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Ozora Festival on Film - 2017

I didn't share these photos of my time at Ozora Festival last summer last year. It was such an intense 10 days and I just didn't have the words to describe it, and even this will be brief - I'll let the photos tell the story.

A year has now passed and I've been thinking about it, so finally am sharing the festival through my eyes. I do love these photographs - being immersed and capturing the story of a place and time, the people and the culture is one of my faaavourite things in the world!!

There were so many absolutely beautiful, alienating, magical, terrifying, weird and wonderful moments which I journaled about a lot about at the time... I learnt a lot (mostly that I just cannot handle any length of psytrance), had new perspectives, met some amazing people, some I am still friends with and who I see as real Earth angels.

All photos were shot on my Nikon F100. It was mostly 35mm Portra 400 and some 35mm Revlog Kolor film, which you can buy here (these are the ones with the funky colours going on). I prefer the Portra shots because it's just my favourite film type, and the ones on Revlog came out a bit muddy and I don't love the tonal quality of them. In some ways they add to the effect though, and it was definitely cool to try it out anyway.

You can see more of my personal work here, images taken on 35mm film here and more blog posts from my travels here.

March For Our Lives - San Diego - 24th March 2018

As you might know if you follow me on Instagram, I've been in the states for a few weeks. I was in San Diego during the time of the March For Our Lives demonstration, and had to be there to support this important movement and do my best to document it. Here are some of my thoughts and photographs from the day. To find out more, sign to show your support for March For Our Lives or donate here.

As a young person from the UK, I personally never went to school in fear of mass shootings or this kind of terror in my daily life. It’s easy from afar to be heartbroken about the loss of young lives when we hear about yet another US shooting, to be amazed that such outdated gun control laws are still in effect, to be horrified that anyone can get their hands on military weapons without comprehensive background checks (and from ages far less than you need to be to drive a vehicle or drink alcohol), and to be astonished that more hasn’t been done to finally put an end to this… but to actually be here in the midst of thousands of people who’s lives this literally affects every day, and as a fellow human being, I shared the anger and devastation that this has caused, and was privileged to be a part of this powerful global demonstration.

On Saturday 24th March, I heard such brave young children and teens speak out to the crowds for their right to an education free of the threat of open gun fire, about how their lives are more valuable than the right to bear firearms, about how it is time for this crazy law and culture to change, for school children, teachers and all citizens. It was also important that they brought close attention to the fact that these terrible crimes are called ‘shootings’ when white people are to blame, but ‘terrorism’ when a person of colour, and how so much still needs to change around how language is used when it comes to violence and racism. Beyond the placards and in the eyes of all who who listened, cheered, chanted and marched, I saw passion, determination, hope and solidarity. This generation inspires me, as they demand for change now.

This was one of the most poignant moments... the message had been spoken, the march was complete and the crowds dispersed while many of us stayed to hear the following speeches... and these children sat high above us on climbing frames in the playground with their message in silence.

March for our lives portrait-007.jpg
Personal Work on Film

Shooting for myself is something I simply must do.

No matter whether you use an iPhone or professional equipment, photography is a magic art, and something I've always felt a deep calling to create with.

I tend to use film for my personal work, and find myself waiting until I have loads of rolls to send off before I get it processed and scanned... I think it's because I feel comfortable when I have the exposed film with me but can hardly bear the anticipation of waiting for the photos to come back once I've posted it off to the lab. It breaks me!! What will they come out like??? Maybe one day I'll start processing it myself.

This time I tried a new lab in Spain, Carmencita after my UK based lab moved away, and I'm really happy with their work!

This is some of my personal photography from the last 10 months or so, which feels really fun to share for a change! Friends, family, things I see... picnics with my housemates when I lived in north London last year, visiting Germany recently with my amazing partner Chris, Santorini, the Netherlands, a trip to Grandparents in Devon last summer with my mama, a day out with my lovely dad, Kew Gardens, and kind people I've met while on travels. Enjoy!

Scotland on Film

Back in the Summer my sweet friend Lauren from LA came to visit and we decided to plan an epic mini-adventure to Scotland with our friend Meaghan! I had never been before and was so excited to finally see this wonderful country!

We were only away for four or five days, but we drove all the way up to the Isle of Skye, seeing so many parts of the country on the way, and by chance were in Edinburgh for the start of the festival at the end of our trip (did you know it is the LARGEST ARTS FESTIVAL in the WORLD!?)! It was amazing.

We met other lovely travelers, had some beautiful conversations with local people, saw LOTS of sheep and pulled over in the car frequently in wonder of the pure beauty and magic of the scenery.

I have never felt AWE like I did driving through Scotland; Glencoe in particular. It is honestly a highlight of my life so far!

The landscape of Scotland was humbling, it was the kind of beauty that felt like it was sinking into me.  It reminded me of our impermanence in a peaceful way, it reminded me of the infinity of time.  It was special.  We had a moment!!!

We used for all of our accommodation which was mostly booked on the day we were intending to visit - which meant we stayed in some super random places from family homes, to bunkhouses, to a tipi with a firepit in the middle of nowhere! I am so grateful that it was possible for us to do all of this with ease.

Here are a few favorite photos I made during our time away all shot on 35mm film (processed by UKFL). You can buy prints here.

To see the full gallery or buy prints click here, or to inquire about using any of the images email me at

Thailand on Film

About a month ago I headed to Thailand for a very last minute break. My sister, Anna and my best friend, Kate are both travelling South East Asia separately, and were going to be in Bangkok AT THE SAME TIME!

I thought how amazing it would be if they could get to see each other. And then Anna said, "you need to come out too!!!". I had already considered this, but had kind of stopped myself from thinking that could really be possible, for lots of reasons.

She sent me loads of direct messages on Instagram with different flights I could book to come out for a week, but something in me said that I shouldn't go... There was a voice that said no, this is their adventure and not for me... I shouldn't spend my money! I should stay in the UK and leave them to enjoy it.

But then I imagined what it would be like if I ACTUALLY saw them, how it would feel to get to cuddle them! To see them in real life and have a face to face conversation... I imagined what it might be like to be in Bangkok, absorbing the colour, the light, the smells, the people, the food, and the amazing PHOTOGRAPHY opportunities!

The idea filled me with excitement when I let myself go there, and I knew I had to make it happen. So on that Wednesday afternoon I booked my week-long trip and left on the Saturday!

Arriving in Bangkok and seeing my beautiful sister Anna at the airport was so exciting! I got to stay with her at a house-sitting work-away she was doing (looking after SEVEN CATS) in Lat Phrao, a more suburban area of Bangkok. It was really nice to stay in an area where we never saw tourists, and as Anna had already been there for about a month she introduced me to the people she knew at the local markets which was lovely! It was surreal jumping into her new life of travelling and getting to see a totally different way of living...

We explored lots of the city together, and I got to see Kate and her wonderful boyfriend Arthur lots of times too. I hadn't seen them for nine months!! It was so incredible and special to reunite!!

Anna and I travelled to Kanchanaburi for the last day and a half of my trip before returning to Bangkok. We got to see our Great Great Uncles grave at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, which was a very special and humbling moment. It was very emotional to imagine what all those prisoners of war went through, so so far from home.

We also visited Erawan National Park, hiking up seven tiers of beautiful waterfalls, passing families, tourists and travellers playing and swimming in the natural pools which was absolutely stunning as you will see below. We swam there ourselves and it was awesome!!! Such a beautiful experience.

From my short week in Thailand I felt that this is a very special place... The people were so friendly and warm, the city was so full of life and colour. It's a country I would definitely like to return to for longer and really explore!

My year has been full and fantastic so far, with so many incredible photo-shoots and inspiring clients, but I know I had not been taking enough photos for myself. This trip, and Thailand gifted me such compelling and truly awesome scenes and moments to capture.

In many ways this was exactly what my soul had been craving, and I feel like the Universe aligned to make this possible, see my sisters, get some perspective and fill myself up creatively. Thank you Universe!

All frames below shot on 35mm Portra 400 film on Nikon F100, developed and scanned by the lovely people at UK Film Lab.

Hope you enjoy the photos! Prints are available to buy here!

To view the whole gallery and order prints, click here!

New York City on Film - Personal Work

Back in May I went on the amazing BrandCamp conference in Pennsylvania (you know, the one at a summercamp in the mountains? Read about it here!).  I really wanted to stop in New York City for a couple of nights, as I was sort of near by. I had been once before and loved it so much.

This was my second ever visit to the city and a very fleeting one, arriving on a Friday afternoon and leaving on the Sunday morning. I'm so glad I spent a little time there, it was like a dream!

Here is some of my personal work from the day-and-a-half I had to explore. You'll see photographs from Top of the Rock, the Chelsea District and Chelsea Market, Highline Park, Washington Square Park antics, Times Square at twilight and a Malaysian street festival I happily came across!

I managed to walk a long way in the short time I had there and saw so much. I really enjoy exploring new places and taking everything in, while photographing the moments that inspire me and meeting so many interesting people along the way.

I love the colours of the city in the summer, the blues and greens are so gorgeous in an urban setting. I love the way the sunlight bounces off all the tall glass buildings and reflects down the street, and the bright corridors of light that stream through the gaps!

It's hard to only share a few favourites! To view the whole gallery and order prints, click here. All shot on 35mm Kodak film dev/scanned by UK Film Lab.

To view the whole gallery and order prints, click here.