Ali Soleil - Portrait session

This is my beautiful mum, Ali Soleil! At the end of 2009 she created Daring Damsels, to support women through coaching and mentoring, a very inspirational lady! She's currently offering a free download of 7 tips to take you from fed up to fabulous on her website above, so check that out! We've been meaning take some pictures for ages for marketing purposes and social media pages, and finally got round to it the other day!

We used couple of locations local to Bucks, one of which I have been driving past for months but not properly checked out until now. I loved it and think it really works for these photographs... can't wait to get down there again!

I set up my Becky Rui Photography Facebook page recently and I would really appreciate it if you took the time to have a look and give it a 'like'! I've also got all my lifestyle/business portrait/band portfolios in albums on there which are easy to flick through!

Here are some of my favourites from my session with Mama Soleil!