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Join us at Earth Spirit Festival!

My incredible sister Anna is hosting a retreat in France next month! Find all the details here.

Anna has always been a huge teacher for me... Always going for her truth, standing strong for what she believes in while being one of the most playful, fun and compassionate people I know.

I'm so proud of her for creating this event. She's really excited to be bringing together creative, likeminded people who are ready to let their hair down, reconnect with themselves, unite their mind-body-spirit connection, PLAY and maybe learn something new about themselves and their potential.

"Gift yourself the opportunity to do something different. To take the time you deserve to reconnect with your passions, have fun, relax, clarify your goals, practice mindfulness, celebrate, feel energised, rediscover yourself and make friends!"

When: 16th August - 21st August 2017
Where: Juvigné, North-West France (at a rustic French Manor House built in 1839!)
Investment: From £397 (including meals)
Activities and workshops during the retreat: Fitness Classes, Yoga & Acroyoga, Creativity Workshops, Nature Walks, Group Discussions, Pool Parties, Reggae Parties, Meditation, Games and Free Play

To find out more or request a booking form, contact Anna directly, by email here. Excited to see you there!

Activating Potential Frequency Painting by Teal Swan.

Activating Potential Frequency Painting by Teal Swan.