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Rachel Miller - Personal Branding Shoot in London

becky rui

becky rui rachel miller photo shoot branding london.jpg

Rachel first got in touch with me one weekend after listening the free audio file on my website and getting all kinds of inspired (yay)! I received the most beautiful message from her and loved hearing about how she was taking action on the tips and ideas shared around personal branding and visibility before we had even spoken!

In her business All Things IC, Rachel advises, consults and trains her clients to radically improve their internal communications - from large corporations to small independent businesses, taking the time to understand their unique situation, facilitating more grounded, happier relationships in working environments and in their lives. She is deeply caring, kind, intuitive and a TOTAL expert in what she does...

She was eager to share more of herself in her website and online marketing, allow people to get to know her in a more personal way through imagery. Together we explored her business, her journey so far, her passions and what she loves about this work...

You can absolutely FEEL Rachel's enthusiasm for her work, and how much she lights up when she's talking about it, and I really wanted to get that across in our photos. We wanted to show the different ways she works with her clients, from going in-house with her clients to running masterclasses for other IC professionals, and as someone who is so passionate and inspired about what she's doing, we captured her working on her biz in different settings... She told me she will literally work anywhere she can get her laptop out!

You can check out Rachels value packed blog with over 1100 posts right here, and look at how she's using the photos from our shoot on her site.

Here are the photos from our time together...

Are you ready to share more of yourself in your online marketing and increase your visibility? Get in touch with me here and let's explore the kinds of photos that will help you take your business to the next level!