Joyce Oladipo - Enchant Life - Personal Branding Shoot London

It was sooo hard to narrow down the many favourites I had from this shoot with sexuality coach and erotic influencer Joyce of Enchant Life this summer… going through the shots again filled my heart with appreciation to remember our amazing session and all our inspired conversations around it. It was so divine!! So fun and so playful.

Joyce works with women internationally who are wanting to reconnect with their sexual power and pleasure as their birthright. They are feeling stuck, blocked or numb and are struggling to reach that place of connection on their own. Joyce’s work is also about breaking the taboo around female pleasure and sex, and inspire her clients and women around the world to step into their confidence.

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-013.jpg

Our intention was to create radiant and engaging images for her new brand that felt empowered, feminine and enchanting, tying in some of the rich colours and textures associated with her branding that she shared with me before our day.

With the business name and theme of enchantment in mind, we explored ideas for perfect locations… She was flying over from Luxemborg to London for the session and I envisioned…

  • luxury hotel spaces for the themes of quality, worth and high vibration,

  • the beautiful gardens we are blessed with in our capital city to symbolise pleasure as a birthright, as a part of our nature, as flowers bloom with ease and without self consciousness,

  • vibrant London city settings to show her love of travel and connection with the world,

  • and boudoir images to bring the sensual, self-love aspect of her work to the session.

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-004.jpg

We wanted to get the essence of love, connection, orgasmic life and fun coming through, and a sense of intimacy and harmony.

Over our day in London we captured so many stories relevant to her life and brand for her soon to launch website, social media, and adverts. From the boudoir shots, business portraits, dreamy garden shots and city vibe photos and image including props relevant to this work - we certainly created a lot that will be great for many of her posts online. You can check out her instagram here and Facebook page here.

Here are some of my favourite images from our day, and I’m going to share the boudoir images separately, as they were so intimate and beautiful I felt they deserved a post all to themselves!

Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-010.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-021.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-012.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-020.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-001-4.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-024.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-015.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-011.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-016.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-022.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-005.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-027.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-026.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-014.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-017.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-006.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-009.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-008.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-023.jpg
Joyce Oladipo Becky Rui Personal Branding Photographer-007.jpg

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I'm on a Podcast! - Adulting With Ebonie

I had so much fun on Ebonie Allard’s amazing podcast @adultingwithebonie, of which I am a huge fan! Podcasts are one of my go-to’s when I’m working on photos from my computer, road tripping or cooking, and are one of my favourite ways to receive information, get to know about people, learn, and be entertained!

Each week, Ebonie and her guest discuss what it means to be a kickass and kind adult in our modern world, share personal stories and ideas about how to navigate that and explore the most fascinating and important topics such as sovereignty, creativity, privilege, intimacy, love and more. In this episode we talk about:

✔️ Age. And the ways it is and isn’t important
✔️ How taking risks adds value to our lives
✔️ The fluidity of identity
✔️ How our environment affects our sense of self
✔️ Where to start with creating an environment that works for you

Plus, we talk about learning to trust and take great leaps of faith in order to grow and evolve our identities out of their comfort zones.

I’ve known Ebonie for a few years and love our friendship and our creative brand photo shoots, and it was a real honour to collaborate on her podcast!

Listen to the episode on iTunes or any of your fav podcast providers. Link to the show is in Ebonie’s bio and at

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Patti Buttrick - Rapid Therapy - London Personal Brand Shoot

What a joy it was to photograph beautiful Patti earlier this summer. She was looking for a series of portraits for her website as she launches her London based Rapid Transformation Therapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy business.

We explored her WHY, what it is that she most loves about this work, how powerfully it transforms the lives of her clients, and through their journey with her allows them to really live their life in all it’s wonder. Do go and find out more about her amazing work here if you’re curious!

Personal branding is so much about building relationships, and for your photography to be effective, it must be honest and in alignment with the work you do.

One of the most important things about the pre-shoot process and the shoots I do, is to get clear about who your ideal clients actually are. When you know who it is that your business is here to serve, we can feel into the energy of where those people might be at right now, how they’re feeling when they’re looking for the support they need (in this case, to overcome the fears, challenges and anxieties that hold them back), and therefore what energies we need to tap into on the day of the shoot and capture.

Personal branding is so much about building relationships, and for your photography to be effective it must be honest and in alignment with the work you do - with a sense of connection that helps the people you love to work with resonate with you. It should assist your ideal clients in getting to know you, feeling truly safe to reach out, connect and work with you.

I loved learning about her personal journey and experiences that led her to create this business, and the values of integrity, respect, efficiency and enjoyment that shine through her work and personality, and the results she gets with her clients.

We had such a fun time creating a variety of portraits and story telling shots and I am thrilled to see how she’s using them. See what Patti had to say about her experience of the shoot here.

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Client Feature - Kim Morrison & The Art of Self Love

It’s so beautiful to see some of the ways my dear client and friend Kim Morrison has been using the photos from our Paris photo shoot - and amazing to see the launch of her new book The Art of Self Love!


I am honoured to see one of our photographs on its cover - it just glows with her beautiful energy as do the magazine spreads below.

It’s such a joy to follow my clients journeys after all we do together, to be a part of capturing it is a real pleasure! Kim is one of the kindest, most inspiring and beautiful women I have the pleasure of knowing 💙 You can see more photos from our shoot on the blog here.

I believe if you’re really wanting to increase your visibility and attract quality PR opportunities it’s so important to have a bank of personal brand photography ready that you feel confident with so that you’re all set when they come along, to share your message and story.


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Ozora Festival on Film - 2017

I didn't share these photos of my time at Ozora Festival last summer last year. It was such an intense 10 days and I just didn't have the words to describe it, and even this will be brief - I'll let the photos tell the story.

A year has now passed and I've been thinking about it, so finally am sharing the festival through my eyes. I do love these photographs - being immersed and capturing the story of a place and time, the people and the culture is one of my faaavourite things in the world!!

There were so many absolutely beautiful, alienating, magical, terrifying, weird and wonderful moments which I journaled about a lot about at the time... I learnt a lot (mostly that I just cannot handle any length of psytrance), had new perspectives, met some amazing people, some I am still friends with and who I see as real Earth angels.

All photos were shot on my Nikon F100. It was mostly 35mm Portra 400 and some 35mm Revlog Kolor film, which you can buy here (these are the ones with the funky colours going on). I prefer the Portra shots because it's just my favourite film type, and the ones on Revlog came out a bit muddy and I don't love the tonal quality of them. In some ways they add to the effect though, and it was definitely cool to try it out anyway.

You can see more of my personal work here, images taken on 35mm film here and more blog posts from my travels here.

Event: Find the Courage to be Visible with Your Brand

It's such an honour to be speaking at the next Brighton & Hove Therapies event: Healthy Business Hub on Wed 25th July 2018!

I'll be sharing about how to use photography to create real and meaningful engagement with your audience, what it means to 'be yourself' in your brand and have a clear message, finding the confidence to be VISIBLE, and why it matters so much.

Being self employed is an incredible journey and can trigger so many of the questions and doubts we have about ourselves and who we are to show up with what we have to say - this talk is going to bust some of those fears that can hold us back from our most authentic expression, we'll look at how photography and storytelling impact your brand and how you can use it to grow your business soulfully and attract more ideal clients.

I've looooved this regular high vibe meetup since I moved to Brighton and am so excited to for this next one!

Come join us, tickets here.

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