Jolene Portrait Session at the Chalice Well

Earlier in the year I met up with the incredible Jolene to do this gorgeous photo shoot. Jolene is an intuitive coach, author, entrepreneur and visionary. You can also see her at work on SKY channel 886 - Psychic TV!

She frequently posts inspiring and very honest updates on her Facebook page which you should definitely head over to and follow. It's always exciting to see what she's up to... A true example of somebody who is living in her truth and creating the life that she wants and deserves!

She will be doing more events next year in the UK and internationally, plus she is going to be launching her own chat show on Sky TV with one of the UK's top media producers!

She liked the idea of being photographed in Glastonbury, which we both love, so that is where the shoot took place! The weather was a bit weird that day, raining one minute and sunny the next, but you wouldn't tell from the photos and we didn't let it affect the fun spirit of the shoot!

These photos were taken in the Chalice Well garden... It was a wonderful place to work with such colourful plants and flowers in bloom, and so peaceful and relaxing... perfect for being captured in your essence.

Here are a few of my favourites!