You Have a Legacy

Since the amazing Brand Camp conference, I've been thinking in more depth about why I do what I do and what my message really is.

At the heart of it, I see so much beauty in people.

Being the person to connect with you, really see you, invite you to feel at ease, and capture is the greatest honour.

I care that your grandchildren have photos to look back on, to learn about you and your life and your family. There is so much love between you even when times are tough.

You have a legacy. Even if you might not see it yet... It doesn't have to be perfect in your own mind. Just trust me to document this lifetime.

Please know that there is no special, right time to have your session... Life is happening right now, children are growing up, and our world is changing literally every day.

I would love to have a conversation with you about how I can best serve you to capture the next part of your story.

Captured on film on Melrose Avenue, LA

Captured on film on Melrose Avenue, LA

Send me a message at and let's make it happen.