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Lisa Pauley Yoga & Wellness Personal Branding Shoot

From our very first email conversations I knew my shoot with Lisa was going to be very special...

A yogi, spiritual teacher and student, coach, stylist, Lisa is a true ray of light.

Itwas a pleasure to photograph her, however like almost all of my clients, she had fears around being really visible online. There is such a big piece here that so many of us face - giving ourselves permission to go forth with our work in the world and trusting that we are where we need to be, and that what we have to share really matters. Knowing that Lisas message is bigger than her, and knowing that she wants to be available online to engage with the people she's here to serve, we created space around the photographs, really dropping into a conscious creative place.

It was a very connected and meaningful moment as we created this first and only head-shot together, between lots of storytelling photos for her social media.

Since our shoot together Lisa is offering yoga classes in her BRAND NEW converted space which looks absolutely heavenly. Check out Lisas Instagram (@lisapauley_yoga_wellness) for a TONNE of joyful inspiration, beautiful images and great ideas for how to use your own Instagram to share your message.

You can check out her Facebook page, upcoming events, empowering lessons and classes here. Enjoy!

Is it time for you to take the next step in your business and shine through new personal branding photographs? Book in a personal branding clarity call to my calendar here, or email me at It would be my honour to step into this space with you and photograph you with love.