I have had the most rubbish phone for the last couple of years... and although it's a brick that keeps its charge for days and can text and call, it's no good for going online or sharing images etc. For me, being able to use social media and check my emails when I'm out and about is really important, so I've finally got the iPhone! I'm soooo pleased to have the perfect phone at last!

I follow Alex Beadon Photographys wonderful blog, and remembered seeing a really good post she wrote about her favourite iPhone app, Instagram.

Instagram is an application that allows you to take photos on the iPhone and then really easily apply retro and vintage effects on them, you can also blur them to look more authentic.

Alex's photographs are beautiful, so it was really interesting to see what she came out with on Instagram too! Take a look at Alex's Instagram post here!

My phone arrived in time for the weekend, when we were travelling down to Devon to celebrate my Grans 70th birthday! Here are a few of my favourite photos that I took on it...