Starlight Walk charity event for the Watford Peace Hospice

Last night marked the 5th annual Starlight Walk fundraising event for the Watford Peace Hospice. Around 1,300 women took part in the walk to raise money for the charity. This is the Peace Hospices biggest fundraising event and it was inspiring to see so many incredible women from the age of 13 to 83 take part!

It began at the West Herts College, live music was played by teachers from the college and the walkers took part in some warm up dances and exercises together before the walk!

Tropical FM were there to document the evening and provide reportage from the event with a live video broadcast. DJ Salsarah, Operational Manager of Tropical FM was hosting the video which you can see here.

The ladies were thanked for their support of the charity by Linda Topping, Chair of the Starlight Walk Committee, Watford MP Richard Harrington and the Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill.

Martin Kemp of Spandau Ballet also gave warm words of encouragement and support to the ladies as they set out on the 13 mile course at midnight!

You can read more about this fantastic event on the Peace Hospices official website here.

Here are a few of my shots of the event!