Before and afters... Retouched images!

I offer a professional retouching service on my images, and am I'm posting this blog to show the before and after of a retouched image. It may be difficult to know what the difference is without an example, and some of my clients others aren't sure of the benefits. I thought it would be useful to post a blog to show the difference the editing makes for those who aren't sure.

As you can see in the images below, the retouching process is mostly about removing blemishes, smoothing and brightening the skin, hair, eyes and teeth. It is also useful to remove distracting objects or details in the background or get rid of things like bra straps that shouldn't be there!

Hover over the image with your mouse to see the before version!

On this image you can see where the neckline of the ladys dress has been brought up to make the fold in it less distracting (hover over the image).

Retouches can give a more professional look to your portraits and sort out those eye catching details.

I don't like or really agree with photographs we often see in adverts that are manipulated to give a totally false perception of a person, where facial and bodily features are completely altered and change the way they appear... but I think that simple and flattering amendments like above are a nice way of keeping your natural beauty and giving you that extra sparkle! What do you think?