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Ali Soleils Retreat at Chateau Ventenac

becky rui

In October, Ali Soleil (coach, mentor and my mum!) ran a retreat in the south of France for six ladies. It was held at Chateau Ventenac, a beautiful old house next to the Canal du Midi in the Languedoc region - famous for its wine! The landscape is so amazing, views from the Chateau were of vineyards as far as you could see and snow capped Pyrenees Mountains in the distance.

It makes sense that many people are running workshops and retreats from here, and why poets and writers from around the world choose to spend time at the house while working on their projects. There is a real sense of peace, calm and inspiration there.

The village itself was so pretty, it was a dream to wander around the streets with my camera!

We began each day with a meditation, reflections on how we were in our mind and body, and set intentions for the day followed by teaching, reflective exercises or angel cards. It was so nice to start each day like this and become more aware of myself.

I enjoyed working with three of the ladies on the retreat, taking portraits of them around the gardens of the Chateau, the canal and the streets which I will share soon. The sunlight and the colours were so beautiful!! Why can't it be sunnier in England!?

Here are some of my favourite photos from the week long trip!