being able to work from anywhere as she does, showcase this beautiful Greek island, and enjoying time away from her work. She wanted to use the photos on her website, in social media, emails and promotions across different platforms which you can see on her Facebook page here and website here. I love seeing what she’s sharing about and find her message and content super empowering - go look!!

Where are you planning to travel this year?

How would a photoshoot in this destination impact you and your business and position your personal brand? Send me a message at and let’s explore your next shoot!

What's your dream photo-shoot destination?

Send me a message at to book in our call! We'll explore you and your personal brand and the kinds of photos that will take your business to the next level.

Personal Work on Film

becky rui

Shooting for myself is something I simply must do.

No matter whether you use an iPhone or professional equipment, photography is a magic art, and something I've always felt a deep calling to create with.

I tend to use film for my personal work, and find myself waiting until I have loads of rolls to send off before I get it processed and scanned... I think it's because I feel comfortable when I have the exposed film with me but can hardly bear the anticipation of waiting for the photos to come back once I've posted it off to the lab. It breaks me!! What will they come out like??? Maybe one day I'll start processing it myself.

This time I tried a new lab in Spain, Carmencita after my UK based lab moved away, and I'm really happy with their work!

This is some of my personal photography from the last 10 months or so, which feels really fun to share for a change! Friends, family, things I see... picnics with my housemates when I lived in north London last year, visiting Germany recently with my amazing partner Chris, Santorini, the Netherlands, a trip to Grandparents in Devon last summer with my mama, a day out with my lovely dad, Kew Gardens, and kind people I've met while on travels. Enjoy!

Jessica Lorimer - Personal Branding Photo Shoot

becky rui

Working with gorgeous Jess was all KINDS of fun - from these photos you'll see what a high vibe spirit she is, and an absolute genius in the work she does!!

Jess, The Sales Alchemist helps service based online business owners to generate more income by honing in on their skills and value, create seamless and simple sales funnels and get featured in industry publications - infusing fun, personality and authenticity into everything she does. I could really FEEL the heart and soul that she brings to her work, and it was a real pleasure and inspiration to capture.

As Jess uses a lot of social media to keep in touch with her community, our main focus for the images was creating a great variety of shots that she can use to promote her offers online and when being featured by online magazines. We wanted to show her truth and capture a mixture of emotions and messages - super fun to shoot. She does a Facebook Live stream EVERY DAY for her peeps, and we did one during her session too! (keeping it real guys!)

You can find out more about Jess at her site here:!

Time to refresh your personal branding photography? Email me at