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West Wycombe on Film - Personal Work

Every time I take a trip abroad for work or fun, I make sure I get out to explore and shoot some personal work. To me, it's always so inspiring to be somewhere different.

It fascinates me though, that the things I find interesting to photograph or see beauty in when I am away from home, are usually not exciting or of interest to the people who live there. It's just normal and every-day to them.

It reminded me that there is so much beauty in the places that I also see as normal or take for granted, in the Buckinghamshire countryside. When I share photos from London or pretty countryside villages near me on Instagram etc, I sometimes see comments from my overseas friends about how quaint and cute it all is... Each of our counties in the UK has it's own look and feel, but overall is so different to other parts of the world.

So on one rare sunny Sunday afternoon in March I decided to pop down to West Wycombe, a pretty little town on the outskirts of High Wycombe, Bucks to shoot some personal work.

I also wanted to test some Ektar film as I hadn't used this stock before and wanted to see how it looked before my trip to LA, where I planned to shoot a lot of film! I think the contrasty blue and red tones of this film gives an interesting look to the reds of the old bricks and all the details in this little town, so it was a nice location for it! Theres something about the high contrast of this film type too, that I feel enhances the freshness and colour of a sunny Spring day!

This town is so old and pretty and only a 5 minute drive from where I live! Theres lot's of gorgeous old houses and shops, TINY front doors which seem ridiculously small, and interesting quirks and details.

It's a narrow high-street, yet so much traffic passes through this main route. It's a shame because it feels like it deserves peace and quiet, not big lorries and backed up traffic! But at the same time it means that so many people get to enjoy it as they pass through!

It was lovely to spend some time here that day and capture some of the beauty I see here, and remember how lucky I am to be so close!

These were shot on Ektar film, processed by the UK Film Lab.

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