Event: Find the Courage to be Visible with Your Brand

It's such an honour to be speaking at the next Brighton & Hove Therapies event: Healthy Business Hub on Wed 25th July 2018!

I'll be sharing about how to use photography to create real and meaningful engagement with your audience, what it means to 'be yourself' in your brand and have a clear message, finding the confidence to be VISIBLE, and why it matters so much.

Being self employed is an incredible journey and can trigger so many of the questions and doubts we have about ourselves and who we are to show up with what we have to say - this talk is going to bust some of those fears that can hold us back from our most authentic expression, we'll look at how photography and storytelling impact your brand and how you can use it to grow your business soulfully and attract more ideal clients.

I've looooved this regular high vibe meetup since I moved to Brighton and am so excited to for this next one!

Come join us, tickets here.

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