What story do your photos tell? + upcoming Personal Branding Masterclass!

I always LOVE seeing how my clients use the shots we create together... Sometimes they're revealed day by day on Instagram... Sometimes I see updated head-shots on websites and social media, on sales pages, blog posts, newsletters... But my FAVOURITE is seeing my clients use their photos in a massive way across their whole frigging homepage! Love it!

Here are a few screenshots from my dear client Kate Gerry & Chris Kenny's new website for their business Radical Moves.

As a visual person, I love seeing big photos on websites, it really draws me in.

When you use your image in a bold way on your website, you make an instant personal connection with your audience and invite them to engage with you, not just with the words you're using and the products you're offering.

So much is communicated through the energy of your portraits. What are your current photos saying about you? What story do they tell?

I'd love to invite you to consider...

  • How have photographs impacted the way you feel about investing in a product or service?
  • Last time you purchased a product or service, what was it about the photos they used that built the trust and connection that inspired you to buy?
  • What kind of imagery most draws you in and resonates?
  • What's important to your ideal client? What kinds of images appeal to them? What shots do you get the most positive feedback about?
  • How could you use photography to make a faster and deeper connection with your prospects online?

If you're unsure about the kinds of photos that best suit your business, I'd love to have a conversation with you to get clear on that and see how I can support you.

Click here to book in your personal brand clarity call or email me at becky@beckyrui.com!

Big love!


P.S. I'm thrilled to be speaking at Kaitlin Zhangs London event '5 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand' on 11th June and sharing some of my top tips on using photography in your branding, alongside some other great speakers! ✨📷

This is going to be a 4hr masterclass from 10am-2pm, perfect for new entrepreneurs, graduates and aspiring business owners who are ready to bring their truth into their branding and get visible! Lots of tips, tools and learnings from personal branding experts will be shared alongside practical tools and exercises to help you move forward in your career. Can't wait for this inspiring day!

You can get your tickets here now, and pass on the details to any friends and colleagues who'd benefit from this awesome event.