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On truth, tests and great Love.

On any other Monday at 6:30am I'd have probably still been in bed, but this morning was different. The excitement through my body reminded me of Christmas day when I was little !

Something I'd been dreaming of for eight months was about to come true... My love in Australia was coming to be with me in England, and I was at Heathrow Airport to get him! My heart was sparkling, my whole being felt so light. The next part of our adventure was beginning…

Skipping through the airport car park I could hardly believe we'd be together again… Through most of 2016 we'd been in constant conversation and had a connection that totally transcended the 10,000 miles between us. But we just had no idea what would it be like now, all this time later...

It was an absolutely amazing moment to see him waiting for me there, and we've had the most magical time exploring what's next for us both. If you've been following me on Instagram you'll see we're now down in Brighton, and things are going so beautifully! It's such a blessing to have my beautiful business, and the freedom as I continue to travel around for shoots, and soak up the nowness! At the same time, in all new situations there are challenges and new things to learn - and I am learning so much from my love!!

My relationship is getting me looking at what authenticity, honesty and truth means all over again, in the light of love… These values are at the heart of my personal branding work too.

I know that truth heals. I know that truth starts with us. I know that facing the truth is scary or even painful sometimes, and it is always worth it. 

I believe that telling the truth is the only sustainable way to build strong foundations in our relationships - not only with ourselves, our lovers, friends and family but in our businesses and with our clients too.

What I'm coming to understand more and more and more, is that when we believe that the people in our world can handle our truth, we empower ourselves and them. If we don’t believe in people and show up authentically, not only do we stay small and hidden, but we also do them a dis-service. Your truth can inspire, educate and raise consciousness.

The people we're interacting with in this life are ready for us, otherwise we would not be here together. I believe that the circumstances we're experiencing and their timing is divine.

If we were never challenged, we would not grow. How many times have you felt in some way provoked by the way someone else authentically shows up, and then see how their bold honesty opened your mind and enriched your life?

There's just no time for making ourselves the path of least resistance to please others, and there has never been a more perfect time to express yourself fully.

Relationships can flow when there is openness. Personal branding is effective when we are in integrity with our work and the way we present ourselves comes from an honest place. When you show your realness, you’ll engage with beings on your wavelength. It is so much easier to attract your peeps when you show up as yourself!

If you’re still trying to fit in to an idea in your head of what you think people want (or some definition of 'professional' or 'successful') but it doesn't feel true, you’re probably feeling like I used to… Frustrated, confused and never enough. Yet since I started sharing more of my truth, I feel at ease, trusting, and with so much gratitude I connect with wonderful clients who are a beautiful match...

So as I continue on my path, opening up to more and more truth and freedom of expression, these are the ideas and questions I'm pondering, acting on and sharing with you today...

  • What does it feel like to share my truth?
  • Where am I blocking my full expression? What is being left unsaid? With whom? Where do I feel the block in my body, or behaviour... how does it manifest in my life, business, relationships?
  • How has the truth of another inspired or helped me to grow in the past? In what ways am I embracing my truth?
  • What truth or learning am I feeling drawn to share? And with whom?
  • How can I support others to embrace themselves and live authentically? How can we open up more, together?
  • In what ways can I acknowledge and value the light I see in others?

I think it starts with us, and starts with making a conscious decision to look at ourselves and our light. It starts with acknowledging any fears we have around showing up authentically, and being kind in the process. There is nothing you must do. It's also about learning to know when you're safe to be vulnerable in this way, and when it's time to find stillness, quiet, and be patient with yourself and others.

I am finding this so challenging and it will always be an ongoing unfolding, I'm finding my way every day... but as I look back on everything that's happened I see how far we have come!

I believe that every truth that challenges me can be seen as a gift, and comes with new learnings that enhance my life if I allow them.

If you'd like any support around bringing more of your truth to your personal brand, I would be honoured to assist you with this through coaching and photography. You can schedule a call in my diary here to find out more about how we can work together:

There are also two spaces left for January photo-shoots, so if you've got big dreams for 2017 and are keen to start the year with radiant new imagery for your business, email me at and we'll find a time to speak!

With love and light,


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Join me in America next month! + my favourite journaling questions

Hellooo! I hope you’re having the best week so far.

I am so excited to be heading to Philadelphia mid-July to photograph a beautiful soul (!) with other US destination possibilities popping up too. If you’d like to explore shooting together while I’m in the US (maybe you’re based there or would like to fly out and join me!?) or catch up in person - please reach out!

I’d like to gratefully invite you to consider who you know in the US that may be interested in this opportunity while I’m in the country! You can connect us at! Thank you so much.

I also wanna talk about what we find in our quiet and solitude, and the power of morning journaling and intention setting.

The last few weeks and months have been very full for me, but journaling never stops.  Sometimes self-care can feel like a lot to fit in when there's lots 'to do', but I know when I’m committed to my personal practices I feel more rooted in my light and truth throughout the day and this alignment echoes through all of my interactions. Do you feel the same? What are your non-negotiable personal practices?

Coming back to a series of questions each morning that I curated for myself over the years is really helpful.

Sometimes I mix and match them, only ask a few, or change the words to suit me that day to find clarity and live more intentionally. I have another amazing set of questions for evening reflection too which I’ll share soon! Here are some of my favorites.

Morning Journal Questions

  1. How am I feeling today (in my mind, body & spirit)? Starting off with noticing how I’m really feeling in the morning helps me to bring awareness to where I'm at, feel into what IS good, and what I can do to be better that day if I'm not feeling my best. I find myself being kind or more realistic about what I’m able to achieve rather than overwhelming myself with action to take!
  2. What am I in appreciation of/grateful for/thankful for? I write out at least 3+ things and expand on each one - and really feel into my appreciation! It can be anything from the bed you had to sleep in last night, an aspect of your health, a dear friend, the clients you're attracting, your car, the plumbing system in your house, the money you DO have, an experience you had this week, the food in your fridge, where you are in the world... When we train ourselves to look for amazing things we cant help but notice all the good stuff there actually is all around, and manifest more joy and wonder in the world! You create positive momentum when you truly feel gratitude and joy and it's such an amazing way to start the day.
  3. What needs to happen for it to feel like the best day possible? Maybe it would feel good to get that 'thing' ticked off your list you've been totally putting off (but really wanna do!). Maybe it's to go for a walk in nature, practice yoga, meditate. Maybe it's to reach out to someone you love. Maybe it's giving yourself permission to allow joy to flow through your actions today and resist mindlessly ploughing through the tasks of your day.
  4. What one action would bring me the most joy, relief, pleasure today?
  5. How will I honour my mind, body, spirit, creativity today?
  6. What loving action could I do for another? (a loved one, a client, a stranger, a neighbor, the person serving you at the store...)
  7. What are my intentions for today? For this one I usually round up the above pieces along with any thing else I'd like to set myself for the day!

I then find myself with clear intentions which I leave open on my table and return to. I'd recommend taking your time to ponder these and enjoy the practice of feeling it out - at least 20-30 minutes or more if you can! If you aren't able to for whatever reason, I feel even considering them in your head is better than starting the day without checking in.

I’ve heard of a great Abraham-Hicks technique called the Placemat Process where you write out the things you WILL do today (simple, reasonable and short list of the things you’re going to do), and on the other side write out ‘things the Universe will do today’ and write everything else that you’d like to have happen, for these things to be resolved. A non-action path to resolution where there is no resistance to achieving these because there is no desperation or attachment. Have you tried it? I’m going to start doing it!

Let me know if you find these questions useful or how you get on with your journal practice? What tools or ideas do you find most useful? I'd love to know!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!


Becky x

P.S. I have a few spaces left for shoots in August so email me now if you'd like to explore your personal brand, or book in your clarity call here, and we'll dream up the photographs we can create together!

Thoughts from Bondi Beach + an invitation to inspiration!

As I’m sitting here working from my North Bondi apartment, the balcony doors wide open before me, I can hear waves crashing below, laughter, occasional screams and WOOOO!’s coming from the beach. People are definitely having fun out there.

I can also hear a helicopter circling the coastline, checking that all is safe and well in the water, along with lifeguards on megaphones that direct the surfers and swimmers, guiding them to safety.

Last weekend I went in the sea here for the first time and actually got totally smashed by the waves! It was a bit scary as I don’t go in the sea that much and was so unprepared for how powerful the ocean can be... Even though I was absolutely fine, I felt grateful to know that if I had needed help it would have been there!

It got me thinking about how much protection there is at Bondi beach to keep people safe. The coast guards are constantly overseeing things, directing and making sure everyone is alright.

In life and business we have an overseer - I believe that is our inner guidance... Source, ‘God', the Universe = our deep connection to our truth. That is what keeps US safe and on our own life path of alignment and joy. It's what we can always return to when we get out of our depth and fearful. And sometimes we do find ourselves in a vibration that keeps us feeling stuck, caught up in the waves of possibility or overwhelm.

When things feel this way, stop what you're doing. Nothing you put into motion from that space is going to feel right when you're not connected to your true self and people feel that in the vibration of what you do. Do you really want to put that out into the world? Make your next steps about serving yourself. There is nothing that needs to happen more than you getting back into alignment with yourself. Nothing more pressing. So do what feels good. You know what to do... What feels light and easy and kind? Have a nap. Take a walk, move your body. Admire nature. Meditate on Love. Write three pages of things that you appreciate, and let yourself really feel into it!

The rips and tides of life and business are always there, but when we navigate them with clarity and purpose, amazing things happen!

Sometimes, I crave that same life-guard-like guidance from someone so that I can enjoy my paddle or swim in the ocean of business, trusting that I have the support to explore with safety. It’s why I continually invest in my own development and coaching.

Having guidance and support can really help. That's why I would love to invite you to a conversation.

I work with my clients before their shoot to explore their business, their message, ideal clients, values, their love for what they do to gain clarity on how we would like to illustrate that through their photography and marketing.

These calls are conscious, powerful, and sacred, and often my clients find themselves connecting back with their true desires and intentions for their work in the world, inspired to refine their offering or make a new one, make positive shifts, and feel more excited than ever to move forward and shine their light in the world. It’s so frigging exciting when that happens!!!

You don't NEED anything from anyone, or from me. The next steps are already within you. You DO know what you want to do next. But how fun it is to explore with someone who will get as excited as you do about your plans, who holds the space with you and the vision of your success!

This conversation is a chilled out space for YOU.
For you to listen within, and be heard.
For you to dream and be dreamed.
A space that is free of judgement, expectation and pressure - just a space to play, feel and breathe truth back into what you do.

Let’s explore where you’re at right now, your desires, and look at how you’re moving forward.

I can happily share with you how I may support you from there if you are eager to know more, however there is absolutely no obligation to book a shoot with me, obvs.

I’d love to connect with you at a deeper level and get to know you better!

I have opened up some spaces to speak next week - my time zone is a little funky for my UK peeps (with me being here in Sydney and all) but the following times are currently available:

Monday 8th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT
Tuesday 9th Feb @ 9am or 8:30pm GMT
Wednesday 10th Feb @ 9am or 8pm GMT

Send me an email at with the time you'd like to speak and we’ll book in our Skype call!

And just to let you know - I have three spaces left for personal branding photo shoots when I'm back to the UK in March - so if you are also interested in shooting together get in touch asap to secure your spot!

Trusting you're having a beautiful week so far.

With sun kissed smiles and sandy feet,


Lets be playful about our 2016 desires + meet me in Sydney?

Happy New Year.

Alongside getting back to biz this week I’ve been doing lots of clearing.  Its a GOOD feeling, to de-clutter.  I love the feel of energy shifting in my space.

My intention is to be traveling more throughout 2016 and I wanted to leave for Sydney this Sunday (OMG so soon!) knowing that I’d let go of a lot of stuff I don’t need anymore.

One of the most interesting things about going through stuff is finding notes and papers from when I first started my business four and a half years ago.  It is interesting to observe my processes back then.

I see from pages of old notebooks how much of the time I was in my head, trying to figure things out logically.  Back then I felt like I should be doing better than I was, and I got stuck working out how I was going to 'make it happen' and become more successful.

I remember feeling guilty for not achieving more. Trying. ‘Should-ing’. ‘How-ing’. It felt more like I was pushing my business rather than inviting it in.

I had really high expectations for myself and my work that sabotaged me at those young and vulnerable stages.  I was so in my head about what to do next, a lot of the time.

It is obviously important and exciting to get clear on our desires, map out our plans and look at our next steps (and this is a great time of year for it), but unless this is coming from an inspired, positive place, it doesn’t always serve us in the way we hoped, the way we'd been promised it would.

I found that when my to-do list was so extensive and rigid, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t move forward very productively at all. And then when I felt stuck, I was beating up on myself for not being further ahead, procrastination-planning and generally going around in circles.  Thinking back to that feels icky.

It was interesting to find all these notes, because I operate from SUCH a different place now.

Becky Rui

I know now that feeling good is what I was always striving for.  I had thought that by being more successful in my business I would be happier.  But no matter how much business success I could or couldn’t achieve, joy was a vibration already within me, within us all, available and ready to be tuned into.  I was ‘wasting’ my time, energy and potential worrying and getting freaked out about the details of everything, because all along I could have been feeling more relaxed and playful about it all.

I know it doesn’t make sense to most of the world, to relax about our goals, some people think it sounds lazy or deluded (maybe people have accused you of this too, ha!?), but in my experience it’s a massively more powerful, creative and active place to be. And feels a whole lot lighter!

This is also a Virgo talking here peeps, this is an allowing practice I remind myself of daily.

When you’re truly allowing yourself to feel good, inspiration occurs that just wouldn’t have been born out of any pressured, fearful, pushing place you were in before.  This INSPIRED action will likely be so much more fun and effective than anything you’d have forced to happen before, and will open up more and more opportunities that seem quite magical.

If joy is our real desire, then I believe we can get into a more playful place about everything else, especially ‘how’ we’ll get to wherever we want to be/do/have/achieve.  The nudge to take the best action will be there in the best timing when we are in the best place for it.  We just have to tune in to ourselves and how we're really feeling about things as we make our decisions.

There are lots of things you can do to get into that good place to start off with, some of those for me are journaling - particularly about what I appreciate and what I am grateful for (write for as long as you can + feel it!), meditate on a really good feeling for 20 minutes, practice yoga - again even if only for a few minutes or just to stretch. Dance! Get outside and admire nature, whether you stand outside your door and watch the clouds for 30 seconds or go for a long, nourishing walk.  Everything is a sign, so follow what feels really good to you.

I wanted to share this message with you today, just in case all the GOAL SETTING that most of us do in Jan is getting you caught up anywhere, bringing up any unwanted feelings, and as a little loving reminder (to you, and myself!) to remember that joy is already within… To know your own desires, FEEL good about them and let go of the HOW.  Big love to you!

As I mentioned, I’m going to be heading to Australia on Sunday!!! - I am excited most about running my biz as I travel, exploring new places, having fun doing photo-shoots, enjoying really good almond chai lattes, making friends, floating in the sea, creatively writing and drawing, feeling warm in the sunshine, checking out cute shops and businesses, ahhh… Wanna come too!?

I have availability for photo-shoots while I’m down under, so if you fancy next shoot (where it’s Summer right now!) or have clients, friends or family interested in working together, do get in touch by at  I have availability when I'm back in the UK again from 11th March 2016.

FIVE spaces are left for Sydney photo shoots.  Is one of them yours?

With love, smiles, and a happy dance for your most joyful year so far!


P.S. You can keep up to date with my adventures over on Instagram!

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Promised yourself you'd update your photos in 2015 but it just didn't happen?

Email me and let's find a time to connect. Over Skype we'll explore your business and dreams for 2016 so far and look at how we can most powerfully create together - helping you to shine in your marketing, engage with you peeps in the most joyful and exciting way ever, and take your business to the next level!

+ if you'd like to know more about the process of a personal branding shoot in the meantime, head over to this page, or sign up on my homepage for a free audio guide with more info and tips to help you prepare for your next shoot!

Powerful questions for 2015 reflection + my fave books!

Trusting you had a beautiful time over Christmas and new years, and enjoyed taking some moments for yourself!

The end of the year and start of the new one always feels like a great time for reflection and inspiration as many of us take a break from business as usual.

I really enjoyed making some space to stop and take account of it all, celebrate my successes and consider the learnings I've made.  Some of the questions that occurred to me looking back on 2015 were...

  • What did I achieve this year (in my business and personally)?
  • When was I most in alignment this year? Where was I? What was I doing? Who was I with?
  • What did I do to expand my comfort zone in 2015? How did I challenge myself?
  • Who helped me out this year (friends, clients, family, authors, speakers, coaches, strangers)? How did I acknowledge them (or how will I acknowledge them now)?
  • What loving acts of kindness did I do for someone else this year?
  • What loving acts of kindness did I do for myself this year?
  • What would I like to have happen in 2016? This list could be as big or as small as to relocate, to do a 30 day yoga challenge, start a new biz, take a special trip, to climb a mountain, try out that recipe you’ve been wanting to make for ages, plan a party, or finally update your branding photos ;)
  • What would I need to do differently in 2016 in order to make space for my desires to manifest?
  • What am I prepared to do differently in 2016 in order to allow, and make space for my desires to actually manifest?

I’ve got to say, one of the biggest things for me in 2015 was that I started READING!  It sounds kind of alarming to me now, to imagine that I wasn’t really reading books before this year, but it’s true!  I just never got to focus and get through more than a few chapters.

This year I read some amazing books, and applying what I learned from them truly TRANSFORMED my life and my whole year personally, business-wise and in my relationships.  A LOT has shifted for me since this time last year - the way I’m living life, the people I am attracting into my experience, the way I’m working with my clients, everything is higher-vibe, more conscious and more exciting, and I know a lot of it has to do with these amazing books.

I’d love to share with you a few of the classic and new reads I enjoyed this year + a few takeaways (in the order I read them). I'm sure you'll know most of them!

I'd love to know your thoughts too... Have you read these?  What did you take from them?  How did they help you to see the world differently?  What changes did you make after reading them?  I love that the messages in these works resonate with us all in different ways.

1. The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks

It was honestly amazing how much this book helped me to change my life and up-level my business. Something just unlocked for me after reading this. It's funny that I'd had it for years before picking it up, I guess the timing was just right.

Through concepts such as the 'Upper Limit Problem' this book helped me to see past my own blocks and self doubt, and go beyond them, shifting my mindset. I took SO much away from this book.

After reading this I became really aware of the 'stories' I was telling, the excuses I was making for myself and I started to really challenge my beliefs.  My thinking became so much more conscious.  Were my thoughts really serving me?  Were they even true for me?  I realised just how lame and unhelpful some of them were and LET. THEM. GO. Shining a light of awareness into our dark beliefs weakens them, and they can disappear altogether.  Read this book!

2. The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle

THIS BOOK. Obviously, amazing. It’s a classic.  It was massive for me and a really good next step from The Big Leap, taking consciousness to the next level and going even deeper.  I picked it up by chance at a swishing party when I noticed it on my way out.  I wonder how different things might be now if I hadn't seen it there that day!?

This was an extremely transformational read. Again I read it cover to cover and now carry it with me very often, dipping back into random chapters or revisiting specific parts.  I also read A New Earth after this one, and the message is similar - they are equally powerful in my opinion. These books help me to connect with Source, my higher self, and live from that place - being present, where life is literally buzzing all around, everything is beautifully connected and all is well.

3. The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

This book really changed the way I looked at our concept of wealth, goals, achievement, our life-timeline and what’s really possible.

It includes some great questions and exercises that made a huge impact on my life, and includes lots of helpful and interesting learnings that he's made along the way in life and biz.  This book totally opened my mind to different ways of doing business, leveraging time and skills in a more productive way.  Whether you like him or not, Tim Ferriss is one of the most fascinating people I have ever read from or listened to.

This book inspired me massively and gave me so many practical tools to get on with straight away, and like all teachings, I applied what felt relevant and left what didn't feel right to me.

He also has an AWESOME podcast where he interviews all sorts of interesting people - I recommend checking it out, it's called The Tim Ferriss Show. It's always one I download and listen to!!

4. Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert

My coach recommended this book with so much passion that I was compelled to get it straight away! I loved Liz Gilberts TED talks and was excited to read her new book which unlike previous works was a self-help type book rather than a novel.

I came away from this book with a lot more respect for all art, including my own, not only for the work itself but for the enjoyment of creating it. To value our creativity, to acknowledge the artist within us and enjoy making stuff.  I finished reading it wile I was away on the Abraham-Hicks cruise, and I felt that Liz’s concept of creativity and inspiration being like energies out there, looking for a human partner tied in really well with what I had been learning on the event. A real breath of fresh air, its also a super funny read - I LOLLED many, many times.

What were your favourite books read in 2015? I would love to know!

Creating this list also reminded me that I helped to write a book this year!  I was honored to contribute to Sue Williams Believe! You Can! series of books around self belief. I wrote a chapter on overcoming limitations where I shared my story.  You can buy the book on Amazon here (kindle version here) or check out the website here. The pic on the left here was taken at the book launch... What an exciting time it was!

Sending you good vibes for 2016. It's going to be an awesome one!

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Promised yourself you'd update your photos in 2015 but it just didn't happen?

Email me and let's find a time to connect. Over Skype we'll explore your business and dreams for 2016 so far and look at how we can most powerfully create together - helping you to shine in your marketing, engage with you peeps in the most joyful and exciting way ever, and take your business to the next level!

Now taking bookings for Sydney + London.

Message me at I can't wait to hear from you!

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Life lessons from making art + travel news!!

I got back into drawing in the last month. I've always loved drawing, but apart from now-and-then, realised I had pretty much stopped making time for it when I started my business four and a half years ago.

If I'm honest, I had felt like if I wasn't going to do it totally wholeheartedly and invest a lot of time in making something absolutely AMAZING then I would just wait till 'later' when I had more time.  LOL.

Becky Rui Mandala

I used to think that if I couldn't get a drawing 'perfect' then I sort-of might as well not have bothered, and I knew it was a totally irrelevant thought, but still, the perfectionist in me cringed a lil bit...  So, recognising the importance of making art just for YOURSELF, and wanting to reconnect with another avenue for aligning with myself I went into making drawings this time with the intention to not have any specific goal or vision in mind, just to enjoy the experience...  To go slowly and do it as long as it felt fun, as an exercise in itself.

Drawing often brings me into alignment...  For me it's about making space, letting go...  Thoughts settling.  Inspiration springing up.  Peace found.

Last weekend as I was sitting in the window of my favourite local coffee shop, taking some time out for myself I considered how so many of the lessons that come from making art really apply to the rest of our lives.

I'd been noticing mandalas coming up EVERYWHERE! and those amazing colouring books for 'grown ups' that you can get. I felt like drawing mandalas would be a nice way to start getting back into it, so... Here are some of my lessons from drawing mandalas!

The possibilities are unlimited!
You don't know how this is going to turn out.
You don't need to know how it's going to turn out.
It wouldn't be so much fun if you knew how it was going to turn out.
There are no wrong moves, it can all work
You can make any shape work into the pattern.
There are no rules.  This is your page.
You’re free.  You are free to enjoy the creating!
You can balance things up later if you want to.  Or not.
You can just let it be as it is.
Who said it has to be symmetrical or even-sided anyway?
Sometimes when I am drawing, I don’t know what bit to draw next, or where to take it.  So then I stop.
And when I come back to the drawing with new eyes, I immediately see which bit I’d like work on next that will enhance the picture further.  But my first thought is, wow! Look how pretty that is! Where did that come from!? Look what I made!!

Becky Rui Mandala Drawing

There is no need to rush.
Work slowly, at your own pace, be kind to the artist within you and be patient.
Be mindful, smile, do it for the love, do it for the moment.
Be with the moment.
Enjoy it for the experience of creating.
Let go of any outcomes.

Drawing can be like meditating, or exercising, or praying, or taking a shower!
It helps you to focus on just one simple task or exercise for a little while, let everything dissolve into the background. In that place of stillness, I find fresh inspiration flowing to me. New, exciting thoughts and ideas unravel, stretch-out and play.  Old, limiting thoughts sit down and shut up, or they wander off altogether.  This is the mode of living where exciting things start to HAPPEN!
So give it a go!  See how you feel.  Take your time.  I hope this inspires you to do some drawing if you fancy it.

And the news! You might have seen that I was in Sydney last month - I absolutely LOVED being there, what a cool place.

I'm so excited to say that I'm going to be returning to Sydney/Melbourne in January through to early March (ahhhh yay!) and am available for photo-shoots!

If you are interested in having your session in Australia, or have friends or clients based there that would benefit from having a personal branding photo-shoot to up-level their business (or would be a great person to know!), I'd be so grateful if you could connect us!
I have a couple of spots available for shoots in the UK before I head off next month, so if you are eager to update your photographs and start off 2016 with beautiful shiny new photography in YOUR marketing, do get in touch asap to secure your date!

Email me now at Or come meet me in Australia?

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