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Personal Branding Photography in Northamptonshire - Meera Majithia - Indian & Asian Wedding Planner

It was so much fun to shoot with beautiful Meera, earlier this summer!

Meera contacted me as there were changes happening in her Indian & Asian Wedding Planning business and she felt it was time to rebrand. She was ready to put her face to her business and connect with her audience in a more personal way!

Meera Blog-013.jpg

Meera’s clients often reach out because they want to create an amazing wedding, but are time short and just don’t know where to start. Meera works with them to explore what’s important to them, their desires, the areas of their Wedding day they may not yet have considered, helps them to clarify their style and preferences, and takes care of the rest. She has regular meetings online or in person in the lead up to their day, and stays available for text/WhatsApp support.

It was clear that she absolutely loves the celebration of Weddings and being there for her clients, to help them feel reassured and looked-after from the very first contact she has with them, which allows them to relax, to fully enjoy and experience their day without having to worry about a thing.

This aspect of personal connection and going above-and-beyond is such an important way of working that Meera and her clients value, so in these images I really wanted to capture her warmth, friendliness and professionalism in way that felt super approachable to her potential clients online.

We shot at a gorgeous country house in Northamptonshire in which she has worked at and organised many weddings and events at over the years - so that made it extra special! We had such a great day and it was lovely that some of her friends joined us for help and support, and even to be in some of the shots!

I love what we captured and have been enjoying seeing how Meera is using the images on her Instagram. The new website is not due to launch for a few months, but in the meantime you can follow her and find out more about her work at @carriagesevents!

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Personal Brand Photography Wedding Planner.jpg
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Going through changes in your business, are rebranding, or just feeling it’s time to refresh your images? Send me a message here and let’s find a time to explore your amazing next shoot!