Joyce Oladipo - Enchant Life - Sexuality Coach & Erotic Influencer - Boudoir Shoot in London

Creating these intimate portraits with Joyce was such an honour and a beautiful thing to do! What a special shoot…

As a sexuality coach and erotic influencer, Joyce works with women internationally to help reconnect them with their sexual power, with pleasure as their birthright, and with the message that happiness comes from within. Part of Joyce’s mission is to help break the taboo around female pleasure and sex, inspiring her clients and women around the world to step into their confidence and power.

Our intention for the photographs was to create radiant and engaging images for her business that felt empowered, feminine and enchanting, tying in some of the rich colours and textures associated with her branding that she shared with me before our day.

We shot in lots of different locations around central London (see more photos from our shoot here), and this was one part of our day that I wanted to share separately on the blog, due to it’s intimate nature and how much of a contrast it is to the rest of our fab shoot.

These images will not be used as the main brand photographs for her soon-to-launch website, but rather as supportive images to share on social media, emails etc where appropriate. A boudoir session like this is also just such a beautiful experience and something I’d love to do more of.

Do go find Joyce on Instagram here and Facebook here. Thank you for having me capture you <3

Joyce Becky Rui-001-2.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-004.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-012.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-009.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-001.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-003.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-013.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-007.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-006.jpg
Joyce Becky Rui-010.jpg

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