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Happy New Year! Playa Blanca on Film - Personal Work

I hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays!

I love that time of year when everyone is slowing down, spending relaxed time with friends and family, and taking a moment for themselves.

It's a great time to pause and reflect on what you've experienced over the last 12 months... How you've grown or changed, the successes in your business and personal life, what you've gained, let go of, and have to be grateful for. What were your biggest moments of 2014?

After a lovely break I've been so happy to get back to work and into the flow of business. This week has been great with some very exciting Skype meetings with new clients, catching up at my energising Athena Network meetings in my area, and setting goals for the months ahead!

Being at the start of a brand new year fills me with excitement for what is to come! What have you got planned for this year?

I'd love to start off the blog today with some personal photographs full of colour and light from one of my days in Lanzarote last October - I love looking at these, especially when it's so dark and grey here in the UK! I hope this feels like a little holiday for you too!

I am so looking forward to sharing more photographs from my time in Lanzarote and the fab personal branding shoots I had on this beautiful island soon!

All photographs below shot on 35mm Kodak Portra film developed and scanned by UK Film Lab!

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A Day in Pembrokeshire on Film - Personal Work

When we were little, my dad used to take my sister Anna and I camping in Pembrokeshire during the summer. It was always an adventure!

I have so many happy memories of spending what felt like the whole day in the sea... Bodyboarding, eating sandy sandwiches on the beach and clambering around the amazing cliffs and stone in Wales. Sometimes our Grandparents came too.

I remember being captivated by life in rock-pools, building giant sand castles with my dad and Grandpa that Anna and I would sit on excitedly as the tide came in around our little island.

We had breakfast at the beach cafe some mornings, and barbecued dinner around our tent as the sun set.

Great summer weather is never guaranteed in the UK, I remember playing in the sea through hail and rain!

Anyway, my sister and I really wanted to get back again this summer, just the two of us, and managed to make it happen in September for two nights. It was nice to be there just after schools had gone back - it was so quiet and peaceful, and we were lucky to have some gorgeous weather too!

This time we explore and drove around to some other places along the Pembrokeshire coast, and enjoyed a glass of red wine on the beach together in the evenings!

All photographs shot on Kodak Ektar 100, Portra 400 and Tri-X film.

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Los Angeles on Film - Personal Work

In March I travelled back to LA! It was so good to shoot with some of my awesome clients, explore my favourite places, meet up with some old friends and make some new ones.

Heres some of my personal work from the trip, shot mostly around West Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice.

All photos shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Ektar 100 35mm film, processed by UK Film Lab.

View the whole set and order prints here!

Windsor Town on Film - Personal Work

I love Windsor.

It's a beautiful town and the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, browsing all the lovely shops (must visit: The Fudge Kitchen - the guys that work here are mad!), admiring the old buildings with their funny aged slants, enjoy Windsor Castle, and of course, have a nice cup of tea (go to the Crooked House for a fantastic selection!).

These are a few photos from a little afternoon out to Windsor back in the Spring. All images shot on Ektar film processed by UK Film Lab.

Anna on Film - Personal Work

It's my beautiful sister Anna's 21st Birthday today! Happy birthday Anna!

I have had these photos for a few months and thought it would be nice to share.

When I usually try to take a photo of Anna, she pulls a face and it can be hard to get a nice normal shot of what she actually looks like, so I was really happy with these! I don't mind face pulling, because it's what she feels like doing, and it's her! But it is nice to have a few straight ones.

I loved that she let me capture these, because they tell a story to me about this time in her life, the people she'd just met, the experiences she'd had and it was, and still is, a time of big transformation.

I am so privileged and grateful to have my beautiful Anna in our world, she is such a kind, sweet, compassionate soul, and SO much fun, crazy girl! xx

This one afternoon she was out writing, and I drove over to come and hang out with her.

She had not long returned from her trip to India where she'd been working on an eco-farm in the foot-hills of the Himalayas. She had had the most incredible time, and read aloud to me from her journal...

Descriptions of wild monkeys, sacred mountain-top temples, new friends, leopards in the forest, so many children on the street, the mountain people and the most incredible views seemed a million miles from sitting here, that grey day.


All images on Kodak Gold 200 dev/scanned by UK Film Lab.

Amsterdam on Film - Personal Work

It was so good to finally visit Amsterdam back in March. It is such a beautiful place in so many ways.

My friend Luke and I travelled to see the band Haim play (they were amazing live!), and spent a few days exploring.

There were so many pretty bridges crossing the canals, bicycles everywhere (be careful where you walk!), gorgeous old terraced houses growing charmingly wonky with age, wooden shutters, and tulips of course! I was so happy wandering around with my camera and it was so inspiring to spend some time there.

Amsterdam is a lovely place to explore. We discovered so many museums and galleries, nice places to get food and live music at bars and pubs. It's a great place to just sit and people watch too.

It was so easy to get around by foot, and hard to get too lost! Loads of the places we wanted to see were within walking distance of each other. The people were so nice and friendly and I kind of felt like I was home!

I'd love to return for another trip - maybe at a time of year when it's a bit warmer! Hope you enjoy the photos!

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