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Have Faith in Yourself and Your Desires

I loved hearing about a couple last week who sailed around the world for 16 years together.

When the presenter of the TV show they were on said what a brave thing it was for them to do, the husband replied that the brave part was actually MAKING the decision to go, not really the sailing part (although it seems pretty courageous and amazing to me!).

He continued by saying it's the same kind of bravery you'd have if you were deciding to leave your job and set up your own business.

Taking the first step to making it happen is the bravest piece.

Whatever your dream, know that when you say yes to it, you've already overcome one of the bravest parts. Big decisions and changes bring up new challenges as you grow, which test you and then bring even more clarity on your next moves, but I know that the hardest part can be just saying yes to what you REALLY want.

In my experience, when I've stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and taken a risk, even if I had no idea how I was going to make it happen once I'd made the decision, it has been an incredible journey. Things become clearer when you reach the other side.

You automatically get into a state of having a burning desire to make it work out, and you find a way. Your mindset shifts to seeing what IS possible and how you CAN make it happen, and I stopped thinking about the things that could go wrong. It's the best and most exciting place to be! This is a lesson that I have to remind myself - but I know that it is so true.

Choose to have faith in yourself and your desires. It will shape the person you are and teach you so much to give to the world. Just take the next step.

What is your big dream? What would you love to have happen?

Heres the story about this awesome couple:

Seen in Santa Monica. Shot on Ektar film.

Seen in Santa Monica. Shot on Ektar film.