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Anna Gillard - Wedding Photography 2013

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful job you did in capturing every special moment of our wedding. You have a real talent for capturing beautiful, in the moment photos with such quality and clarity.

Your natural style of photography is what I instantly loved about your work, and looking through the photos we are transported back to so many wonderful memories of the day. This is so important to me because at the end of all the hard work and effort of organising the wedding, those memories and the photos are all we are left with.

I have so many favourites it will be hard to choose which ones go into the album!

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and getting to know you as a person. I know that because of your friendliness, natural loveliness and ease to get along with , you will be the first choice for lots of Brides and Grooms! Already planning our anniversary shoot!


Victoria Smith - Wedding Photography 2013

I first met Becky at a networking event a few years ago and instantly liked her... She was easy to talk to and also very focused and driven to do well in business. Not only that, she has an excellent attitude towards her work and clearly loves what she does.

Naturally, she was the first person I called when me and my now husband got engaged. I am so glad I did!

Becky was fantastic through the day making us feel at ease with the camera. When we saw the pictures we were delighted. She managed to bring the whole day to life again and the way she had captured all the emotions was fantastic. They are simply perfect.

I highly reccomend Becky Rui to anyone who wants a photographer - you will not be disappointed!


Patrick - Engagement Shoot 2014

It's ironic that as a model agent who encourages others to jump in front of the camera and look great, I have never been comfortable doing the same. I rarely even take selfies and stand at the back when it comes to group pictures.

My boyfriend on the other hand loves a picture. So it was a bit of a tough decision when We decided to be shot by Becky. We had only ever met once and now We were to display our personal relationship story and emotions for her to capture. 

I was nervous that morning, and more so because I wanted to do my best and ensure the images were great. Becky was really warm and friendly on arrival and straight away wiped away my worries because we spent the first part of the shoot chatting about various things.

Her skill of getting my boyfriend and I to talk about how we first met and rediscover why we have been together for 13 years was so great. We got caught up in the love and adventure and most of all the comfort of working with someone who cared about us just as much as we cared for each other.

The toughest challenge was subtle public display of affection when shooting outside as people walked by, as a gay couple this will always be a scary thing but Becky kept it natural and was always full of encouragement. 

In the end we were so relaxed we didn't want the shoot to end. It was such a cool experience and we would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Becky