Beatriz Valverde Garzon - Personal Branding Shoot London

Beatriz and I had the best time creating photographs for her new website and social media in London!  We wanted to show her at the hotels and spaces she works with her clients as an executive coach, alongside enjoying her favorite personal hangouts.

Her love of culture, the arts, education, nature AND the London vibe were all important pieces to capture!

As I look at these portraits of Beatriz I can really feel the kindness, warmth and joy of her beautiful spirit, and at the same time her determined and focused energy as a strong entrepreneur!  Truly a wonderful shoot to co-create and a inspiring soul to photograph.

I LOVE getting to know my clients... Why they do what they do, what lights them up, and how their work in the world makes a difference. I love those conversations before our day together and during the shoot - connecting with their message with clarity and excitement and capturing that together!

Let's set up a time to speak and explore YOU and your work in the world, and how we can grab all that sparkling uniqueness and beauty and put it into pictures to help YOUR brand to stand out.  Email me now at!