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I’m a personal branding photographer because…

I love learning about other people and their journeys, I love helping people to feel totally comfortable in front of the camera and confident in themselves.

I love holding a space for my clients to tune into love, their inner power, and into WHY they have this business and what it means... because even though it might sound a bit cliche now, at the core of it all I believe we really all have talents, gifts, ways of being that are so precious and unique to us, because of the experiences we’ve lived, our unique perspective and life story (and all of the non-physical things that make us who we are too)…

and when we are lucky enough to get to work with those gifts and share them with people, no matter what your ‘thing’ is, we are our most fulfilled and happiest, we enrich the lives of others and the ripple effect of that makes the whole world a better place, because it’s all aligned. I love just seeing that in others, their brilliance and talents, and reflecting it back to them as I get to know them. Beautiful things they sometimes don’t even recognise yet sometimes.

Having said that, of course we have ups and downs in our lives and businesses, because things never stay the same, we have doubts and we’re always presented with new and repeated challenges to work through, and it would be boring if there was no contrast, it’s part of it all.

I do this work with photography because I believe that while our energy is what ultimately brings us together with the people who will benefit from the work we do, helping your prospects to find you and connect with you through your website and social media photography is one of the most powerful ways to connect instantly and in such a personal way. And it’s really fun!! ❤️

If you’re thinking about refreshing your website images to reflect who you are NOW and who you are becoming, have a vision, are rebranding, are feeling called to increase your visibility and share your message, I would LOVE to support you with this. Message me :)