Preparing For Your Team Branding Photo Shoot

Thank you for booking your portrait session and congratulations on becoming even more visible in your business! I am so looking forward to working with you and your team. I created this page to help you prepare for your shoot, and help you get the most out of your session and the photographs.

From my experience I know you may be thinking “I can't wait for my photo shoot!!” or maybe… “oh no! I hate having my photo taken!”… I would love to take this opportunity to reassure you in advance - that however you may be feeling, I will support you to feel relaxed and at ease on the day, and we will create an enjoyable photo shoot experience together!

In this guide we'll cover some ideas on defining your brand, marketing activities, guidelines on pieces such as clothes, makeup, colours and patterns, accessories, and things to remember on the day. What you will read is based on my experience of working with many wonderful personal brands, business partners and teams.

I’m so pleased that this guide has been useful to previous clients, as some of the ideas I’ll bring up may not have crossed your mind. I trust you’ll also find it useful!

If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to connect before the day, please feel free to send me an email at, call me, or message on +44 (0) 7846 351449.

I so look forward to meeting you in person and creating these brilliant new shots for you and your company!

  1. Clarifying your brand

As business owners and teams, we can get caught up in the day to day of what we do, not always consciously connecting back with our desires and why we choose to do the work we do.

Like every other marketing piece, photographs communicate so much about you, so it's really important that in order to have a successful photo session, to get clear on your brand, and what it is that you want to convey.

Feel-in to what you love about the work you do... Explore the services you offer and want to sell more of, who your ideal client is, your approach, values and message to get clarity. This way as we plan your shoot, we can be sure that your new photos are be a great representation of you and in alignment with your brand.

Go back to the core of what you do and how you love to serve your clients. Here are some questions you may wish to explore:

  • What values do you associate with the work you do, and the message you want to communicate through your new photographs?

  • How do you most love to serve your clients? What do you personally enjoy the most, about the work you do?

  • Who is your ideal client? What are they like? Where are they based? What do they do? What is their age, gender, interests, location?

  • Write down the benefits your IDEAL clients have when they work with you.

  • How are you moving forward in your business? What new or current products/services will you be offering over the next 3 months? What kinds of images will you need to support you?

  • How are you planning to market your business and services moving forward (in-person and online)? Where will you want to use your new photography? (e.g. sales pages, Facebook Ads, blogging, Instagram, twitter, on product covers, on a banner, on physical marketing materials?)

  • What inspired you have your photographs taken, and why is now the right time?

  • Who are you looking to connect with through your new photographs?

  • Browse through a few magazines or some of your favourite websites and look at the photos of people. What draws you to any particular image? What makes you want to talk to them? What attracts you to them? 

team shoots-003.jpg

2. Outfits and Personal Style

Choose outfits for this shoot that you feel most confident and happy wearing. Your outfits should represent what you do and who you are... What do you usually wear to work? How do those clothes make you feel? Do you want to get any new pieces for these photos? What would you would wear to a meeting with an ideal client for the first time?

What colours are going to best compliment the branding and colour palate your business has?

E.g. blues and purples? Yellows and greens? Reds and oranges?

Keep in mind that the way clothes appear in a mirror, and the way they look in a photo can be different. I recommend wearing outfits that are fitted around the waist, as loose or billowy outfits can sometimes look less flattering in photographs. You could consult a personal stylist to guide you on what outfits work for you.

Give thought to which outfit you'd like to wear in each environment we'll be shooting in.  Think about what you'd like each 'look' to communicate to your viewer.  Having a selection of outfits for the photos means that we can create a great variety of looks. You can use the different looks for different marketing purposes, which will help to keep things fresh and interesting while keeping it relevant. I recommend that each person brings at least two outfits for the session.

3. Colours

What are your brand colours, and what shades compliment those? Consider where you you intend to use the images (website, social media profiles, newsletter, business card, book, etc) and what styles and colours of clothes will work best.

As a team, it is a good idea to discuss this before your shoot, so that you can be sure that the outfits will work well together and have time to prepare if you decide to invest in some new pieces. I recommend choosing a colour theme – e.g. blues and greens, oranges and reds, pinks and purples etc and let everyone have their take on that.

4. Patterns & Accessories

Patterns can add great personality or movement to an image, but in a photograph can sometimes be distracting. Try the item on in the mirror so that you can decide whether you're honestly more drawn your face or the pattern.  I suggest avoiding very fine stripes, as they can create an optical illusion in photographs known as the 'Moire Pattern'.

I recommend accessorising for your shoot. Bringing jewellery to each look adds a completeness to your look and communicates your personal style.

5. Self-Care, Hair and Makeup

Booking your shoot is an investment, and it is part of your process in stepping into your greatness in your business, believing in what you have to offer and putting that out into the world. I recommend taking this opportunity to give yourself time to look forward to your shoot and feel prepared.

Self care is really important and can add so much joy and confidence to your photo session when you're feeling at your best!

When someone appears to be looking after themselves and care about how they are presenting themselves, it creates a great impression. It's something we are all aware of when we go to meetings and events - we consider how we choose to be seen and what to wear! It's exactly the same for your photographs - keep it authentic and show up as the best version of yourself.

I recommend before your shoot to make space for yourself - treat this exciting time with what you deserve. Some of the self-care ideas that may resonate with you are...

  • Have your hair cut with your trusted professional. Know that you love how it looks and feels good to you!

  • Nourish your body with healthy foods, drink plenty of water.

  • Avoid alcohol, very salty foods and any food types that don't agree with your body in the week leading up to the session.

  • Feel well rested and energised by making sure you're getting a great nights sleep each night in the days leading up to your shoot.

  • Book in a manicure so that you know you're confident about having your hands in the photographs.

  • Book in a massage to help you to feel more relaxed and pampered - either before your shoot and/or afterwards.

  • Get your eyebrows shaped.  You could even have eyelashes extensions if that calls to you.

  • Have a spray tan – although if it's your first time, make sure you try it at least once in advance your shoot so you can see if it's right for you!

You may not need all of the self care pieces, but by giving back to yourself it can lift your confidence and make your photo-shoot even more enjoyable!  Do what feels most in alignment with you and you'll come away with photographs that you love, and that really speak to your ideal client.

If you want a high end finish, then be feeling the best you can, and walking your talk.

If you wear makeup: If you are working with a hair and makeup artist before your session, send them some images that reflect the look you would love to have for your shoot, and discuss that with them. Makeup can sometimes appear different in a photo to how it looks in the mirror, and tends not to show up as well in photographs, so I recommend working with a trusted professional on this who is experienced in make-up for photography. If you are doing it yourself, go ahead and wear slightly more than usual, as that extra definition can make all the difference. I also recommend wearing lipstick – it really adds to to the 'liveliness' and presence of your portraits and helps you to stand out!

Things to remember for the day!

  • Start gathering the outfits you'd like to wear, jewellery, shoes etc as soon as possible. Try everything on to make sure it fits in the way you'd like it to, and with the underwear you'd have with each piece - this is important!

  • Make a list the props you'd like to use on the shoot and pull them together.

  • Gift yourself the time you need before your session to get ready and prepare in a way you would love, without feeling rushed, and time after the shoot too. It's so great to enjoy this session, get into a relaxed state, feeling prepared and completely present. Before the shoot, think again about what you love about the work you do, what you would like each set of photographs to communicate, and connect in energetically with your ideal client and the benefits they have from working with you.

  • Bring your outfit choices, jewellery, a hair brush or comb, makeup and a compact mirror for top ups on the day. You could also bring a copy of your branding statement, some of your favourite testimonials or case studies, notes on your values, a list of the unique benefits of working with you, and what makes your work so special. Referring to these on the day (and every day!) can really help to get into a great state for your photos.

  • If we are shooting at your office, home or in your personal space, make sure you tidy the place up before the day, get your belongings organised, wipe down surfaces and hoover.

  • If possible, avoid wearing sunglasses within 30 mins of your session as they can leave marks!

Please know that this is your time to enjoy, connect with your business and take an exciting and positive step forward in your business! It's going to be so much fun… And it's amazing how much can come across in a photo. If you're feeling great about what you do - the pictures will reflect that.

If you have any thoughts around your session that you'd like to discuss before the day, you can email me now at or give me a call on 07846351449.

I invite you to get in tune with your business and ideal clients, and to feel as great as possible! Let yourself shine through.

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I am so looking forward to working with you!